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The Mr. Magpie Edit: Fall Edition.

By: Jen Shoop

*Above, Mr. Magpie wears Todd Snyder tee and pants, Superga sneakers, and Garrett Leight sunglasses.

This one’s for the guys — well, and the girls. Mr. Magpie has excellent taste and is very researched in his approach to…everything. If he buys something, you know he has spent days — possibly weeks — reading up on the subject.

01. TODD SNYDER SHERPA JACKET. Truth be told, Mr. Magpie is not much of a fleece guy. I don’t think he’s ever owned one? I can’t recall one outside of skiing, at least. But he dog-eared this page from the Todd Snyder catalog because he liked the way it was styled (you can see a photo on the website), right down to the flannel shirt and Red Wing boots.

02. VEJA RIO BRANCO SNEAKERS. A bit sportier than the standard V10s you see everywhere.

03. TODD SNYDER STRAIGHT FIT JEANS. It’s either jeans from TS or jeans from RRL for him. Both of these brands have great fits and washes that aren’t too skinny.

04. RED ROOSTER COFFEE BEANS. Mr. Magpie gets all of our beans from local roaster Red Rooster of Floyd, VA. He grinds the beans by hand daily (using a manual grinder). I am the happy beneficiary of his particularity on the coffee front.

05. TECHNIVORM MOCCAMASTER. For years, Mr. Magpie did pour overs every morning at home, but there is something appealing about a pot of warm coffee waiting to refill your mug. He switched to this contraption, which is sort of a blend of pour-over and drip. Yields an incredible cup.


07. BOLDRIC KNIFE ROLL. A princely home for his growing collection of knives.

08. MISONO UX10 PETTY KNIFE. A petty knife for a true chef. Mr. Magpie did a ton of research on knives and this brand is consistently highly ranked. He also has their Honesuki knife, which is specifically for poultry boning — he breaks down a lot of chickens in our house!

09. YETI UTILITY BUCKET. We have a two-step system for composting in our home. I keep a small bowl by the kitchen sink for collecting scraps/vegetable tops/etc and then dump into a large utility bucket we keep in the walk-in pantry periodically throughout the day. Mr. Magpie then recycles the compost into our yard once a week.

10. EGO BATTERY POWERED LEAF BLOWER. It’s strange, how much men love to talk about things like leaf blowers? But this (and how quiet it is) has been the subject of many conversations in our neighborhood. Mr. Magpie has the entire Ego line — all rechargeable-battery powered.

11. CLARINS MEN’S FACE WASH. He is hooked on all of Clarins’ skincare.

12. WEEZER PINKERTON ALBUM. We listen to a wide range of music in our house, but he has lately been focused on introducing mini to all kinds of rock music, including, most recently, “geek rock,” showcasing one of his favorite bands and albums of all time — Weezer’s Pinkerton album.

13. AMI PARIS SWEATSHIRT. He likes to layer designer sweatshirts like this over long sleeved polos on the weekend.

14. FAELLA PASTA. Mr. Magpie does not mess around with ingredients — it’s the best or nothing. He loves Gustiamo and places multiple orders a year for pantry staples, including dried pasta, canned tomatoes, olive oil.

15. CROOKED CRAB BEER. A local Maryland brewery Mr. Magpie has taken a shining to.

16. VOLLRATH 8 QUART MIXING BOWL. Probably his favorite tool in the kitchen at the moment? I bought him this $20 utility bowl earlier this year and it brings him a lot of joy. As a prodigious and ambitious cook, this enormous bowl is perfect for marinating, mixing wings, tossing salads, ice baths, etc.

17. KULE RUGBY SHIRT. Also considering buying one of the Ayrs this season.

18. TODD SNYDER CORDUROYS. He owns these in a few colors — a great modern fit. Again, not too skinny, not too loose.

19. SID MASHBURN OYSTER BELT. Homage to his favorite bivalve.

P.S. Kitchen gear to amp up your cooking game. (All Mr. Magpie approved.)

P.P.S. A cocktail for mezcal skeptics.

P.P.P.S. One of many love letters to Mr. Magpie published on this blog.

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7 thoughts on “The Mr. Magpie Edit: Fall Edition.

  1. Bookmarking as well! Great finds. Loved my Moccamaster, but after heavy use the plastic reservoir looked dingy to me. Gifted away for that reason, but miss the coffee. Not sure if you find the same and Mr. Magpie has any tricks for keeping it pristine. Wish the reservoir was made of glass.

    P.S.-Love the Jackson bag! Thanks for introducing me to the brand. I purchased the brown version for fall. So fun and cheeky!

    1. Hi Anne! Ours does not look dingy – we got it maybe two years ago? I’ll ask Landon. I agree though – wish it were glass.


  2. I need to bookmark this! You always have great ideas for men (and/or maybe we just have similar men in our lives). I am always looking out for pants that are not so skinny — it’s a perpetual struggle for my runner husband. Ack!

    P.S. hand grinding coffee beans!!! Insert wow emoji…!

    1. Yay! I think Todd Snyder might be the answer for him. It’s basically half of Landon’s wardrobe at this point. The styles walk the line between classic and modern, and I love the balance.


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