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Weekend Vibes, Edition No. 209: A Wild Mind + A Disciplined Eye.

By: Jen Shoop

My Latest Snag: Hot Rollers.

As you know, I adore (!) my Revlon One-Step. It delivers the smoothest, sleekest blowout I’ve ever achieved at home, and I’ve only improved in my results since I started using this IGK leave-in spray conditioner before blow-drying. The conditioner is amazing for me since I wash my hair so often (every other morning, like clockwork, after my run) and also color it — this makes my hair look much better hydrated! I also love (!) the scent and the applicator — it goes on like an aerosol hairspray versus a spritz. Anyway, my own gripe with my hair is that I can never get volume at the top, even after trying some of the tips you guys have shared in the past. This is partly the inevitable story of my hair, which is fine but voluminous (I have a LOT of hair) and which I currently wear on the long side. In other words, it’s unavoidable that my hair will lose volume at the crown because of the weight and length at the bottom. But I recently learned that the ultra chic Julia Amory has used hot rollers her entire life as a “cheat” to achieving a bouncy blowout and…my head was turned, as she has great hair. I instantly ordered the set she uses and am going to give them a try to see if this helps. On shower mornings, I usually let my hair air-dry for 40-60 minutes, then use the One-Step, and I figure it won’t be much of a lift to add the rollers while I’m sitting at my desk after? We shall see. Any other roller advocates out there? I’m just living my best granny life…

You’re Sooooo Popular: Woven Counter Stools.

The most popular items on le blog this week:

+Everyone’s favorite woven counter stools are on sale for 20% off through 3/16, and many of you have sprung for them thanks to the promotion!

+Pearl-bedecked denim? Don’t mind if I do.

+For like the third week running: this floral dress!

+Coolest denim jacket I ever did see.

+Automated soap dispenser to fancy your sink space.

+I think we all bought this under-$30 dress. (Which color did you get?)

+Ultra-chic leather crossbody for spring. Love those racing stripes and the canvas strap! Major Clare V. vibes, but for under $130.

+A classic rug for any home. Great for big spaces.

+A puff-sleeved sweatshirt in a sweet and cheerful floral print!

+Mini’s astronaut helmet and suit — such a huge hit in our home!

+Gorgeous Liberty london quilt for a little one’s bed.

+My new denim silhouette for spring.

+Lab activity set for little hands.

+Scribble Scrubbies.

Weekend Musings: Creativity.

On the heels of these musings on creativity (I loved the insights and reflections in the comments), I am stirred to share a few other comments by talented creatives, each of which I have lingered on for weeks and copied into my little journal:

“Creativity is a wild mind and a disciplined eye.” -Dorothy Parker

“It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation.” – Herman Melville

“The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.” – Sylvia Plath

“People will kill you over time, and how they’ll kill you is with tiny, harmless phrases, like ‘be realistic.'” -Dylan Moran

Taken together, these musings remind me that art — and I use “art” with deliberate imprecision, as I think living our lives thoughtfully can be a kind of art — takes discipline and creative confidence.

Do these resonate with you?


+These slides are at the top of my summer lust-list.

+Would love to upgrade my running earbuds with these.

+Prettiest spring plates. (Look for less with these.)

+This frothy white mini is a dream.

+OK, this is a sleek sink situation.

+It’s not exciting to buy boots at the end of the winter season, but your future self will thank you — these LRs are GORGEOUS, will go with everything, and will never go out of style. They are also 60% off.

+Pretty blue floral dress for a little at a great price.

+Fun crackers for your next birthday or celebration.

+As much as I love statement everything, this is just the kind of basic I’ll reach for season after season.

+This sun-hat is so chic! (Under $100.)

+OMG – this strawberry basket for toys in a nursery!

+Trying this running tank ($22!) in the denim blue hue.

+This lacing toy — too sweet. I think I might put it in Hill’s Easter basket.

+Oh wow: this heirloom-quality ribbon-trim receiving blanket. So precious.

+Adorable sandals for littles!

+Clever (and attractive) lunch tupperware.

+Scalloped-edged placemats for your spring tabletop.

+More spring and Easter finds here.

+Who else loves a party sock on a little girl?

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10 thoughts on “Weekend Vibes, Edition No. 209: A Wild Mind + A Disciplined Eye.

  1. Always love reflecting on creativity and art – thank you for sharing those additional thoughts!
    My last foray into hot rollers was back in the 90s, but do you know that after the birth of my youngest child I suddenly had waves and volume! I now find myself battling the tresses, especially when the humidity is high (think Monica on “Friends” in the Bahamas episode!). My Revlon One-Step is my go-to as well. 🙂
    Happy weekend, Jen! xo H

    1. So glad these quotes resonated! HA, re Monica on Friends. Isn’t it crazy how children can totally change things like that? Revlon to the rescue!


  2. Team hot rollers! I started trying them at the beginning of quarantine and pop them in every so often to mix up my Zoom look. My hair always looks PERFECT after I pull them out and inevitably falls into general flatness with curved ends for the rest of the day (despite a spritz of volumizing spray before & light hairspray after, hmph…). I was initially intrigued after Mary Orton’s post/Instagram video on them – check out her tips! I love that I can have them in while doing my makeup, making breakfast, etc. Very low stakes (in a good way!).

    1. So interesting – thank you so much for these tips! Who knew so many were already initiated in the ways of the hot roller?! Thank you!


  3. Same hair. I pop a few Velcro rollers into the crown after I finish drying those sections. Makes a huge difference!

  4. I LOVE hot rollers and have been using them since college. I also have fine hair and they give me the best volume that lasts days. I find the key is to use them right after blow drying my hair and leave them in until they’re cool. It takes me about 3 minutes to put them in and then I do my makeup, make breakfast, etc. The curls/volume can be a lot when you take them out but don’t be alarmed, the curls definitely fall when you comb your hair out and you’re left with so much volume. One tip: do not use the plastic clips that come with the set. They create awful kinks in your hair. Buy metal J clips like the ones that come with this set:

    Also, I agree with Joyce – @maryorton has a great tutorial!

  5. That Dylan Moran quote (!!!!) Yep. Reminds me of an interview with Glennon Doyle where she said something like, it’s not the harsh criticisms from the “haters” that most often shake us from living our truest lives — but the quiet, consistent “concerns” from those who claim to love us.

    Also, re: curlers, @maryorton on IG is an evangelist! I also think she is beautiful and hilarious 🙂

    1. Wow, thank you and the other Magpies for the Orton intro! Merci!

      I totally can see where Doyle is coming from! Thanks for sharing that. Reminder to stay true to self!


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