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The Magpie Edit: Edition 27.

By: Jen Shoop
Everything I'm buying, wearing, and obsessing over.

This week was pretty uninspired thanks to the stomach bug that tore through our home, but there were some silver linings, including the gorgeous floral arrangement my husband had delivered to me, seen above. It was such an unexpected surprise. I had him move it from the kitchen to the bedroom when I got really sick — at least I could see it from my bed! While immobile, I got lost on TikTok. I don’t post anything there (video is not my medium), but I love to snoop now and then. If you ever doubt the creative impulse of the human spirit, look at TikTok. Unbelievable how funny, beautiful, creative people are! It made me laugh between vomit sessions (especially this “reenactment” of John Hancock signing his name in large letters, to the dismay of fellow signers of the Declaration of Independence) and distracted me from my misery. I also watched half a season of Mindy Kaling’s “Sex Lives of College Girls” show on HBO, which is not quite as bawdy as the title sounds. As with much of Kaling’s work, the show tackles issues of race, gender, sexuality, and class through the light-hearted, though full-hearted, prism of teenage friendships. It’s not my favorite Kaling work, but it was a welcome distraction, too, and I still worship Mindy Kaling. This week, I lived in my Weezie robe and Lake Pajamas sets (toggling between their long/short sets and Relax set). I know I write a lot about that brand but fresh, cheerful, soft pajamas are such a fantastic little upgrade to your nightly routine. Like, you spend half your life in pajamas — why shouldn’t they spark joy, and be comfortable and cute? They were a happy sight this week. For some reason, whenever I put a fresh pair on, I think about that quote — “If we’re not supposed to dance / why all this music?” Just a small way to give into happiness, for me.

lake pajamas

SERENA AND LILY RUG. This rug arrived and is the perfect neutral base for my office. It has a soft feel (not scratchy) but it is indoor/outdoor so would be chic on a back patio, too, or in any high-traffic area. Comes in a few colors and is 20% off! Also wanted to mention that their Tucker chairs and stools are also currently 20% off and I know many of you loved these the last time I mentioned. They are truly such a practical choice for a young family — wipe-down! no fabric! — and I love the farmhouse vibe. Plus, they have some new colors. How fun are the green or blue around a white pedestal table in a kitchen nook?

MAYLIS MULES. On my rug, you can see my gorgeous new Maylis mules, generously gifted by the founder of the brand, Lisa Kirk. Sometimes the Internet is such a magical place — she reached out to me on her personal account to respond to something I’d written on motherhood, and we had a little back and forth. I had no idea she was the founder of this gorgeous Carolina-based shoe label! She offered to send me a pair of her shoes and of course I cannot wait to wear these all spring long. Just beautiful!

SPRING FASHION. Oooh I am just unable to stop shopping for warmer weather, even though it’s still chilly here. I thought this sky blue Marni bag was fun, and this patterned SZ Blockprints dress looks like a breezy dream. Longtime readers will know I’m a huge fan of SZ Blockprints and own multiple of their other dress styles, including the Kitty and the Jaipur. I want to advocate for the Jaipur because I find the Kitty difficult to launder. The tassels always end up tangled/janky after a few washes. I’ve tried washing in a lingerie bag, washing on delicate and line drying, etc, but the tassels just don’t launder well and I don’t want to take it to the dry cleaner? Anyway, I still wear them, janky tassels and all, around the house/in the evenings/as a pool cover up, but just a word of caution. Finally, so many great woven sandals out this season — this pair from Sam Edelman boasts a great price point and I love the buckle detail. (More woven shoes here.)

PARKER HOME DESIGNS PILLOW. Still in the midst of giving my writing studio a facelift, the lovely owner of Parker Home Designs is sending me this gorgeous pillow in the Danika Herrick Floral Vines pattern for my slipper chair. I’ve had the chair for ages and ages — initially bought when I was in graduate school! — and it is a mess but I just realized you can order replacement slipcovers, so will be doing that STAT. I’m thinking of doing the ticking stripe.

WEEZIE ROBE AND LAKE PAJAMAS SET. My unfortunate but comfortable uniform this week. I also lived in these Slip hair ties (30% off!) — my favorite — this week as they kept my hair out of my face/off my neck while I was sick but were comfortable enough to fall asleep in. You know how some elastics just hit you weird at the back of your head / make it uncomfortable to recline? These are not that way.

