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Weekend Vibes, Edition No. 237: On Favorite Movies.

By: Jen Shoop

My Latest Snag: Tennis Gear for Mr. Magpie.

Mr. Magpie has been playing tennis once or twice a week since moving back to D.C. and has accordingly asked for some new duds. A few of my favorite finds for him:







P.S. A post from earlier this year on tennis gear for women!

You’re Soooo Popular: Fall Maxi.

The most popular items on le blog this week:

blog best sellers week of september 20, 2021

+This under-$200 dress is perfect for fall weddings, and in the perfect on-trend shade of burgundy. J’adore. I’m dreaming of pairing it with velvet burgundy platforms.

+Smythe blazer.

+Ribbed square neck top — perfect fall layering piece.

+Gorgeous fall blouse.

+Top-rated hair blow dryer for $25.

+Chic ceramic lamp on sale for under $200.

+Evil eye necklace.

+Boxwood in clay pot!

+Chic, Doen-esque boho blouse.

+Target maxi.

+Best fabric storage bins.

+Boat tote.

+Carved heart necklace.

+Fall hair bows for littles.

+One of my all-time favorite candles for home.

Weekend Musings: My Favorite Movies.

What are your favorite movies of all time? I’m sure I have some holes in my repertoire, although — like many of you, I presume — I really worked on rounding out my filmography resume during this pandemic. Still, curious to hear your list. I’m asking specifically for “favorite” — not necessarily “the best movie ever” on technical counts, but movies you watch again and again and again, year after year.
















*I watch these three movies about 50 times a year each. I put them on whenever I can’t sleep. I also love watching bad rom-coms when I can’t sleep. Have you ever seen Fools Rush In? It’s not good, but I love it, and how gorgeous is Salma Hayek?! Other rom-coms I love, some “bad-good” and others very good: The Proposal, While You Were Sleeping, Something Borrowed, Just Go With It, She’s All That, 10 Things I Hate About You, American President, Midnight in Paris, Two Weeks Notice, Bridget Jones’ Diary, Begin Again, My Best Friend’s Wedding, Plus One, Something’s Gotta Give, It’s Complicated.

**As far as I’m concerned, the best screenplay ever written. The dialogue is flawless. Acting is also ridiculously good!

I also have a very warm spot in my heart for a ridiculously silly movie called A Million Ways to Die in the West, which Mr. Magpie and I nostalgically re-watch every year or so. We watched it for the first time during a very difficult time in our lives, and I remember laughing through tears. Sometimes laughter truly is the best medicine.

This list omits holiday movies, which is an entirely different category we’ll get to later, and generally steers away from horror/thriller flicks, which I also really enjoy watching, especially on fall evenings with a good bottle of red wine or maybe a cocktail rimmed with spicy salt. Mr. Magpie and I love (!) the movie Scream and watch it every year around Halloween. Horror movies are so interesting in that they tend to be hyper self-aware and allusive; the really good ones foreground their own conventions in fascinating ways.

In terms of the best movies I’ve ever seen on a technical level (acting, cinematography, etc.), I was totally and utterly rocked by Manchester by the Sea whenever it came out. I mean, I could not function after watching that movie. It was spectacularly moving. More recently, I thought 1917 was superb — one of the best movies I’ve seen in a long time, on every level — acting, pace, music, set, cinematography, etc. Other movies that have blown me away: Whiplash, Saving Private Ryan, Deerhunter, The Shining, Gladiator, Dances with Wolves, Braveheart. I wouldn’t say I watch those on a yearly basis though. Sometimes one viewing is enough!

What movies do you watch year after year?

Post-Scripts: Ulla Dress.

+This Ulla dress may have jumped to the top of my lust list for Thanksgiving.

+Good way to keep your sunglasses organized!

+More of my favorite organization gear here.

+These framed butterflies are exquisite. Similar: also love these framed intaglios and this framed arrowhead.

+Great pearl hoops for under $20.

+Love these pointelle tees!

+This chic bar cart is currently 20% off.

