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The Magpie Edit: Edition 17.

By: Jen Shoop
Everything I'm wearing, buying, and obsessing over at the moment.
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01. LAKE PAJAMAS LOUNGE SET. Guys, this lounge set arrived and it is absolute heaven. It has a really soft, stretchy, drapey material. Sleeping in it was like sleeping in a cloud — I’ve never felt more comfortable. The most similar thing I’ve come across in the past is the pajama set from Recliner, which I bought while feverish with COVID two years ago, but I have to say that while they were dreamy-comfortable, the Recliner fit was not very flattering for me, and they did not hold up well in the wash — I ended up tossing them earlier this year. I don’t normally wear a lot of loungewear but this Lake set might be a gamechanger. I actually contemplated wearing the above outfit out the door…and FYI Lake is still offering free shipping in time for Christmas with code GiftLAKE if you order by midnight tonight.

02. FAUX FUR VEST. You can see me wearing a vest from Adam Lippes I bought probably a decade ago over the lounge set above. I absolutely adore the vest — the colors are fantastic, and it has a contrasting ribbed knit material at the collar and waist. This current-season Adrienne Landau is super similar (and reversible!). Easy way to make leggings and a tee / a lounge set feel more presentable/polished.

03. MINNIE AND EMMA PHONE CASE. I always get questions about my pink phone case. It’s a faux Goyard I found on Etsy awhile ago but the boutique is no longer around and I can’t find anything super-similar. I’m about to switch up my phone game anyway, I think. I love these initial ones from Minnie and Emma!

04. VISKI LEWIS CRUSHED ICE BAG. This may be the most random item I’ve ever featured on my blog, but I gave this to Mr. Magpie a few weeks ago after reading about it in “Garden & Gun,” I believe. It is a professional-grade crushed ice bag for bartenders! The bag is insulated and you use the mallet to produce the perfect batch of crushed ice. This has been such a joy for Mr. Magpie, who is quite the cocktail making fiend, and it has been a PAIN for him to crush ice when called for. (We don’t have that function on our freezer.) He recently used it to whip up a batch of these.

05. NOEL GARLAND. I have been adding new holiday items to my collection each year and I currently have my eye on this velvet letter garland. I love the vintage flair. It would be sweet strung from our dining room mantle.

06. SLEEPER PAJAMA SET. I’ve mentioned this a lot this week (apologies) but am SO excited to have gotten my hands on a set of these feather-trim jammies, which I plan to wear on several occasions over the next two weeks.

07. APPOINTED CO NOTEBOOK. Unsurprisingly, I’m obsessed with all things paper/desktop, and Appointed sent me this gorgeous notebook, which I’m preserving for the start of 2023. I always have a notebook on hand for notes, lists, ideas, quotes, etc, and this is going to be at my side as we head into January. I’m oddly excited?! You can get an extra 15% off this item with code MAGPIEBYJENSHOOP.

08. CARAN D’ACHE BALLPOINT PEN. A few years ago, Mr. Magpie gave me one of these gorgeous writing implements, and it is such a treasure. A great gift for any list-oriented person, or journaler, or what have you. I gave one to my sister-in-law last year!

09. ASHA HEART BRACELET. Oh my gosh – I was floored when Asha offered to send me this beautiful heart necklace, which I’d been ogling heavily (it made my ultimate wishlist!). I am in love with it! I am pleasantly surprised by how lightweight it is — I barely notice it on my wrist, whereas I am constantly taking off my leather watch because it bothers me while typing. I can keep the heart charm bracelet on all the time with my love bangle. Obsessed! A fantastic gift — or treasure for yourself.

