Spring Cosmetics Refresh.

By: Jen Shoop

I recently paid a visit to Sephora in search of new everyday lip colors. For years, I have worn Chantecaille’s Bourbon Rose for a natural, everyday lip and I felt like I wanted to mix things up. I emerged with Ilia’s Balmy Gloss in Tahiti (not as dim/brown as it looks below — a pretty, natural-looking coral), Nars’ Roman Holiday (a bright, almost Barbie doll colored pink — but sheer), and Charlotte Tilbury’s Lip Cheat in Pillow Talk. So many of you had raved about the latter, saying that people ask whether you’ve had lip injections (!) when wearing it because it affords a noticeably fuller look. I was surprised at how natural it looked when applied — like truly an extension of my own lip color!

trending beauty spring 2023

01. JOAQUINA BOTANICA MOISTURIZER — This was one of the most popular items I posted this week, and I’m eager to try, too! I am trying (desperately) to stick to my “one in, one out” policy for certain categories of skincare products but I want to skip the line and try this one.

02. ILIA BALMY LIP GLOSS — More like a liquid lipstick than a lip gloss or oil. Really beautiful color in the Tahiti, very natural-looking.

03. NASSIF FACIAL RADIANCE PADS — The gorgeous Nicole Cassidy said she swears by these. They look like they’re similar to the Glycolix pads many of us have been using for awhile, but you can no longer find the exact pads (15% vs 20%) that I used to use, and so I might switch to the Nassif to see if I like them.

04. OLIO E OSSO GLOW BODY OIL — I love to use a body oil during the summer, whenever I have my bare shoulders, to add a little radiance to my exposed skin!

05. JOAQUINA BOTANICA WHIPPED CLEANSER — This looks divine. Think I’ll try when I finish my Youth to the People cleanser, which I’m also loving. The latter leaves skin looking glassy-clear!

06. MERIT LIP OIL — I liked this so much I bought it for my mother! Not sticky at all!

07. KOSAS BROW POP — I need help in the brow department. Am I supposed to be tinting or microblading? I’m scared! I’ve only ever done eyebrow waxes. I’m also hearing good things about this brow pencil in the meantime…


09. GOOP GLOW EXFOLIATOR — I just ordered this. I mentioned it earlier this week and SO many of you raved about the entire Goop Glow line. I can’t wait! I also plan to order the Vitamin C serum once I finish my current bottle from another brand.

10. BYREDO LA TULIPE PERFUME — Such a pretty spring scent. I’ve been wearing this a lot lately — very sweet and floral, but non-cloying. Year-round, I wear Byredo’s Mojave Ghost, which I am still totally obsessed with. I have been looking for “my scent” for years and years and finally found it in Mojave Ghost, which is really difficult to describe, but the site describes it as “a woody composition inspired by the soulful beauty of the Mojave Desert. In this xeric wilderness, rare are the plants that dare to blossom. With a light and graceful character top notes of musky Ambrette combine with fresh Jamaican Nesberry.” It is feminine, sexy, complex, pretty. I’ve been stopped a few times by women wanting to know where it’s from. One of them said, “It just smells expensive.” Haha! I know what she means — it’s a really complex, nuanced, non-monotone scent!

11. VINTNER’S DAUGHTER CLEANSER — Also in my “to try” list for cleansers. I love their botanical serum!

12. GOOPGLOW SERUM — Cannot wait to try, per note above.

13. NARS ROMAN HOLIDAY — Pale, sheer pink goodness. I wore this in my 20s and happily rediscovered it.

14. MERIT CREAM BLUSH — Been using this beautiful, bright-pink blush daily since it arrived. It’s so easy and foolproof to apply and just SO HAPPY.

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2 thoughts on “Spring Cosmetics Refresh.

  1. This is so timely as I was on a work trip last week and as the week wore on, each of my cosmetics began running out. I came home with a half empty makeup bag so it’s time for a refresh! I’d love a foundation recommendation if anyone has one? As I’m now in my late 30s, I find what worked 5 years ago just isn’t great anymore. I want some coverage but everything heavy seems to settle into fine lines. Any recommendations?

    1. Hi Lauren! Curious what other Magpies weigh in with here, but my favorite foundation is Westman Atelier’s Vital Skin Foundation Stick:

      I actually apply a tinted moisturizer first and then apply this where I need it — basically, my t-zone, and then blend with a foundation brush. It is SO amazing. It really looks like you’re wearing nothing at all but provides great coverage and I like applying this way, so it’s not full face of makeup but just sort of blended into tinted moisturizer where I need it. I will say that your skin needs to be well-hydrated prior to applying W.A.


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