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The Magpie Edit: Edition 33.

By: Jen Shoop
zimmerman cira dress

01. I’ve been shopping for a couple of spring/summer events I have and this Zimmermann, while expensive, is a great investment. You can dress it up with heels or dress it down with sandals/flats (I was trying on with my Leonie raffia flats as a possible Easter Sunday contender), it has sleeves so can be worn in chillier months, and yet it doesn’t feel too buttoned-up thanks to the boho/patchwork fabric. This is, in my opinion, an ideal family portrait photo. So many colors to pair with, a small-scale pattern (so could be pattern-mixed with kids in bigger florals/ginghams), and I personally think more full-coverage styles tend to yield the happiest results for me. Then I’m not, like, “Oh, my arm looks weird in that photo…” when everyone else is smiling. You know? I feel I move much more naturally in front of a camera when I’m not self aware about the angle of my body. A couple of other really pretty dresses at the top of my radar…







02. This facial oil has been a go-to in my skincare routine for two or maybe three years now, and I know many of you have become converts, too. I use it in the mornings — I wet one of these squares of facial cotton (IYKY — and if you don’t…trust me, you need this tiny upgrade in your life! THE softest, thickest, most cloud-like cotton), spray one or two pumps on one side and wipe all over my face, then wet again, squeeze the cotton, and use the inverse side to wipe all over my face. You have the glowiest, happiest morning skin, and I love that it adds moisture, especially since I’ve had such strangely dry skin the last few weeks. A small organizational joy: I keep my facial cotton in one of these lidded bins in my vanity drawer. Keeps it all spiffy clean and separate from everything else.

03. You can see me wearing an older style of Pam Munson’s gorgeous straw clutch in the top right photo with my Zimmermann dress. This one with the pearl clasp goes with everything and will be a happy exclamation in your warmer weather wardrobe forever.

04. These raffia ballet flats are definitely a top three spring purchase for me. They are the most comfortable flat I’ve ever worn right out of the box. They are super soft and forgiving, and there is no part of the shoe that cuts/chafes/rubs the wrong way. A friend of mine who ordered the same pair reported the same thing, so it’s not just idiosyncratic to my foot! They also go with everything and add a little oomph to any old outfit: a simple white dress, jeans and a tee, what have you!

05. Sadly, my Lee Mathews top is sold out, but I am super into this brand. I just ordered this midi skirt of theirs to try — it feels like it could be a wardrobe workhorse, paired with flats or heels, button-downs or tanks. This colorblocked dress and this maxi dress also turned my head. If you love the look of my top, though, I did a triple take at this Talbots stop which has a super similar vibe. The scalloped detailing is adorable! Also love this bold striped top from Banana (under $100). Pair either with my exact white jeans, which I’ve been wearing a LOT already.

06. Barbour field jackets have made an interesting high-fashion/street style comeback. They’ve never been out, per se — they are timeless! Classic! — but I’ve been seeing them worn in more exaggerated/less fitted shapes, reimagined by high-fashion houses Loewe (which Nellie Diamond wore here) and Chloe. Tuckernuck has a great collection of Barbours and I’m going to be wearing their classic, boxy men’s style — the Bedale. This runs big. The Beadnell is a tad less boxy but very chic. Those are my top two recs for the current trend. I would pair with ecru wide leg jeans, white tee, and ballet flats with hair in a low bun. Two other field jackets not by Barbour that turned my head recently: this embellished J. Crew (again, love the boxy/long shape) and this Nili Lotan. Inspo below:

barbour street style

07. Currently listening to this audiobook and it is always deeply interesting to me when the author is reading in her own voice — the self-narration adds dimension to the text for me. I sense different striations, interpret sections differently. In this case, Lamott has a very dry sense of humor, so when she speaks passionately, with poetic cadence, about things, I find myself leaning forward. The book is ostensibly offering writing advice, but she offers so many humble, earnest learnings about life. The title itself hails from the following moving passage:

“Thirty years ago my older brother, who was ten years old at the time, was trying to get a report on birds written that he’d had three months to write. It was due the next day. We were out at our family cabin in Bolinas, and he was at the kitchen table close to tears, surrounded by binder paper and pencils and unopened books on birds, immobilized by the hugeness of the task ahead. Then my father sat down beside him, put his arm around my brother’s shoulder, and said, ‘Bird by bird, buddy. Just take it bird by bird.’”

That’s how to live, right? Focus on the mile you’re running right now.

08. I took this little photo of our quiet top floor play room earlier this week. My children almost never play up there, which is such a tragedy, as we have so many beautiful toys and activities stowed there. My children always prefer to be on the main level or in their bedrooms — they just want to be close to us. I used to think this was an outgrowth of their early years in Manhattan, but perhaps it’s just a condition of young childhood. Anyhow, I love the blue bunk bed. We bought it in a panic from Target last summer because we had thought we were inheriting a set of bunk beds (long story) but that fell through at the last minute and my niece and nephew were due to arrive in two days. Target was one of the only furniture retailers that could deliver a semi-attractive bunk bed in two days! I actually love it. The color is fun and the design chic. They have a super similar one here this season. I outfitted with star bedding from Company Store, which is a really great brand for high-quality sheets at reasonable prices in fun prints. I love their kids options in particular — I also have their star print bedding in the pink/gray for my daughter’s bedroom! I paired with this simple striped sheeting for a pattern mix. I love the look against the blue bunk bed. I’d not laid eyes on the ensemble in a week or two and when I popped up there to get something, I paused and took it in. You can see my son’s ride-on Baghera in front. One of my favorite toys we ever bought him — he loved it when he was a little younger (I can remember him driving it around our cul de sac after we first moved in) and it doubles as great decor. More styles/colors here. A great dramatic gift for a grandson, or a lovely “decor” investment if you’re waiting for a new baby boy.

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4 thoughts on “The Magpie Edit: Edition 33.

  1. Those bunk beds are beautiful! I have such fond memories of staying in bunk beds on various vacations and trips to visit family. We never had them in our house growing up and they were such a special treat!
    As for what’s on my mind, I have to ask — please send a good vibe that everything falls into place with my apartment search today and tomorrow! I’m this close to signing a lease and praying it all comes through. Just waiting on a few things to fall into place, and then I’ll be able to try all of your wonderful NYC recommendations!

    1. Sending you THE BEST vibes. I know how stressful that process is. I know you will make it to the other side!


  2. I think of that passage from Bird by Bird all the time. Had it on the wall of our office during a busy time. Amen. Also I kinda feel authors should read their own books!! Totally agree. At least memoirs.

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