Weekend Vibes, Edition No. 127: The Monogrammed Lunch Box + Turnoffs.

By: Jen Shoop

My Latest Snag: The Monogrammed Lunch Box.

I wrote about mini’s upcoming enrollment in a twos program and all of the related supplies in a post not long ago, but wanted to share that I ended up buying one of the Oh Mint seersucker lunchboxes from Saddle Stitches (seen above, alongside a Cecil & Lou dress I bought last year but that still fits mini — they run BIG; similar here), a boutique that does the most incredible monograms on the Internet. Stunning, and with infinite permutations!

You’re Sooooo Popular: The Tropical Dress.

The most popular items on the blog this week:

+The tropical dress I wore to our nine-year wedding anniversary dinner at Rubirosa, one of the best pizza joints in NYC. It’s not a fancy spot, but I felt like getting dolled up and so I went for it. (More on this gorgeous label here!)

+The cutest champagne coupes ever.

+A chic paper towel holder.

+Love the drama of this popover dress.

+The “perfect” rain jacket.

+Fun and inexpensive tunic dress.

+Such a sweet bracelet for a mother.

+I love these fleece jackets for little ones — no zippers, no buttons!

#Turbothot: Turnoffs.

I had an interesting conversation with my sister, husband, and brother-in-law the other day: What is the biggest turnoff in a member of the opposite sex? Provocatively, Mr. Magpie and I essentially said the exact opposite of one another. (What does that mean?)

Mr. Magpie: Lack of confidence.

Me: Overconfidence.

How bizarre is that?! It made me think a bit about gender norms and what must have initially endeared us to one another back when we were teenagers. (If I seemed confident back then, it must have been posturing? I think back on an eighteen-year-old-me and remember being highly pliable, but perhaps I have been mistaking impressionability for diffidence?)

At any rate: interesting cocktail party fare, or fodder for a boozy night with some gal pals, or just a casual chat with your loved one.

What turns you off in the opposite sex and why?

Post-Scripts: Dresses + Facial Oils.

+OK, this is a dream.

+RDR lookalikes — love the pearl trim!

+Major Brock Collection vibes for under $60.

+The sweetest gingham bloomers.

+Love this plaid bag for fall.

+This highlighter has sold out quickly in the past.

+This bow-shouldered maxi is darling (and on sale for $40).

+A clever contraption for a baby who can sit up but isn’t quite ready for the open waters of the bath tub.

+Covet this satin bag.

+This lightweight facial oil is getting really good reviews, but I’m in a committed relationship with Vintner’s Daughter (<<back in stock!).

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4 thoughts on “Weekend Vibes, Edition No. 127: The Monogrammed Lunch Box + Turnoffs.

  1. Ahh, Rubirosa is the best! Love that spot.

    One of my biggest turnoffs in men (aside from the obvious: sexist/racist/xenophobic behavior) is when they are rude to waitstaff, etc. — this makes me cringe so much and also makes me angry! Overconfidence is a good one, though — can’t stand that, either.


  2. It’s interesting that confidence tends to be the response men provide when citing the quality most attractive in a women. It makes me wonder just what does one consider to be confidence and is the definition the same for everyone. I had a recent experience of being at a work event with this stunning woman. She seemed to exude confidence and captivate her audience. Later being in the rest room with her was a different story. I watched her frantically touch up her makeup, fret over a hair out of place, examine herself from different angles in mirror before exiting. Her insecurity was masked by her false sense of confidence.

    1. So interesting – and sad! Agree with you, though. Sometimes we mistake what it means to be “confident.” Some of the most self-assured people I know are quiet and attention-averse. xx

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