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The Magpie Edit: Edition 03.

By: Jen Shoop

Everything I’m buying, thinking about, obsessing over…

+TRACKSMITH RUNNING GEAR. Tracksmith makes the absolute best, highest quality running gear, and I love the styling and details, including the little embroidered bunny. You can see my Van Cortlandt Grand running shorts above. These are a bit long on me (I’m 5’0), so I usually roll the waistband once, but they are so comfortable to run in. To celebrate my return to running regularly with the dawn of school year, I think I am going to treat myself to a pair of their shorter session shorts (I know a lot of you Magpies swear by these) and one of their long-sleeve running tops. Perfect as we head towards slightly chillier temps. Their cold-weather running gear is unparalleled — I only run in their turnover tights in the winter. I find this brand runs small in the bottoms especially — I am a true XS but I take an S in their tights because the waistband runs really snug. The clothes are cut for, like, true marathoners — wiry, muscular, narrow. Just a heads up. They do make returns and exchanges easy, though, in case you want to order two sizes and return the one that doesn’t fit.

+PLANTRONICS EARPHONES. Speaking of running, I still swear by these virtually indestructible, waterproof earphones. It made me too nervous to run with my AirPods, and I’ve had these earphones for probably close to six or seven years? The first song on my running playlist at the moment is Doja Cat’s “Vegas,” which hypes and has a great rhythm for the first quarter mile.

+GOOD COTTAGE CHEESE. I know cottage cheese is polarizing but if you are a fan, you must try this brand. It is elite. Go full fat (“whole milk”) — trust me. You can tell this company does not mess around with the quality of its ingredients. I buy mine at Whole Foods.

+SEA PATCHWORK COAT. A handful of my coat left here, on sale! Size down. I took the XXS and it is still very oversized. I just love this happy, boho trend. Such an easy way to make a big statement while wearing your regular uniform of jeans and tee beneath. If the full-length is intimidating, they do make cropped variations like this or this. You can get a toned-down version of the trend with this $130 jacket.

+ERIN WALLACE LUNCH BOX LOVE NOTES. One of my favorite new traditions with my daughter. My mother used to tuck a note into my lunchbox every day, and it’s been a joy to pass this along to my girl. I usually write simple affirmations: “You are brave,” “You work hard!,” etc. These are the perfect shape for tucking into mini’s lunchbox (and I like these Ekobo bento boxes for tucking inside).

+GUCCI DAD SANDALS. I am regretting not jumping on this trend this summer…why are these Barbiecore pink Gucci sandals calling my name? What I’d really like are a pair of the Chanel ones, but I just can’t bring myself to spend so much on a short-lived trend…or can I? My favorite less expensive pair of “dad sandals” are these ones from Loeffler.

+J. CREW CROPPED CARDIGAN. Into pops of neon/hot pink ATM, and this has such a great silhouette for layering over either a button down (as J. Crew has it styled on their site — but I would aim for a button-down with a slightly longer hem, like this, to play with proportions) or a fall dress in a neutral hue like this. (Also a perfect length for layering over nap dresses — hits at the right spot!)

+MILLE TOP X WHITE LOAFERS. I wore this outfit twice this week — something about the ease and pop of color spoke to me. The top runs really big. Size down! My exact pattern is no longer available, but Mille releases this top in tons of fabulous prints each season. How gorgeous is this one as we head towards fall? Would look great with a mocha brown. I also found a few of these on sale in fantastic patterns — see here and here. The loafers are old J. Crew but I pulled them out this week, inspiring myself with this post. You can get a similar look (in white!) with these, these, or these. I must say that I am exercising maximum restraint in not springing for these Tory Burch lug sole loafers to participate in the chunkier footwear trend, but, like, how many white loafers is too many white loafers? (Their non-lug-sole variation is also fabulous and probably has longer legs — these are more likely to transcend trends.)