+Have heard really good things about this super-affordable foundation (like $6!). Just ordered a tube to try!

+Oo I love this cardigan, and it’s under $200.

+Ordered myself this $10 navy velvet platform headband. How good with a navy blouse like this or this, or a navy printed dress like this or this?

+My children are going to love this book — you apply bandaids to help the characters feel better!

+More great books for littles!

+Love these chunky knit stockings for Christmas this year!

+This bustier top would transform any midi skirt into an evening-appropriate look. Would also be chic with wide-leg trousers like these!

+Adore the simple, chic, and affordable letterpress cards from Ornament Press — xoxo and Thank You would be fab additions to your stationery folio. (BTW, these Sorbus bins are the perfect width for holding most stationery!)

+Perfect heel for a bride.

+YES to this jewel-buttoned cardigan.

+CHIC ribbed midi dress — would work with bump!

+These woven pumpkin napkin rings are so cute! Also love their timeless bow rings.

+Totally swoon over these bow napkins. I need them!

+More chic home finds here.

+Just added this Nike tank to my cart.

+Love this puffer vest for a little love.

+Love this daybed for a boy’s room.

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34 thoughts on “Weekend Vibes, Edition No. 237: On Favorite Movies.

  1. I recently subscribed to your blog and you are a fabul9us writre! Your “on repeat” movies are some of my favorites as well. I have one to add and I watch it at least a few times a year. Twister with Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt. Love it!!

    1. Thank you SO much, Marsha! I’m so flattered. Glad you love some of my most cherished movies, too. Twister!! Hadn’t thought of it in ages but I do love Helen Hunt. Need to rewatch!


  2. Ooh I love this! I’ll try and leave out ones that Magpies already mentioned….
    Thomas Crown Affair (the new one)
    A Few Good Men
    The Philadelphia Story
    Pretty Woman
    Steel Magnolias
    Wonder Boys
    Lost in Translation
    Home for the Holidays
    Family Stone (I could watch this on repeat and never tire of it, but I’m mean and I only allow us to watch Christmas Day 😉
    And, my favorite movie of all time that for me falls into the technically perfect, and can re-watch again and again…
    Michael Clayton. Pllllease watch if you haven’t!! I have a hunch your mister might enjoy it too 🙂 All the acting is superb, but for me, this is Clooney’s ultimate. Controversial!!
    Father of the Bride 2 has been a forever again and again movie, but we re-watched it recently and we were both cringing big time at Eugene Levy’s portrayal of the rude, crass, sleazy “Arab”who bought the house. Don’t get me wrong, I adore Levy, and I’m sure I’ll watch it again but… yikes. The fact it didn’t strike me at all when I first saw it in HS, well, speaks volumes about so many things. Here’s to the growth of our awareness. ❤️

    1. Oo so many great additions here, Jessica! Thank you for sharing. I actually don’t know that I’ve ever seen Michael Clayton — thank you for all of these!


  3. I just had this conversation over drinks with friends! We challenged each other to narrow down to exactly 5 desert island movies. These were mine:
    – The Royal Tenenbaums
    – Lost in Translation
    – The Talented Mr Ripley
    – A Fish Called Wanda
    – About Time

    1. Wow, 5! I thought about this prompt since last night, when I read your comment just before bed. I think mine would be As Good As It Gets, When Harry Met Sally, Godfather II, Sleepless in Seattle, and Sabrina. They all give me all the feels. Thanks for the prompt to narrow down the pool!


    1. Oo this is a good one! Every girl who came of age in the 80s/90s shares a fear of stepmom Meredith Blake as portrayed in the 1998 version. That actress NAILED that role! Also have always had a soft spot for Dennis Quaid. Thanks for the reminder!!


  4. I echo the person who posted an old favorite, “The Cutting Edge” (with Moira Kelly and DB Sweeney). I remember loving it as a kid.

    “The Godfather,” Parts I & II.

    I rewatch “The Devil Wears Prada” at least once a year. I love that the fashion still looks good all these years later. And, as someone else mentioned, Meryl Streep!

