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That’s Not Even Yo Style. (The Acne Velocite Jacket.)

By: Jen Shoop

There’s a line from Sex and the City that my sister and I use constantly when one or the other of us is lusting after something a little outside of our usual fashion comfort zone:

Samantha: Look at that one, isn’t it adorable?

Carrie: Which one?

Samantha: The red one in the middle. I love it!

Carrie: The Birkin bag? Really? That’s not even yo style.

So, I have become irritatingly fixated upon the Acne Studios Velocite coat ($2800), and it DEFINITELY AIN’T MY STYLE.  This oversized moto jacket is meant for off-duty models and people who burn sage in their apartments and drink espressos and wear strangely cropped jeans that, miraculously, look fantastic on them.  They take trips to remote parts of the world and buy provocative photography in black-and-white and they’ve been known to wear a beret and smoke a cigarette without looking at all ridiculous or passe.  They buy vintage white t-shirts from “a guy in Brooklyn” and wear a part straight down the middle of their head, which — my bestie and I agree — is a look only pulled off by the truly beautiful people of the world.  (On most of us mere mortals, it looks too assertive and, possibly, dorky.)

The Fashion Magpie Acne Coat

The Fashion Magpie Acne Velocite Coat

The Fashion Magpie Acne Velocite Coat

Yes, it’s true that Jenna Lyons somehow slipped into the mix above, but she’s the mixmaster, and it somehow works.

But also, I REALLY WANT THAT COAT, and I want it in the cream color, though I’m not opposed to the black with shearling trimSaks has one on sale in black on black, so that’s worth contemplating…

Now, the likelihood I splurge on this piece this season is improbable (?) because I already bought an oversized statement jacket (which I love!!!), but mannnnn I am now going to be dreaming of investing in it next season.  I’ve contemplated getting the look for less with this Zara lookalike ($149), which might scratch the itch, but then what if I do end up buying The Real McCoy next year?!

A few others worth considering if the price tag of the Acne Studios OG is too high:

+This Scotch + Soda.

+This JOA.  (Navy is so unexpected!)

+This All Saints.  (Though — if I’m going to spend that much, might as well go all the way…but THIS PALE PINK ONE!)

Thoughts?  Concerns?  Questions?  You’ll find me googling ACNE STUDIOS VELOCITE JACKET with a glazed and devilish look on my eye for the next couple hours.  K BYE.

P.S. The big slouch.

P.P.S.  The most popular item on my blog this month and, a total surprise to me, the most popular item featured on my blog in the past six months (!)



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10 thoughts on “That’s Not Even Yo Style. (The Acne Velocite Jacket.)

  1. I had a classic Burberry trench that I bought a while ago and barely ever wore it. I gave it to a friend who I know would get good use of it. I want another trench coat now, but one that looks more modern. Not that I don’t already have other trench coats, including a pink paisley one that I got years ago. Come to think of it, I don’t need another trench coat…

    1. HAHA! Love how you talked yourself into and out of that one. But one can never have enough outerwear……..

  2. I loooove the Velocité … definitely been looking at it for a few seasons now! It’s (way) out of my budget, though, so I haven’t pulled the trigger and pretty much 100% won’t. I think I might go for a regular, unlined leather jacket from VEDA this year, though! And to echo Cynthia, I have heard great things about The Arrivals — my friend has one of their parkas and always sings its praises! xx

    1. I know I know. Even now, a few weeks after writing this post, I’m just like, “no, that coat is not happening.” Especially when I really want to invest in a trench coat and that would be money MUCH better spent. xo

    2. I have been looking for the perfect trench, too! I found an awesome vintage Burberry option at a store in Providence but it was just too long for my frame. Curious about what you might find! Do keep us posted…

      1. Hi HI! Definitely saving my shekels for a classic Burberry trench!!! We’ll see when I pull the trigger. I’m so easily distracted by the latest shoe…

  3. I too lusted after the Acne Velocite. Until I saw a jacket by The Arrivals called Moya III. It’s an oversized shearling biker jacket but it’s a lot less in price. I bought myself the Moya as my Christmas present to my favorite person-me. I love the jacket. It has serious hardware that reminds me of a leather jacket I bought in Harlem in 1995. I’ve been wearing my jacket everyday since I bought it. Check it out.

    1. Well OO LA LA!!! That jacket is LEGIT! You are looking fierce heading into 2018! Also, I love that you treated yourself to a Christmas gift!

  4. I’m obsessed with this coat also and have been so tempted to buy a look-a-like, but cannot pull the trigger. I just don’t think I’m cool enough for it. I think this might be one trend I admire from afar, I love the look!!

    1. You’re are DEF cool enough for it. But I’m with you, I can’t quite figure out if it’s “me…” xoxo

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