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We Are the Champions.

By: Jen Shoop

I truly never thought I’d see this day, and maybe I’m losing my mind, or maybe I’m getting sloppy in my new mom uniform, but is anyone else digging the resurgence of the brand Champion?  AKA, what we all wore in middle school gym class?  Part of the whole normcore trend, and I am into it.

The Fashion Magpie Champion Sweatshirt

I first caught sight of the brand while marathoning the Kardashians one night (pls don’t judge / pls send help) — Khloe and Kourtney and all those K girls were seen in boxy, oversized, throwback Champion sweatshirts.

Then, I saw the oh-so-chic Arielle Charnas of Something Navy looking gorgeous on Instagram in one (P.S. – if you follow her on social media, how amazing does their new apartment look?!):

Snag your own in gray for $125 here.  Or an alternative Champion style for $65 here.  More Champion goodness here.

I think this is the definition of #basic.

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