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Weekend Vibes, Edition No. 89: The One on Remembering When You Wanted What You Have Now.

By: Jen Shoop

My Latest Snag: Alessandra Rich Heart Earrings.

I’m excited about the fact that I’ve upped my jewelry game in the last few weeks — first with these, and now with these.  I first caught sight of my Alessandra RIch heart-shaped beauties on designer Harley Viera Newton, who wore them on her wedding day (above), but they sold out of the pearl version quickly.  I rather like the brass variation I wound up with!  I included a couple of less expensive alternates in the post-script here.

You’re Sooooo Popular: Le Cropped Jean.

The most popular items on Le Blog this week:

+The Everlane kick crop jean.  These are supposed to be magical, and the fit is SO right now.

+These epic feather mules (on sale!)  Would be such a cool statement for a winter bride.  Guess I have weddings on the brain today!

+This gorgeous asymmetric dress for a winter wedding/black tie something.

+My favorite new shoes for the season.

+This dramatic mini dress.

+I own and love these penny loafers.

+Adore the colors in this fair-isle sweater (well-priced!)

+A darling dress for holiday parties in the red, or bridelettes in the white!

+My favorite mittens.

+People rave about these $20 leggings.

#Turbothot: Remembering. 

On Thursday, I was walking back from our groomer’s with a freshly-shorn Tilly while pushing mini in her stroller, when a cluster of Fordham students walked by, and one girl smiled broadly and said:

“That’s everything I aspire to,” gesturing to me and my little posse.  Caught off guard, I laughed and nodded my head.  I didn’t know how else to respond?

But I smiled in earnest for the four block walk home, turning her comment over in my mind.  Was it the vision of my little family?  Was it the possibility that I was a stay at home mom–something she imagined herself doing?  Was it my neatly-groomed dog, my well-dressed baby, my plaid coat (similar to this — LOVE the sleeves/wrist and overall shape — but several years old and from Gap!; also love this and this) and booties?  The fact that, together, we looked like a Ralph Lauren ad, an arrangement of plaid and terriers and cozy aran knits?

I’ll never know what caught her eye, but — it doesn’t matter.

“Remember when you wanted what you have now,” she was saying, in so many words.

Thank you, Fordham student, whoever you are.  You have your whole life ahead of you, and never forget that you are enough, too, wherever you are in your life.

#Shopaholic: Striped Tee.

+Into the slight puff on the sleeve of this striped tee.  Elevated basic!

+If you like my Aquazzura pom pom kitten heels but not the pricetag, check these out!  LOVE!

+If you liked my round-up of all things with bows: I forgot to include this $20 (!!!) statement blouse.  The black would be perfect for the holidays!

+Adore this blush and gold mini dress.  Would be a good option for one of my pregnant friends!  Forgiving!

+I love the design of this cardigan/coat.  Just the kind of thing to throw over — well, anything!

+Such a fun color and shape.

+Buying mini her own nativity set as Advent approaches.

+This clutch is SO fun.

+Contemplating buying one of these with an “E” on it so mini can hang her own coat up at eye-level when we walk through the door.

+Everything at St. Frank is 25% off through Monday.  Now would be a good time to invest in one of their gorgeous framed textiles (also love these), or to scoop up some funky/global-leaning world decor, like these happy alpaca ornaments.

P.S.  Looking to get a start on holiday shopping?  I’ll be sharing some updated picks soon, but this and this are good places to start.

P.P.S.  Thinking about doing another Q+A soon — I have a bunch of questions stock-piled — but send your own my way!  (Or check out this for some Q+As from the past.)

P.P.P.S.  Bowing down to women of a certain age.

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6 thoughts on “Weekend Vibes, Edition No. 89: The One on Remembering When You Wanted What You Have Now.

  1. This is such a sweet thing upon which to reflect! I think it would do me well to think about this in more depth; I’ve been struggling lately with my place in life and I think I’d benefit from slowing down to appreciate all that I have, which was the stuff of dreams only a few years ago.

    LOVE that plaid coat from Velvet, too — I have a lumberjack-plaid wool coat from Isabel Marant that is starting to look a wee bit long in the tooth, so I’ll have to see if I can track this one down on another site (it’s sold out on Shopbop and most other sites I found during a cursory search … drat!)

    1. Shoot – I’ll keep my eyes peeled. They have a few left at Nordstrom but in limited sizes, and I recall you’re a size S? The Marant one sounds FAB! xoxo

  2. Love the hook idea for mini! C is obsessed with hanging her coat from its “loop” – her playschool teacher must encourage this – you are on it Mama with age-appropriate asks! I would have no idea!

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