    One of my all-time favorites, “Cinema Paradiso,” an Italian film that’s a love story, not just about a young love, but also about the love & passion for cinema.

    And “Strictly Ballroom,” an Australian movie that’s a comedy & love story about ballroom dancers. The supporting actors are as big a part of the movie as the leads.

    Also, anything Baz Luhrmann creates (After “Strictly Ballroom,” I was into everything he worked on).

    1. Cutting Edge is EXCELLENT. Also see that every few years and, like you, have such a fond place for it in my childhood memories. Right alongside “Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken.” Does anyone else remember loving that movie?!?

      You are so right about Devil Wears Prada. The fashion holds up and that part where she wears those super tall boots still feels “fresh” and “edgy” somehow?! Ah Chanel.

      One of my high school girlfriends loved (!!!) “Strictly Ballroom” and we watched it together a ton. I had forgotten about that! Thank you for the reminder!


  5. Thanks for the list!! I love love love When Harry Met Sally and La La Land 🙂

    Have you seen the Nora documentary on HBO “Everything is Copy”? I found it fascinating. Made me want to learn more about her!

    1. This is bizarre, but, as I nurse my child going through that dreaded 4 month sleep regression, it occurs to me I believe I’ve already asked you about Everything Is Copy and can’t recall your answer? I apologize and don’t mean to waste your time 🙂 Quite frankly, with the whole two under two experience I feel I’ve been sleep deprived for the better part of two years and it’s starting to show!

      Though I will say I feel a particular privilege this time around experiencing the four month regression. My first one had so much trouble sleeping that I’m ever noticed any regression! There was no where to regress from. Haha! But still, I am tired.

      1. Oh man, I so hear you, Joyce! Hang in there. The exhaustion is REAL. You will get to the other side but it is painful when you’re in the throes, no matter how grateful you are. Thinking of you and sending good vibes for a handful of “oh my gosh! he just slept six hours!” moments.

        No need to apologize either, as I don’t recall you asking about the Ephron movie, and if you did, it slipped my mind to check it out. Thank you!!! Will definitely watch this. Huge fan of hers.


    1. Yes mam!! The best! I even love Greg Kinnear in it. He was such a talent of that era. Funny — he was in As Good As It Gets, Youve Got Mail, and Sabrina, and I think those are all in my top five/top ten favorite movies!


  6. So many excellent films. I enjoy movies and going to see them but this particular activity is something I haven’t done since early 2020.

    Somethings Gotta Give
    You’ve Got Mail
    Bringing Up Baby
    Father Goose
    Shakespeare in Love
    The GodfatherPart I and II
    Legally Blonde
    The Hours
    Dirty Dancing
    Mamma Mia

    I usually watch The Hours, Legally Blonde, and The Devil Wears Prada multiple times a year. I used to watch The Hours and The Godfather at the end of each semester in undergrad. In grad school I learned and loved going to the movies alone.

    I also am one to watch The Parent Trap (both versions) and That Darn Cat for nostalgia. Enchanted is good too. So many Disney !

    I also do love Little Women (90s) version. The remake had good points too.

    We have similar taste in film. I do my best to watch the Oscar nominees.

    If you haven’t seen The Big Chill add to your watch list. The soundtrack is spot on.

    1. I also love The Sound of Music and The Music Man.
      So many films to pick.
      Top 5 if I had to pick:
      Devil Wears Prada
      The Hours
      You’ve Got Mail
      Legally Blonde
      The Godfather Part II

    2. Thanks for the recs here – have not seen “The Big Chill” or “The Hours” and am eager to dive into both, too. Like you, I do my best to watch Oscar nominees most years — it’s fun, and provocative.


  7. Totally agree on As Good As It Gets. No flashy effects or anything, just solid movie-making. The screenplay and acting really are so, so, so good, and I felt that way watching it then and feel that way now. My husband and I watched it again somewhat recently and we both bemoaned how “they don’t make movies like that anymore.”

    From an entertainment standpoint, I’ve also enjoyed rewatching The Italian Job occasionally (the remake with Charlize Theron, Mark Wahlberg). I still have to see the original!

