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Weekend Vibes, Edition No. 152: A Pastel Dress + Garniture.

By: Jen Shoop

My Latest Snag: The & Other Stories Dress.

I couldn’t resist this ice blue, puff-sleeved jacquard mini (seen above on my Blake dresser!). For $120, it delivers a couture (Cecilie Bahnsen) vibe and I am beyond in love with that color! I am planning to wear it to mini’s birthday party (this is the theme) in a month along with these earrings, which I own in blue. The question is what heel to wear. I’ve been eyeing these but I think that might be too much blue in one dose.

More pretty Easter/spring dresses here.

You’re Sooooo Popular: The Revlon One Step Hair Volumizer and Dryer.

The most popular items on the blog this past week:

+Revlon One-Step Hair Volumizer and Dryer. (See my full review here.)

+My go-to eye primer — which I honestly use more often than not with no shadow on top. #easypeasy

+Super flattering denim overalls. (I own this exact pair.)

+Adorable night-gown / cover-up / beach day dress.

+A great pendant for a boy nursery / room.

+A wear forever wrap dress in a great color.

+My favorite caftan brand — love the colors of this style!

+Precious toddler dress.

+My daily glycolic acid wipes. I’m super impressed with these so far. Will wait to write a full report until I’ve been using them for a full month but my early review is very positive.

+Well-made onesies without the 1212 price tag.

+Fantastic dupe for Stila’s all day eyeliner for only $6.

+My favorite sleep sack.

#Turbothot: Garniture.

One of the many things I love about my husband is that he gets that presentation matters. In my experience, this is rather rare in men, many of whom would report noticing no difference between tossing a few bags of chips on a coffee table versus presenting them in pretty serving bowls with Caspari cocktail napkins. Mr. Magpie, on the other hand, is highly particular about things like plating, food presentation, and apartment styling. Do not under any circumstances feed him pasta in a bowl — pasta belongs on plates, per HRH Oretta Zanini de Vita, bolognese queen. (I’ve written about her much-loved pasta cookbook Sauces and Shapes countless times on this blog, but not only are the recipes bomb — her crotchety commentary tickles me. One of her bugaboos is pasta plating, something Mr. Magpie bought into hook, line, and sinker.) If I move our plant from the coffee table to the console in order to make room for mini’s breakfast, there’s a 90% chance I will find it restored to its rightful home before I have a chance to do it myself. He has an eye for these things; they matter to him.

While I was battling the flu and Mr. Magpie was dexterously managing the roles of Mom, Dad, nurse, and short order cook, he decided one night to make himself a few (well-deserved) cocktails once the babies were down. I remember lumbering out of my sick bed to the living room and noticing a highball finished with a sprig of mint. There was something about that garnish that killed me — the idea that even when drinking alone, he would take the time to garnish his cocktail, comme il faut.

This is one of the many things Mr. Magpie has taught me. In years past, I have been wont to pour a bowl of cereal and eat it while standing at the kitchen counter, or dig into a take away salad right out of the clamshell. Mr. Magpie has led by example and I now (more often than not) take the extra minute or two to transfer my takeaway sandwich to a plate, add a napkin, pour my drink into a glass, and sit at the table and enjoy it. It’s not so much a question of propriety as it is a factor of enjoyment: I have found that I am much more intentional and relaxed when I sit down to a proper meal on proper plates.

And so I knew what was happening with that mint spring: he was taking the time to enjoy the drink, even when entirely on his own, even when no one but him would notice.

Test it out and let me know what you think this week — consider adding a lemon wheel to your water or sitting down at the dining room table with a cloth napkin even when dining solo. It’s a small but noticeable form of self-care.

Post-Scripts: A Pretty Top.

+This is an easy way to look fashion-forward. It reminds me a bit of this Aje dress I’ve been eyeing. Love!

+Love this elegant and affordable place setting! Sort of Juliska Berry and Thread but a bit less rustic (and more reasonably priced).

+Love this thermal top — on sale for $18 (!) in the prettiest pink color.

+Had to order these seersucker swim trunks ($13!) for micro’s burgeoning Hamptons wardrobe. Beyond that, have a bunch of Busy Bees rompers and Florence Eiseman shortalls purchased before he was even born!

+Speaking of FE — LOVE this precious scottie dog applique dress for a toddler. Perfect first-day-of-school dress for a twos program.

+The clearance section on Solid & Striped is SO GOOD. Eyeing this pink gingham one piece.

+These pants are perfect for spring getaways / summer breaks! They would be cute pulled on over a bathing suit or worn with a tee and Supergas for coffee runs. Ordering.

+This also looks super comfortable and chic for summer lounging — especially with a bump.

+Chanel vibes for under $200. And it would go with EVERYTHING in your summer wardrobe.

+Sweet Liberty-esque floral vest for a little one.

+Pretty napkins.

+A perfect party heel. Love the heel height (#Imoldnow) and the pointed toe.

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8 thoughts on “Weekend Vibes, Edition No. 152: A Pastel Dress + Garniture.

  1. LOVING that & Other Stories dress! How do you feel about quality? Sizing? I’ve never ordered anything from them! I may not go for that exact dress, but I’m curious about your experience with them.

    I’ve always loved the phrase “comme il faut” — and it sounds like Mr. Magpie embodies this to a T! I err towards that side, too, but am taking major inspiration from the sprig of mint in a cocktail to be enjoyed solo 🙂

    I love Solid & Striped suits — I have one in a gathered/textured fabric that sort of approximates the Hunza G suits I love so much, and one in rainbow seersucker — they fit so well and are so cute, and it’s possible to find them on sale! I think I got the former suit on MatchesFashion and the latter at The Outnet. Love.


  2. I used to be a cloth napkin person too… I used to enjoy collecting pretty prints from Anthropologie. It’s so simple but it just adds something to the mealtime experience. And then toddler mom-hood happened (and by extension, lots of laundry) and I find myself scarfing down something at the kitchen counter too. What a great reminder to slow down! Those days when my daughter is in day care, I actually get to sit down and make my own meal according to my terms and set the table, and I find myself eating much more mindfully.

    1. Yes!! I’m with you — these little things really help me “reclaim” myself or my day from being totally engulfed in my children. xx

  3. Years back, I brought a bowl, set of utensils and cloth napkin to work in order to be more eco friendly. I quickly noticed how much more enjoyable it was to eat lunch with proper dinnerware/flatware than with plastic or paper. For a brief moment it’s as if I’m home and not at my desk. Then the phone rings lol

  4. Love this! Creating simple luxuries for yourself. My grandmother always said tea tastes better when served in bone china. She was a scotch drinker (lived to 96; said it helped her pipes not to rust!). While in a nursing home, she had doctor’s orders allowing it. She’d buzz the nurses letting them know she was ready for her drink. Served in her crystal cut glass with a cocktail napkin always.

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