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The Magpie Edit: Edition 26.

By: Jen Shoop
Everything I'm buying, wearing, and obsessing over.

*Image above featuring my gorgeous new tray and mini ginger jar from Half Past Seven, Proper Table coasters, brass urchin object, Lee Radziwill coffee table book.


01. SERENA & LILY TOWELS. I have my eye on these pretty scalloped towels — currently 20% off! I feel like our primary bathroom could use a refresh on the linen front.

02. HAMMETT BOROUGH MARTINI GLASSES. I’ve mentioned these several times on Magpie, but these are such sophisticated stems for cocktails. I love the midcentury vibe. The glasses have an ultra-thin lip and stem — I just adore the silhouette and they are heaven to drink from. We chill ours in the freezer so that drinks stay icy cold. Lately, we’ve been into using them for Jovencourt Daiquiris (seen above), which I’ve elsewhere referred to as “a cocktail for mezcal skeptics.” (<<Recipe is in that post.)

03. PROPER TABLE COASTERS. I’m a broken record, I know! But I love these cheerful, wipeable coasters. They add a welcome punch of pattern/color and catch all the drips and condensation from your favorite beverage. Bonus: they’re virtually unbreakable, so not a problem when they live somewhere little hands can reach.

04. HALF PAST SEVEN HOME TRAY. Oh my goodness, I am in love with my new scalloped tray from Half Past Seven. The gals there generously sent me this tray and I immediately realized I’d previously been using a tray way too small for our coffee table. It has a nice, oversized shape and a fun scalloped design that attracts the eye. This would be so pretty on a bar or console.

05. MILLE SAFFRON DRESS. The kind of thing I live in during the week / on casual days at home. Throw on and go, but feel a bit more polished thanks to the shirting stripe. I paired mine with my Inslee x Pamela Munson bag. I swear it goes with everything!

06. WOVEN SIDE TABLE. I mentioned last week that I’ve been dutifully focused on outfitting my writing studio. I had Mr. Magpie hang a ton of art that had just been collecting dust in our basement (shame on me!), ordered a rug, hanging rack, and enormous basket for packages, and now am eyeing some finishing touches. I think I’d like a woven side table next to the occasional chair in the corner, and am eyeing this, this or this.

07. WESTMAN ATELIER VITAL SKINCARE COMPLEXION DROPS. OK, I really disliked this product when I was first testing it. It sat in my drawer unused for weeks. I currently prefer Saie Slip Tint followed by the Merit Complexion Stick, which I use almost like a concealer/brightener wherever I need it (under eyes, under nose, blemishes, etc.). I was honestly shocked because I am a huge Westman fangirl and have loved (!) and obsessed over (!!) almost everything else they’ve ever made. But I found this difficult to apply, difficult to blend, strangely scented (sort of wet concrete-like scent?), and expensive for the amount you receive. While I was sick the other day, I went down a TikTok Beauty hole and noticed a lot of the girls were applying product using beauty blenders. It’s been awhile since I used a beauty blender — I used to love mine, but I replaced it with the Artis a few years ago and haven’t looked back — so I ordered an inexpensive (generic-brand) set and played around with Westman’s complexion drops this week and I’ll be damned if I’m not now converted? I just didn’t have the right tool to apply! This week, I’ve been applying the slip tint and then placing a little spray of dots/dabs of the Westman product directly onto my forehead and cheeks. Then I wet the beauty blender and dab away. Wow! It is amazing! Brightening, evening, with a bit more coverage than the Merit stick. Good for days when you feel you need a little extra help/coverage. Glad I revisited because it was killing me that I had a $68 foundation product just wasting away in my drawer. Will use!

08. TARGET PINK FLORAL MAXI. This dress is so good for the price — $35! I love the pattern, length, and design (tiered / slightly flared at bottom). The straps are adjustable, too (!), which surprised me. It does run big. Sadly, I am probably going to return mine because I don’t think it’s worth taking to the tailor to pay $50 to have it taken in at the bust (since it was a $35 dress), and there’s no smaller size. You can see me trying mine on above. I really love it and recommend — I think if you’re between sizes, you can size down.

09. WOOL DRYER BALLS. It’s been a minute since I raved about these little guys. They obviate the need for dryer sheets, which I love (less waste, less smell, and cheaper in the long run) and they actually work to separate sheets/towels so that they don’t end up in a twisted, damp mass. I wanted to mention two things: 1) A Magpie wrote to that she bought these and hers smelled awful, like wet dogs? Ah! The note has haunted me since I received it maybe two years ago. This has never been my case, and I’ve now purchased three sets of them. They smell like nothing right out of the package. Totally scentless. And they’ve stayed that way. I’m not sure if she bought a different brand or what happened?! But I wanted to flag. Has anyone else received stinky wool balls? You can buy essential oils to scent them if you prefer a scent, but I don’t use anything on them. 2). A Magpie also asked whether these are noisy. I do not find them noisy at all. Maybe a very soft thud now and then? But definitely not like a you have tennis balls pinging around in there!

10. LOEFFLER RANDALL LEONIE BALLET FLATS. You’re going to be seeing me in these a lot this season. They are so comfortable, easy to wear, on-trend, and they feel right with everything — jeans and dresses, dressed up or down. Love love love. This brand generally runs narrow but TTS otherwise. The strap is nice and stretchy — it doesn’t dig in at all.

11. SET OF WOVEN HEADBANDS. For $10, you get two in slightly different colors. Such an easy way to welcome spring into your wardrobe! I love to pair with my new raffia flats for a matchy moment.

12. MEG CARTER EARRINGS. Pinch me — I received the most beautiful package of spring earrings from Meg Carter the other day and I cannot wait to use them all season long! These big bloom studs are especially my style. I had a similar pair I bought from Nicola Bathie awhile ago but the front came off the stud and I glued it back together, unthinkingly forgetting to remove the earring back before hand, and therefore unwittingly gluing the earring and back together permanently. Yikes. Very excited to receive this pair to fill the void!

13. MAREA MIDI SHIRTDRESS. I can’t rave enough about this new-to-me brand. I plan on living in these dresses all season! They are exactly what I want to wear. Lightweight, coastal/beachy, feminine, easy enough to wear on a daily basis but interesting enough to put on for dinner or to entertain friends. I would say the brand runs TTS. I took an XS in both pieces and they fit great. Not as roomy as the Mille pieces, which run enormous, and maybe a tiny bit more tailored than SZ Blockprints, if you know either of those brands.

P.S. More recent home finds.

P.P.S. When was the last time you felt really happy?

P.P.P.S. Inspired by French kitchens.

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  1. Love those martini glasses! I am also a devotee of wool dryer balls — they’re amazing. I got a backup set a couple years ago at Trader Joe’s, so that might be worth checking if you’d like to check (smell?) them IRL before buying. And love the block print dresses!! My total weakness for spring.


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