    Shawshank Redemption is really good too, though there are heavy themes.

    My old favorite is The Cutting Edge (figure skating movie with Moira Kelly and DB Sweeney). The banter is so sharp and witty!

    Oh, and The Devil Wears Prada! Meryl Streep, enough said.

    Roman Holiday

    Another fun addition to your rom-com list: How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days.

    And: When In Rome! The plot is ridiculous, it’s one of those “I don’t know why I love it but I do” kind of movies for me. But – Rome! (though it was only featured maybe the first quarter of the movie and a bit at the end) And New York! Perhaps it’s also my girl-crush on Kristen Bell (plus I love her outfits in this movie). Unexpected pairing, but there’s Josh Duhamel for eye candy.

    “Life lessons” kind of movies (is that a genre? I suppose it is in my mind): With Honors, Good Will Hunting

    Is it too early for holiday movies? I rewatch The Holiday and Serendipity every year.

    1. Oh I should also add: I’m not much of a science fiction person but these are more along the lines of existential/what-is-the-meaning-of-life kind of theme:

      Gattaca (Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman) – PS, look up the meaning of the title when/after you watch it!

      Perfect Sense (Ewan MacGregor and Eva Green)

      The music in both movies touches my soul, too.

    2. So many great ones here, Mia – I love so many of these, too. I totally agree with you on “As Good As It Gets.” Just — peak everything. Acting, dialogue, themes. Everyone has a favorite line in that movie. My Dad loves the part where Melvin goes: “Sell crazy someplace else, we’re all stocked up here” and I think about that scene where that woman in the elevator looks up breathily and says: “How do you write women so well?” and Melvin goes: “I think of a man. Then I take away reason and accountability” like 23 times a month. Not because I think it’s true or particularly funny/on point, but it’s situationally ironic and just such a perfect exchange! So indicative of Melvin and the way they shoot the woman in that moment is JUST SO GOOD. It’s just — the entire movie, from start to finish, is perfect. Some of the exchanges are absolutely brutal, but that’s the movie’s charm and poignancy. There’s a pivotal moment where Melvin says: “Maybe we could do without the wisecracks” and Helen Hunt goes: “…Maybe we could.” And WOW. Ugh, I feel like I could recite that movie from top to bottom and never want to stop watching it.

      Anyway. Wow. I might rewatch tonight!

  8. You’ve Got Mail for sure, an all-time favorite! I’ll agree with the new Sabrina, even though I LOVE the original—the new one to me is deeply nostalgic because it was filmed when I was small and includes all the places in Locust Valley I knew and loved as a child, including a brief glimpse of my grandmother’s antique shop! It feels very true-to-life to me, except for the fact that Sabrina gets off a bus from the airport and not the LIRR. But that’s my only continuity error!

    Other movies: The American President, The Last of the Mohicans, Out of Africa. For a long time, The Prime f Miss Jean Brodie, though I haven’t seen it in a while! Trying to think of others…

    1. Sarah – oh my I didn’t think many other people enjoy The Last of the Mohicans! I re-watch that one too (but I now cover my eyes during some of the one on one battle scenes). The soundtrack is gorgeous too — I even bought a CD (!!!) back in the day, and I still listen to it every now and then!

    2. Mia–one of my favorites! I love the soundtrack too, we had it on cassette tape, then CD, then digital download… my whole family loves the movie. I love to listen to the soundtrack when on the train up the Hudson, and also driving to Yorktown, VA in the evening. So evocative and frankly eerie, because it feels like you’re stepping back into the 1700s. I love it!

    3. Oh how fun that Sabrina was filmed in an area you knew! I love that scene when he’s downtown picking up the painting and runs into her, and then the way he looks at her and says “WOW” when they’re driving back along those country roads. The setting is crucial to that movie!

      Thanks for the other recs! I had forgotten “Out of Africa.” The music in that one is spectacular, too. The scene where they are in the glider with that sweeping symphonic piece is cinema magic.


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