FOLLAIN ULTRA HYDRATING MASK. Any time I am feeling unwell or just need to take a moment for self-care, I like to remove all of my makeup using Elemis’ rose balm (apply directly to face and it sort of melts into your skin — then towel it off with warm water) and then apply a thick layer of this inexpensive but deeply hydrating mask. It just feels like heaven — I wrote earlier this week that the experience is like slipping into your favorite socks or robe. It’s soft and light and fluffy and I feel embraced? It’s hydrating but not thick/greasy, so I just sleep in it. I’ll also apply EvanHealy’s wild carrot moisturizing eye stick around my eyes and Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream on my lips and I just feel so deeply cared for. I applied a lot of those things this week — it feels good when you’re dehydrated and haggard.

NEW BEAUTY FINDS. I have been going crazy with new beauty finds. I am trying to pump the brakes because I have a great routine I love right now, but these TikTok beauty bloggers have left me so excited about playing around with makeup! Currently in my cart: this foundation blending brush by Tarte that people are raving about; this Natural Glow Enhancer from L’Oreal (under $10) to use as a hydrating primer; this Rare Beauty blush that I’ve already talked a lot about and that I know many of you love; this white eye pencil (to use in inner corners of eyes for a brightening effect); and more beauty blenders.

Not seen above but on my mind: today is my daughter’s sixth (!) birthday, ohmyGod. I wrote about this milestone (and wept a little, too) here, and shared all of the gifts we selected for her here. I feel like six is a “proper child age.” Definitely out of the early years. It’s staggering to me! We celebrated yesterday by throwing a cookie decorating party for her and her little girlfriends at Henry’s Sweet Retreat in Bethesda, and today we’ll be doing whatever she wants to do — probably Wii Sports with her Dad, Lego play, and pizza (her dinner request) followed by ice cream cake (from Sarah’s Homemade Ice Cream shop, also local to Bethesda) and wondering how we’ve gotten here. I am so immensely proud of her. Lucky she’s mine.

P.S. A peaceful message if you need one.

P.P.S. Troubled thoughts on the movie “Banshees of Inisherin.” (Did you see it? Oscars are next week!)

P.P.P.S. Bed and bedding favorites.

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8 thoughts on “The Magpie Edit: Edition 27.

  1. Lisa is one of my best friends – what a treat to see her here! One of the many things that unites us is our love for Magpie, and we can often be found swapping links (“did you read this yet?!”) or bringing up a topic you’ve written on when we’re together 🙂 So proud of her and her beautiful shoes!! (P.S. I do not own a pair of her mules yet, but might I recommend the loafers or heels for your next pair? I never wore heels previously but now pull my Ella heels out for every date night because they’re SO comfortable and gorgeous and I get compliments every time 🙂 And the Catherine loafers are also so comfortable and perfection with their scalloped detail!)

    1. Oh my gosh! I love this connection. She is just lovely — a sturdy kind of friend, it seems :). I love that you’re her hype girl here. So sweet!!

      Thank you for letting me know you talk about/share my writings with her. That makes me feel so deeply fulfilled — I can’t even tell you. Thank you.


  2. Happiest (belated) birthday to your sweet girl! My son turned six in September and I couldn’t agree more—this age feels like such a shift. Your post about her birthday inspired me to jot down some snapshot memories of the earliest days with my two “big” kids. It was fascinating to see what came to mind first!

    I could not be more thrilled that you’re happy with your Maylis mules!! Thank you so much for sharing them. I hope they bring a smile to your face with every wear! xo

    1. Lisa! You get it! Six feels like a REAL child. I’m so glad that post on my daughter encouraged you to capture memories of your own. You will look back on that essay/set of memories and treasure it. I already revisit some of my earlier posts on my children when they were younger and just weep over the details. They just pierce me.

      Thank you again for the GORGEOUS mules. J’adore, j’adore! You are a doll!


  3. I just ordered the same slipcover for my parsons chair. The one recommendation I’d make is requesting swatches beforehand, which you may already be doing. Thought for sure I wanted the ticking stripe until the swatch arrived, which was quite different than what was featured online. I ended up ordering the French Blue linen and added a monogram. It is even more lovely in person.

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