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Weekend Vibes, Edition No. 87: The One on Writing Thank You Notes.

By: Jen Shoop

My Latest Snag: Christmas Gear.

Inspired by a reader’s request for thoughts on holiday decor and traditions as a newlywed, I couldn’t help but snag a couple of Christmas finds this week, including this tree skirt, which coordinates with our stockings.  I actually ordered this exact tree skirt last holiday season and it was mistakenly delivered to my old address back in Chicago where it was apparently left and never discovered again.  By the time we were through the rigmarole of tracking the package, they had sold out of this style!  So, I ordered it early this year and earned 25% off with a promo code.  I also ordered mini some Christmas jammies and currently have about twenty browser windows open to various options for Advent calendars after so many of you mentioned how central this tradition was to your youths.  I realized I’d better get chopping on making it a part of mini’s!  I’m considering this, this, and this.  I also like this but am concerned about sacrificing our limited shelf/tabletop/counter space.

P.S.  I promise I won’t be featuring too much holiday stuff — I realize we’re still about 3498 days away — but OMG this set of ornaments!!!!  And there are tons of hilarious kitschy ornament finds here.

You’re Sooooo Popular: The Animal Print Dress.

The most popular items on Le Blog this week:

+This chic RIXO London dress.  Animal prints are very in right now; I love the demure yet versatile length of this dress!

+More feline print goodness.

+Chic thank you notes.

+One of my favorite snags this season.

+A super-Scandi, super-chic boot.

+This dress is everything.

+A more affordable but just-as-chic alternative to GGs.

+Kids’ gift of the season apparently.

+The cutest ornament.

#Turbothot: The Secret to a Well-Written Thank You Note.

I wrote a week or two ago about sending out-of-the-blue “love notes” to a friend without any agenda — just to remind her of why you love her because sometimes — often-times — we learn more about ourselves through the reactions and commentaries of others.  A few of you responded by pointing me in the direction of Cup of Jo’s recent post on the power of writing thank you notes.  I loved the sentiment and especially the observation: “A perfect thank-you note is not very long, but it’s earnest, specific, and from the heart.”

I will humbly admit that I have cultivated a kind of celebrity among my friends and family for my talent in thank-you-note-writing.  In my opinion, as corroborated by the writer above, the key to a well-written thank you note is specificity.  I find the same holds true in all kinds writing, come to think of it: the more narrow the detail, the more saturated the color, the better.  This is something I learned by observing the spectacular writing of some of my favorite authors, most notably Molly Wizenberg, whose knack for the particular and richly resonant is second to none.  And so, when I write a thank you note, I try to explain in detail why and how I will use or appreciate the gesture of kindness that has been extended to me.  It’s not just — “I love my new desk calendar.  Thank you.”  It’s — “I have placed my new desk calendar to the left of my computer screen and I look at it every single day while I’m blogging.  I think of you often because of it — and am also far more facile in booking appointments and agreeing to commitments with the days of the month staring me in the face.”  The detail can be anything: “I love that rich cerulean blue!  It matches my favorite scarf!” or “The candle reminds me of a trip I took to…”  But showing someone in specific detail why you appreciate something they have given to you demonstrates you have sat down and truly appreciated it, incorporated it into your life.

Incidentally, I learned this from my all-knowing mother, whose thank you notes always include an unexpectedly intimate detail: “I was just sitting on the ivory settee in my office admiring that print you sent me.  It made my afternoon.”  (She is also masterful at not only thanking you once for something — but, out of the blue, midway through the year, dropping a text: “You know that eye shadow you gave me last year?  I’m wearing it today and I’m so grateful to you for it.” #NEXTLEVEL.)

What are your tips for writing thank you notes?

P.S.  In the snap above, the stationery is from here and the pens are these, of course.  My favorite writing implement of all time.

#Shopaholic: The Black Boot.

+If you are still in the heyday of wearing high heels (I’ve sadly converted into a more practical everyday boot gal, aka minimal height), I cannot believe these boots are $200.  They look like they could be Gianvito Rossi!

+Building on the nubby/teddy/high-pile outwear trend I touched on a bit yesterday, this $80 steal is a seriously good fine.

+Into the shape, length, color, and texture of this coat.  I like it with these boots.

+This dress is stunning for a winter black tie event.

+Lusting after this interior design book.

+Love this gussied-up white tee.

+PSA: That feathered dress so many of you loved is now on sale!  Also in the sale section: these over-the-top TBs, which I’ve been eyeing for some time, my favorite sneaks in a fun color, and a major Jackie O. moment waiting to happen.

+This fleece comes in the best colors.

+Love the sorbet pink colors.

+Into the varsity vibes on this statement sweater.

P.S.  If you are a VIB Rouge, you can score 20% off any purchase right now.  A great time to stock up on things like perfume (!!!), which never goes on sale.  I love this scent.  Also maybe an opportune moment to try some of the beauty finds I’ve been raving about or my all-time favorite beauty products.

P.P.S.  Are you a private person?

P.P.P.S.  Not so fun, but mildly amusing, to revisit my dirge of the dishwasher.

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2 thoughts on “Weekend Vibes, Edition No. 87: The One on Writing Thank You Notes.

  1. I love these advent calendar ideas! Definitely going to get one of the hanging ones (as we have limited space here too). I was going to make one (Benzie Designs has the cutest patterns for felt ones), but those days of elaborate crafts are on pause for me right now.

    Writing thank you notes is a real gift, and it sounds like you have it in spades!

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