Recent Acquisitions I’m Excited About.

By: Jen Shoop

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01. This Farm Rio top and skirt set. So cheerful, but with a sexy open back! I’m packing this for my 40th birthday in a few weeks. (Wearing, as always, this Altuzarra bag, which is now on sale! The best investment! I basically have worn daily since I received. Somehow goes with everything.)

02. Goop’s bronzing gel. Ladies, I need to call in the professionals. I am so pale and not interested in bronzing via the sun, so I’m beginning to look into spray tans. I’ve had such bad luck with them and detest their atrocious smell but I’m desperate! In the meantime, I’ve been using this on my face with good effect. I wish they had a version for the body. Here’s what I like about it: it’s makeup, not self-tanner, so it doesn’t have the smell and can be washed off. However, it’s deeply pigmented enough that they recommended washing hands after applying! I blend a little bit into my daily moisturizer and love the effect.

03. This Rixo dress. She is so romantic! I am going to a summer cocktail party in a few weeks where all the guests were asked to wear white, and I think I’ll be wearing her.

04. These trail runners. One of my regular running routes has various dirt path off-shoots and I’ve always wanted to run them. I just started this past week after receiving my trail running shoes — it’s such a fun twist for me, because it adds a new challenge: footing awareness. You really need to focus on where your next step will be. Anyhow, the colors of the runners are fabulous and the shoes themselves very supportive — slightly heavier and more “built up” than my usual road running shoes, but with intention. These really stabilize your ankle when you’re running over divots, twigs, etc. I also love the bungee cord detail on the heel. Makes it very easy to pull the shoe on and off!

05. I just received two fab summer dresses from Mille — this asymmetrical stripe (almost all sold out, sob!) and this red blockprint. I have so little red in my wardrobe, but I adore it.

06. Re: above, I also recently ordered these fun red sandals from A. Emery. I’m wearing them with the Farm Rio outfit above. They run wide, FYI, but are fab. I’ve been looking for a statement color sandal like this for awhile. This brand is amazing, by the way. The styles feel elevated and minimalist — some Khaite / the Row inspo happening.

07. Iris & Romeo Weekend Skin. I was mildly disappointed when this arrived because a) it’s a pretty small tube relative to price (I should make a point of checking the ounces relative to price more often), and b) it’s not really tinted moisturizer — doesn’t provide as much coverage as I expected — but this does make your skin look incredible on mornings where you don’t have time or inclination to apply makeup. Very similar to Glowscreen with maybe a hint more coverage? I do feel like the Iris&Romeo does a better job evening out skintone but it’s not going to, like, camouflage anything.

08. This shell print swimsuit from Marysia — snagged for under $100! Love a bargain like this! The pattern is so cute, too. I layered beneath this inexpensive pink cover-up over the weekend.

09. This ticking-stripe caftan for pool days.

10. My silk pillow case! Can’t wait to try after all your insistent reviews that these make the biggest difference in good hair days!

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