Weekend Vibes

Weekend Vibes: Edition No. 17

By: Jen Shoop

My Latest Score

I just snagged this Stila Illuminator ($32) to get that summer JLO vibe.  I got it in the bronze color but, depending on how I feel about its results, am also intrigued by the “transcendent” opal pink color…stay tuned.

The Fashion Magpie Stila Illuminator 1


The Fashion Magpie Stila Illuminator 2

You’re Soooo Popular

The most popular items on Le Blog this week:

+This monogrammed wet bag (#etsyfind — $24).

+J.Crew bow-shouldered top ($49).

+Chic everyday white dress ($129 — currently 40% off!).  Literally could be worn to anything at all — work, happy hour, lunch with girlfriends, Church, etc.  So versatile.

+This spacepak for suitcase organization ($46)!

+The Self-Portrait dress ($267) I purchased for my birthday.  It did not fit (sad day) — the arms were too long and the bodice was bulky on me and it just wouldn’t have been worth tailoring.  So back to Neiman’s it went.  I’m hoping one of you fit into it better than I did because it is SO cute…

+This asymmetric dress ($69).


Did you read about Uber CEO Travis Kalanick resigning (er, being strongly advised to do so by his board and then acquiescing)?  The news comes on the heels of quite a bit of negative PR for Uber — allegations of overlooked sexual harassment, a toxic bro-y culture, Kalanick’s reaming of an unsuspecting Uber driver, charges of intellectual property theft, and even sexism among the board members.  The company is currently in something of a power vacuum with few executives in place.  I’ll be curious to see what the next year holds for Uber.  They have a fantastic, sticky product — like most of our friends, Mr. Magpie and I use it constantly and so many of the product enhancements over the past few years (i.e., being able to type in a destination before ordering, getting an exact cost prior to booking, being able to drop a pin, etc, etc) have been absolutely brilliant.  Science fiction author Arthur C. Clarke wrote that “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic” — and Uber has been, since day one, nothing short of magic.  Between Amazon Prime and Uber, I feel like we’re living in an episode of the Jetsons.  BEEP BOOP BOOP — aaaand, a new book is on my doorstep within 24 hours.  BOOP BEEP BEEP — aaand, a car appears and I’m whisked off to dinner.  It’s insane!  We are living the future, people.

But, a great product is not a safeguard against the demise of a company.  And someone once told me that — in matters of business — “culture eats strategy for breakfast.”  It’s hard to course correct for an unhealthy internal culture; I’ve personally observed that the tone of a team is hard to re-direct.  There’s something akin to emotional muscle memory at play, unless you totally clean house and start from scratch.  And what company has the time or resources or inclination to do that while maintaining a highly successful product?  It’d be tough.

In a totally different sphere, it’s occasionally useful to recall that while “Rome wasn’t built in a day,” the Roman Empire practically died over night.  Not to be morbid, but it could be possible that Uber’s star has fallen, which could mean big things for Lyft and other competitors.

Or, I could be overstating the circumstances, and Uber will continue to triumph.

What do you think?


+Chic OTS top ($59).

+Dying over these chic flats ($120)!!!   Also available in a chic pink suede.

+This memoir of a young mother dying of cancer is supposed to be incredible.  I’m not sure I am emotionally prepared for it, though…

+Love this striped shirt ($88).

+Popsicle molds in the shape of a star ($12)!!

+I think I need these stainless steel condiment cups ($7 for 12) for summer dinners al fresco!

+Adorable smocked watermelon dress for minimagpie (on sale for $49).  Perfect for the fourth of july!  Also, does minimagpie need one of these inflatable pools for the occasion?  I think so…

+Pretty floral midi dress ($93).

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3 thoughts on “Weekend Vibes: Edition No. 17

  1. I did! So crazy. I am all for wanting to live a healthy life, but if you get to the point of thinking that the one thing human beings have been missing in their search for wellness is putting little metallic stickers on their skin…you really need to look at your life choices 🙂 I wish GP would stick to showing off her fabulous taste and ditch the kooky snake oil pseudoscience. It is unbecoming for the daughter of Blythe Danner!

  2. I have held a fairly unpopular opinion of always hating Uber (though other friends are definitely coming around!). I just hate the gig economy and Uber seems to be one of the worst offenders. This is a billion dollar company that has created hundreds of thousands of jobs (while also setting off a grenade in the existing taxi industry, which wasn’t perfect but did provide good jobs for many), but they are all terrible! No job security, no benefits, no sick time…this is not progress. I’ve taken Uber exactly twice, and both times in casual conversation with the drivers they mentioned that the pay is terrible and they work so hard and just want to pay their bills. Awkward, especially when you realize your life is basically in their hands! I think Uber is going to start to allow tipping, but is it too late? It’s hard to change customer behavior. So my biggest problem with Uber is the business model, but the abhorrent culture is like the whipped cream and cherry on a shit sundae.

    On a slightly happier note, that Stila highlighter looks amazing. I already have more highlighting products than I could ever possibly use, but my new goal in life is to have people describe me as “glowing like a radioactive swan” (Lindy West’s take on Gwyneth at the recent Goopcon), so bring on the transcendent opal pink powder!

    1. Great points, Alison, and thanks for writing in — conscious capitalism at its best.

      OMG, speaking of Gwyneth/Goop, did you read the whole debacle over a product they featured that pledged to be made out of a carbon material NASA used to line spacesuits? And that it turned out to be bogus? Yikes…I checked out from the Goop crowd after that whole “jade egg” sensation: http://goop.com/better-sex-jade-eggs-for-your-yoni/. Yowza.

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