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The Magpie Edit: Edition 02.

By: Jen Shoop

This week’s roundup of top-of-the-heap obsessions, purchases, and discoveries…

magpie favorite finds

BALLARD GRECIAN URNS. We just bought these to flank our front door and Mr. Magpie planted boxwoods in them. They are so dramatic and regal and they go perfectly with the dark hardware on our door and the columns of our portico. A great deal at the moment, too!

RETURN ADDRESS LABEL STICKERS. I wrote about this at some point last week, but as I was recently massaging my hand after scrawling our address in the upper left hand corner of a stack of envelopes the other day, I thought — what am I doing? And promptly ordered these attractive, affordable stickers, which came within a couple of days of ordering. Perfect for things like bills, subscriptions, packages, etc. (I try to have the return address printed on my good stationery.) This shop has tons of great designs if boxwoods aren’t your thing.

BYREDO BLANCHE BODY CREAM. I am just totally obsessed with Byredo! I can’t help it. This cream is my latest indulgence and makes me feel like I live in the lap of luxury. It smells like heavenly laundry and hydrates deeply.

BLACK PLATFORMS. These are the only shoes you need for cold weather affairs. I own a similar style from Miu Miu with a pearl accent (like these, but a few seasons old — you can see them in a snap above with Rhode’s Serena dress in a past-season print…love this current-season pattern!) that I just pulled out earlier this week when trying to decide what to wear to an upcoming dinner party. I decided it’s still just a tad early but am itching to slip into them at the first sign of fall. You can get the look for less with these. A few other options below.

URBAN REVIVO PEARL TRIM CARDIGAN. I have no experience with this website, so I cannot speak to the quality, but I am IN LOVE with this bejeweled cardigan situation. SO good! Like, how adorable layered over a nap dress or with black denim and Chanel flats?

IN A NEW YORK MINUTE BY KATE SPENCER. I have been having trouble sleeping lately and have been tearing through fluffy books in the wee small hours of the morning. This one is really scratching the itch for me — one of the opening scenes, in which the protagonist’s dress gets stuck in the NY subway’s door and tears in half — is absurd and strangely legible to me as a former New Yorker. I can almost feel the panic of that moment. And then a Prince Charming swoops in and proffers a Gucci blazer. I mean, as I said: fluffy books for the wee small hours of the morning that send me swiftly into la la land.

BIGSO DOCUMENT BOXES AND FILE FOLDERS. I recently went through a ton of family memorabilia and loads of my own paperwork, shredded a ton, and kept only what I needed in these tidy boxes in my closet. I feel like a weight has been lifted!

MADEWELL GRIFF PANTS. Currently 30% off! Madewell generously sent me a pair to try and they are fantastic. They have a nice, high-waist and a flattering tapered leg that leave no questions as to whether you’re just sort of wearing dated cargo pants — nope. These have a perspective and agenda. Go a full size down from your true size — these run large. I might even have been able to get away with two sizes down! I like the vibe of pairing these with a white tee and a cardigan (as seen in the snap above). Which brings me to…

VITA GRACE PEARL TRIM CARDIGAN. This has been a sleeper hit of a purchase for me. I bought this sweater maybe two or three seasons ago (in the depths of COVID) and I’ve worn it heavily since. It is OSFA and so rather oversized/boxy on me, especially in the armhole/upper arm area, but I just push the cuffs up to my elbows and make sure the rest of my outfit is slim-fit. I love this sweater. It is, in my opinion, a perfect “desk sweater,” a term coined by Nellie Diamond. I often keep it draped over the back of my desk chair as I am nearly always cold at my desk, even in the sweltering summer heat. Anyhow, it was restocked recently and I had to mention. Great over tees but also cute paired with nap dresses!

TODDLER CROCS. I never thought I’d be a crocs mom, but toddler crocs hit different. We have to send “indoor shoes” to my children’s Montessori and these are just the easiest, most comfortable, sturdiest shoes for them to get into and out of independently. I was surprised at how much my daughter wanted to wear her pair this summer, too. I initially resisted (“don’t you want to wear your Footmates sandals?”, she asked optimistically, slight panic registering) but they’ve kind of grown on me? Bonus: very easy to keep clean. Just rinse down.

TODDLER MINNOW PANTS. Minnow just nails it for me, time and time again. I’ve purchased my son a few pairs of pants from Gap and then these as we head towards fall. I like that both of these brands have a good slim but not skinny fit — more classic/traditional.

SEA ALESSIA DRESS. I ordered this for myself recently. This is the kind of dress I LOVE to wear on weekdays when I want to look a bit more put together. I’ve been receiving a lot of cute messages from Magpies asking for “carpool outfits,” and I know what these moms want — the kinds of outfits that are easy to throw on but are chic enough to make an impression if you end up staying after at the playground or overseeing an impromptu play date. These are the kinds of dresses I reach for in the fall months. Just pair with flats or suede boots! I love when I can score these higher-end designers at end-of-season prices like this, too — basically J. Crew price for a much higher quality / more fashion forward find. Also love this dark gingham style in a similar dress shape.

JUJYFRUITS. I’m inexplicably obsessed with these. They are a terrible candy — get stuck in your teeth, always kind of stale — but the heart wants what it wants. I realized that I was old when I started liking the licorice flavor, which I used to toss in the garbage.

toddler boy clothes

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P.S. I need some new book recs — anything you’ve been loving? Some books recently on my radar here.

P.P.S. The comments on this post about “noticing” as a gender-encoded practice were interesting.

P.P.P.S. I am slowly working on organizing my closet

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11 thoughts on “The Magpie Edit: Edition 02.

  1. A bit late here, but book recs: I recently read & enjoyed Brown Girls by Daphne Palasi Andreades, which is a meditation on first-generation girls growing up in “the dregs of Queens” and having ambition to get out, while still honoring their homeland(s). It’s a quick read and I really enjoyed it! I also finished Jessi Klein’s I’ll Show Myself Out (did we already discuss this??) and found it heartrending and funny … not quite as hilarious as her first essay collection (You’ll Grow Out of It) but it’s a worthy read!

    I’ve recently begun Mother in the Dark by Kayla Maiuri, which is wonderful so far — a story of mother & daughters set near Boston. I also have Rosecrans Baldwin’s Everything Now on the docket, which is a nonfiction meditation on Los Angeles. Otherwise, I managed to snag galleys of the new Rebecca Makkai and Molly Prentiss novels and look forward to reading both this fall!


  2. Books for you (this is my favourite thing, recommending books):
    The Dearly Beloved
    Sorrow and Bliss
    Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow
    This Time Tomorrow
    Dirt Music
    Five Little Indians

    … xoxoxo

  3. Book recs – you know I got you! I’m in the first third of The Cartographers and so far it is delightfully mysterious. I’ve also been enjoying Meg Mitchell Moore while it is (barely) still summer.

  4. Two book recs: Joan by Katherine Chen; This Is How It Always Is by Laurie Frankel. Totally different experiences, equally delightful and moving.

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