Weekend Vibes, Edition No. 94: How to Stop Crying.

By: Jen Shoop

My Latest Snag: The Most Darling Coat for Mini.

After a reader wrote in to assuage my concerns about the online retailer Monsoon (had never ordered from them before; she informed me that the style was similar to Zara), I went ahead and ordered this Jackie O.-esque boucle coat.  How precious?!

P.S.  More great coats for minis here.

You’re Sooooo Popular: Le Striped Sweater.

The most popular items on le blog this week:

+This Gucci-esque sweater.

+These sleek slingbacks.

+Les softest socks.

+My favorite lip scrub.

+The most stunning heel I ever did see.

+Chic loafers for everyday adventures.

+My favorite mittens.

+My secret to an organized under-sink area.   (Also just ordered this to further maximize organization under-sink.)

#Turbothot: How to Stop Crying.

Any criers out there?  I sure am.  And while I’m all for freedom of expression in any form — feel what you feel!  let it out! — sometimes tears, just like ill-timed laughter, so often thinly masking discomfort, can be embarrassing.  Last week, a day or two after my facial injury, one of the doormen saw me rushing out the building and said, in a concerned, tender voice: “Oh Mrs. Shoop — what happened?”  I was so moved by his consternation that I felt a bubble rising in my throat and knew that tears weren’t far off.  And then, a few weeks before that, I mentioned off-handedly to a friend (I can’t quite recall how this came up) that the nuns at my high school, Georgetown Visitation, told us on our first day that they had been praying for us since the day we were born and found myself choking back tears, much to my surprise and embarrassment.

I am never quick-witted enough to distract myself from tears by thinking about something funny.  Instead, I call to mind advice from a college girlfriend of mine, who — seeing tears over a silly situation were not far off — told me: “Look at the light.”  I did, staring straight at the fixture in the ceiling of her college apartment, and was surprised that I kept myself from losing it.  I’ve trotted this advice out a handful of times to other girlfriends struggling to keep it together and looking to me for distraction, and it tends to do the trick — at least until whisked away to a safe space to let it all out.

Any other tricks?

#Shopaholic: Last Minute Gift for Kiddos. 

+This piano pad for kiddos is on sale right now (25% off) — a great last minute gift for a lucky nephew or niece.  (More ideas here.)

+Intrigued by this affordable haircare line — check out those reviews versus the prices!  A lot of the products look very similar to Oribe’s.

+I stopped into Kate Spade the other day and they have some seriously adorable pieces right now.  I love this coat, this midi dress, and these trousers (I really need to branch out from denim these days…)  Finally, this heart belt is TO DIE.  I want to layer it over every single dress I own!

+Dying over this dress.  A good last minute option if you’re still on the hunt for a perfect holiday/NYE dress and nothing here or here fit the bill.  (Shopbop’s shipping is super fast!)

+I’m into pearl everything these days (ahem), so naturally this cashmere sweater caught my eye, as did these (finally on sale!) and these.  And these are so delightfully Chanel-esque for any vacation-bound babes!

+These fun earrings are such a steal!

+I’ve been rewatching “Gossip Girl” when I can’t sleep, and this saucy jumpsuit has Blake Lively written all over it.  So chic.

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12 thoughts on “Weekend Vibes, Edition No. 94: How to Stop Crying.

  1. What a genius tip — I tend to cry at the drop of a hat and am quite sentimental and sensitive, so I find opportunities to cry all the time (ugh!) I’m definitely going to keep your look-at-the-light tip in mind, as well as the one in the comments about pinching the web of skin … so funny! The problem is, with me at least, is that I am so preoccupied in the moment that I imagine I might forget to implement either trick. I’ll have to remind myself about them frequently! xo

    1. I hear you — and sometimes tears are just gonna fall no matter WHAT you do. I find this trick works better when I feel the tears coming — I can see I am having a strong reaction and have the time to avoid (i.e., a beautiful toast at a wedding, or a prayer, or a sad scene in a movie). But sometimes there’s no avoiding it. xoxo

  2. Cup of Jo once featured a tip on how to stop yourself from crying: Pinch (hard) the web part of your hand between thumb and forefinger. It works!

    1. YES! I knew I had read that somewhere — will have to give this a go, too. It’ll be an interesting look — me, staring at a lightbulb, pinching my hand. HA!

  3. My father taught me to “pop a peppermint” when I’m about to cry and would rather not. It has always worked for me, and I am most certainly I crier. I started weeping this weekend at a movie trailer(!) when my husband and I went to see The Favourite. Just the trailer!

  4. I do like the Kristen Ess line – it’s been my primary shampoo/conditioner for the past couple of years. Doesn’t leave a buildup like other sulfate-free products I’ve used. It does have a floral scent, which I like, but some may not. She used to blog (maybe still does? Haven’t looked in awhile) at The Beauty Department which I always enjoyed.

    That coat is darling!!

  5. Good tip! I am a crier too, especially after having a baby! I can hardly tell my husband about a sweet commercial without getting choked up.

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