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Shopbop Spring Forward Sale.

By: Jen Shoop

Launching today’s “second” post early today, because I anticipate items will fly —

20% off so many items I own/love/have recently purchased over at Shopbop using code FRESH.

shopbop spring sale picks

01. HUNZA G — This suit is the classic that most of my Magpies own and love, and it’s 20% off in GREAT colors. Love this baby pink and this baby blue. You can read my thoughts on my Hunza G suit here (though I own a different style, it has the same iconic, probably patented, crinkly material). Buy now and your summer self will thank you!

02. MILLE SAFFRON DRESS — Recently ordered this myself (seen above, on the front of my rack!). Just the easiest everyday dress. This brand runs big — size down.

03. BEYOND YOGA LEGGINGS AND CROPPED TANK — These pieces are made out of the softest, stretchiest material, and I like this oatmeal neutral to pair with navy. A Magpie recently wrote to ask what to wear for a gal’s yoga retreat. This set is it!

04. CITIZENS OF HUMANITY MARLOW SHORTS — These have been sitting in my cart for awhile. Am I jean shorts girl, I wonder? I don’t know, but I’m drawn to the silhouette of these — a bit flared out.

05. ALIX OF BOHEMIA REMI DRESS — I just tried this on last week (see me in it here), and the colors/patterns are beyond. I will caveat that there is a back sash that’s attached to the waist that is a little tricky to tie and sit with, but it is gorgeous and I love the way it creates one long column in the front.

06. MILLE OLYMPIA DRESS — A perfect Easter dress! I own this style in a different pattern and the frilled sleeves are FUN.

07. NAGHEDI TOTES — !!! I’ve been writing a lot about these, but I just ordered the medium in yellow, and now it’s 20% off! Also chic in this dove gray / blue.

08. CITIZENS CHARLOTTE CROPS — The jeans I recently ordered in a size up from my usual size. SO, so many Magpies raved about these jeans as perfect, flattering everyday denim — not “trendy” but style-conscious and classic.

09. FARM RIO FLOWERS GARDEN DRESS — Joy! I love the colors and the scalloped hemline. A really fun pick for a birthday, a festive party/occasion, etc.

P.S. In case you need these words today: this, too, shall pass.

P.P.S. Fitness favorites.

P.P.P.S. Spring fashion finds for less.

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