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The Magpie Report: Feb. 27, 2024.

By: Jen Shoop

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A little digest of discoveries and micro-trends on my mind at the moment.

01. Waistcoats as tops. Aligne sent me the gorgeous black one above (20% off with code JEN-20) and I wore it to dinner at Petite Cerise on Friday with some friends. I felt like a proper lady, especially because I paired it with my Dior slingbacks, out on their maiden voyage (10/10 would not recommend from a comfort standpoint, but damn are they chic! — you can usually find a good cache of them on TRR. Caveat emptor!). Similar waistcoat looks here, here, here, here. I prefer the ones with a bit more length versus the cropped styles, which feel a bit costumey to me?

Originally, I wore with these Spanx kick flares, but I swapped out for my denim Gap kick fits because I felt too all-business, and the frayed hem dressed everything down. The bag is FRP Collection, and I wrapped a vintage Pucci scarf (TRR is again a treasure trove for this kind of thing) around the handle; earrings are Brinker & Eliza, and under $100 — I get so much wear out of these, and reach for them when I want something that skews modern, as I tend towards classics/feminine.

02. Perfumes! Magpies have created a vibrant little “scent enclave” in the comments section here, sharing their favorite seasonal perfumes and layering techniques. One of the brands that came up a lot in the still-unfolding exchange: Le Labo, and specifically its The Noir 29 (shorthanded as TN29). Color me intrigued! My first interaction with Le Labo was in San Francisco, when I stayed at the Mark and discovered toiletries from the brand in the bathroom. I immediately ordered a set for myself, and don’t know why it hasn’t crossed my mind to revisit the brand since. I’m contemplating ordering to test myself; my go-tos for the past two years have been Byredo’s Blanche (a fabulous clean scent that is easy to layer with other scents) and Mojave Ghost (my tippy top favorite — immediately makes me feel more elegant, pulled-together, and interesting), and Jo Malone’s English Pear and Freesia (which my girlfriend and I call “The Midge Perfume” — it smells like something a fancy woman who wears silk scarves and leather gloves would wear, in the best way). The perfume brand Who Is Elijah just coincidentally reached out to me this week, too, and is sending me some samples to try (I requested their woody-floral Nomad based on description, and also this sampler set). A Magpie commented: “I’ve used Who Is Elijah in the last 12 months. They’re an Australian niche fragrance start-up whose goal is to make luxury, niche-quality fragrances at an accessible price point without compromising on the perfumes. I’ve worn Eau and it’s sexy and summery while also being intriguing for the cold months. I’ve read great things about Nomad and His/Her from the range.” Please join the conversation with your favorite scents!

03. Chartreuse! I think I started loving this color because of Julia Berolzheimer, who often wears it paired with other rich and vibrant gem tones. A few items in this colorway that I adore: this silky suit, this short-sleeved cardigan from Zara, this top from Sandro, and this clutch from Cult Gaia.

04. I’ve been seeing variations on this Khaite hoop bag all over the place, including here and here for less.

05. I haven’t worn a slip dresses in a hot minute, but I had to order this Cami NYC. It leapt off the page! I immediately imagined styling it with a jean jacket? (Who am I?) I ordered it for a little romantic overnight getaway with Mr. Magpie coming up soon, along with this red dress as back-up option.

06. SoldOut just launched an “everything shirt.” This brand is very serious about nailing the basics, and a great starting point if you’re looking to source the ingredients of a well-made capsule wardrobe.

07. Mentioned this yesterday, but Sezane really killed their latest Rome-inspired collection, which launched on Sunday and promptly sold out in many styles. I can’t believe their Domitille dress is still fully stocked — I ran for this one because I wore a long-sleeved rib knit dress of theirs with a similar, non-itchy material composition all winter long. The colors are very Missoni. Loveee and cannot wait to style with a straw/woven bag and leather sandals. Also wanted to mention that if you liked the little roundup of lace/macrame jackets I shared on Saturday, you may love this sweater from Sezane.

P.S. Beauty favorites I can’t live without.

P.P.S. The friendships of my girlhood.

P.P.P.S. I worry (too much).

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2 thoughts on “The Magpie Report: Feb. 27, 2024.

  1. Amazed to realize Sezane has city guides!! The Milan one was excellent. It’s a 3.5 hour drive from us in Monaco, and it was the last place I visited pre-pandemic. I’ve been itching to return.

    Have you tried the Posse vest, or Favorite Daughter? They’ve been catching my eye and I’m planning to treat myself for my birthday.

    I have a lime green/yellow scarf print pair of shorts from Sandro, nylon, drawstring waist, high rise. I’ve worn them constantly the last few summers! They have the best pockets, don’t wrinkle, and are cool even in the Riviera sun.

    1. Hi Kelly! I didn’t know that about Sezane either! Thanks for the mention. I have not tried those pieces from Posse or FD but have heard especially good things about FD and their tailoring. Love!

      The shorts sound SO chic!


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