+MAGPIE X JEN SHOOP! I’ve been including a note at the top of all my recent posts — excuse the redundancy! — but I cannot wait to unveil “the new nest.” I worked with the incredible team at Arcal Studio, which is helmed by two sisters (!) to design the new look, feel, and logo of Magpie…can’t wait to show you more.

+TALBOTS LOAFERS. Speaking of loafers, and my aforementioned weakness for them, I wore my Talbots espadrille loafers this week (generously gifted). I like these paired with midi-length or maxi-length dresses. I wore mine with an army green shirtdress (old, but this Alex Mill is virtually identical) and a vintage Gucci bag that belonged to my grandmother.

+EVANHEALY WILD CARROT NOURISHING EYE BALM. I wrote about this $26 wonderproduct last weekend but it has been my best friend recently. Deeply hydrating. I love the feeling of going to bed after slicking this and an overnight cream on. Dreamy.

+GAP SHERPA COAT. Ahhh! I have been majorly debating which sherpa/shearling coat to go with this season. Toteme’s fab, high-end option has been all over Instagram, but I also love this Stand Studio and this ladylike Baum und Pferdgarten. Then this ~$100 steal from Gap entered the chat. It is SO good. I love the details – collarless, with army green trim, which is especially important at the cuff. I feel like these features prevent it from overpowering a small frame or seeming too teddy-bear like. Currently in my cart!

P.S. In case you’re setting out on a new adventure or chapter in life, and need some encouragement.

P.P.S. On the joy of having work friends.

P.P.P.S. My trick for handling prying questions or rude comments.

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12 thoughts on “The Magpie Edit: Edition 03.

  1. I’m laughing that this what spoke to me most, but we LOVE that cottage cheese brand! It’s just… SO MUCH better than any other cottage cheese.

  2. I love this round-up! I’m curious how you manage the length of many of the items you purchase. Do you have them tailored? I have gotten to the point where if the item isn’t offered in a petite version, I pass on by. But I am missing out on so many great pieces! I’d love to hear how you navigate that issue.

    1. Hi Martha! Yes, I do have a lot of pieces tailored! I spend a small fortune there. However, I don’t generally mind a slightly longer hem line than what was originally intended – I love a midi/almost maxi length, personally. I did not have the coat tailored, for example — it runs a bit long but kind of dramatic that way. xx

  3. I love the note on cottage cheese! Coming from the midwest and practically living on cottage cheese and blueberries, I’ll admit I gave it up while in Connecticut for three years. I tried every brand and combination without success. Just gross. I’d stop by the grocery on my way out of town to return to school in order to load up while I could. Glad to hear there’s a brand you like.

  4. It is so nice to see a photo of you! I have my morning coffee with you everyday. You are just beautiful!
    I would love to see a post on your salon highlights and how you manage to only visit a salon a few times a year.
    Also, my husband said to tell you that shoe organizer from Amazon was the best thing I ever purchased. LOL!

    1. YAY! That organizer is genius. I’m a very happy customer, too.

      Thank you so much for the sweet note, too – you made my day. Thank you for inviting me into your morning!

      Re: salon highlights. I will be honest that I push the limits and the last month I feel sort of “smeh” because I know I need the roots touched up and the ends trimmed. My stylist tells me I should come in more frequently! However! I have become fairly adept at beachy wave styling, which makes the roots and the longer length less noticeable — it’s sort of “imperfect by design” or looks “intentionally imperfect.” I use a 1.5″ Hot Tools curling iron (these are just the best and they last forever: ) on dry, clean hair and purposefully DO NOT curl all the way to the end — the ends should be loose and un-curled. I work in sections, changing the direction of the curling iron each time, i.e., one section I will curl towards my face, the other away from my face. I do this all the way around and then wait a minute or two until hair has cooled. Then I use Oribe Texturizing Spray ( all over and then run my fingers through my hair. This achieves the perfect “maybe she woke up like that?” level of imperfect wavy hair and I swear it hides a whole manner of hair sins, including bad roots. Ha!


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