Sale Snack: Oso + Me 30% Off.

By: Jen Shoop

This morning at 7 AM PST / 10 AM EST (in about 15 minutes, giving you a few minutes to plan your cart), Oso + Me is launching its only sale of the entire year. You can get 30% off sitewide. This promotion merited its own post because I absolutely love (!) their shorts and pants for boys. I actually slightly prefer them to both Minnow and Cadets (though I also love both of those brands) because they wash better — Minnow and Cadets tend to require ironing, but Oso emerges from the dryer ready to wear. (It’s the little things!). I also love that they do patterns for boys, which is pretty rare — Hill owns both these and these fun patterns. But my favorite are these yellow shorts (seen above and below), which looked so adorable with navy, white, pale blue, pale green, sage, dark green all last summer. Above, you can see him wearing his shorts with a green Lacoste polo — my favorite polo brand for him, and select colors/sizes are on sale for $26 here — and Floafers, which are kind of like dressy Natives? They are so cute on and micro loves them, too, as they are waterproof (puddle-friendly). I saw that Macy’s house brand has a very similar style for a lot less in a fun yellow color for summer.


(Above, micro wears a navy Lacoste long-sleeved polo, Oso + Me shorts, and Cat + Jack sandals. Those Cat + Jacks are always fantastic — $10, waterproof, with a velcro in the BACK so you don’t need to mess with the buckles. You can get the pennant here on Etsy in a ton of different colorways. I love it because one side says “First Day” and the other “Last Day” and so we just use and re-use for both children on every first and last day of the school year.)

I also love Oso + Me’s dresses — the patterns and details are so incredibly thoughtful and gorgeous. All of them are cleverly designed to fit for multiple seasons. Mini is wearing one of their dresses below from last season that I adored on her.

oso and me girls dress

In my cart at the moment, waiting for the stroke of 10 A.M.: these shorts in the blue and khaki colorways, these pants in the seafoam green, this tee in the dusty blue. I am also itching to buy this sweet dress for mini, possibly for her sixth birthday?

Happy sale shopping!

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4 thoughts on “Sale Snack: Oso + Me 30% Off.

  1. Those shorts look perfect for little gentlemen… I’ll definitely take advantage of the sale…. also how is it possible mini is turning 6?!?! I have been following the blog for a few years now but seriously it seems like just a few moments ago you doing your monthly updates on mini and now she is a whole little lady!

  2. Ignore my question about boy shorts on yesterday’s What You Are Shopping For post, this answered it nicely! Thanks!

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