10. LA LIGNE CASHMERE STRIPED SWEATER. This is my most-worn knit this year. (Mine is actually last season and slightly different — it has a cableknit texture to it — but you can get something very similar from them this year here.) Whenever I’m feeling uninspired by my closet, I slip into this with my favorite jeans and some statement shoes and I feel like a million bucks. It’s comfortable, ultra-warm, and La Ligne is, simply, magic with its silhouettes/fits/cuts. They just know how to make a sweater look cool vs. stodgy/old-fashioned. Even my cableknit looks intentional, fresh, new — I think it has to do with the width of the cuffs/collar, the length of the hem, etc. Chic chic! To be honest, until this year, I hadn’t really invested in knitwear. I usually picked up a few pieces from Zara/J. Crew/Mango over the course of each season. I am now realizing the wisdom of making, say, one strategic investment in a knit each year. You will bring them out again and again and treasure them forever.

11. APPOINTED CO CARD KEEPER. I love this beautiful box for stowing loose cards to send out over the course of the year. The box comes with six of their miscellaneous cards, including a lovely one that reads: “You’ve got this.” I already have two friends in mind to send these to.

12. ONEPASSWORD. Does everyone use 1Pass? If not, sign up ASAP! This is a password manager that generates and stows all log-ins in one secure place. It has greatly simplified and de-stressed my life. It syncs across devices, so you can use on phone, iPad, computer, and you can share passwords (securely) with other household members connected to your account, which is BRILLIANT for Mr. Magpie and I. We no longer need to communicate about how to log into, say, Hulu, or UberEats. Once you get over the anxiety of forgetting the master password, you will be golden. You’ll never have to remember anything else. Plus, 1Pass generates passwords for you that are ultra-random and ultra-secure. We also use it to stow important numbers/information, like memberships/account numbers/photos of our vaccine cards/etc.

13. AJE PATINA LACE DRESS. This dress is absolutely spectacular. Wow, wow, wow. I had it open in a browser tab all afternoon. I can’t stop thinking about it or these mildly absurd Barbie-con Prada platforms. Seriously sparking joy…

14. ST. FRANK KUBA CLOTH GIFT WRAP. I inadvertently set up the loveliest vignette while wrapping a set of these Rebecca Gardner crackers I bought as a gift for a loved one in the most gorgeous kuba cloth wrapping paper from my friend Christina’s business, St. Frank. This wrap would be beautiful any time of year. I paired with a pretty marigold yellow ribbon for an unexpected holiday look!

P.S. More gift wrap ideas, in case you are scrambling!

P.P.S. “All the wonders you have seen you will see a second time.”

P.P.P.S. The sandpiper.

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6 thoughts on “The Magpie Edit: Edition 17.

  1. Oh my, that AJE PATINA LACE DRESS is just spectacular! Wish I had somewhere to go with that gorgeous dress.
    Thinking seriously of joining 1Password. Thank you for steering me that way. What an EXCELLENT gift for your older in-laws or other relatives.
    My birthday is tomorrow (hate December birthdays because I’m always so busy with Christmas) and I may get that gorgeous heart bracelet for myself. However I could not figure out what the back side of the heart looks like. Is it just like the front side? Or filled in with gold? Since you have it maybe you can let me know.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family.
    Love, love, love your blog, writing, picks, Instagram and everything you do!
    PS- My theme for 2023 is going to be Peace and Joy! Never picked an annual theme for a year, but this upcoming year I need it!
    PPS- Watched Pinnochio on Netflix and it was so good. NOT a children’s show but oh so good.

    1. Gosh, thank you so much! happy holidays to you, too! I’m so glad you’re here. Thank you for the conversation, encouragement, advice!

      1Password is EXCELLENT. My parents use it too, now! Re: the bracelet. The back of the heart is also mother of pearl! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


  2. How is the sizing on the Marin sweater? I’ve been thinking of ordering one but live overseas so I really want to get the sizing right. Shipping things back to the US is a huge pain. Would you get your regular size or go down one?

        1. Ugh – I know. I really want one of the more frivolous colors, like pink or rainbow stripe, but I do have to say the camel/white gets a lot of wear and feels maybe more versatile / easier to match? I think navy/white would be the same way.


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