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By: Jen Shoop

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I saw a trend on social media a few months ago where people would “pick one” item in response to a prompt – sort of a condensed “desert island” challenge.  Are we game to try this Friday?

Pick one…


+Pair of jeans

+Pair of sunglasses

+Writing implement


+Lip product


+Home scent


I’ll go first…

+T-shirt: Sold Out NYC Iconically Soft Tee.  IMO the perfect weight, length, amount of structure to go with anything.

+Pair of jeans: Agolde Riley crops!  I had to field test this one.  I went into my closet the other night to change into jeans and I realized my favorite “hang out around the house” pair are these.  They are so comfortable – a rigid/non-stretch denim but loose fit.

+Drink order: Glass of Italian red wine.  Nebbiolo if available!  When we were at I Sodi in West Village many years ago (the charming, postage-stamp-sized original location), I ordered a glass of nebbiolo with cacio e pepe and the waiter bowed his head and said: “Excellent order.  Nebbiolo and cacio are like peanut butter and jelly.”  (Aside: though I’m sure waiters the world over use this trick to endear themselves to their patrons, I fall for it every time. I love being told I ordered well!) I think of this any time I see a Nebbiolo on the menu, and remember how perfect that meal was, and how we might have a handful of truly memorable dining experiences in a given year, and that one is sure to transcend decades.

+Pair of sunglasses: My Celines (seen at top of post!).  I atoned for these for years by wearing cheaper sunglasses after losing a pair of Chanels in a Target dressing room.  These make any outfit.  The tortoise color, the shape – timeless.

+Writing implement.  I recently found out that one of my best guy friends only writes in green ink.  How amazingly quirky is that?  I still swear by these Tru Reds in the 5 mm.  Perfect flow and precision point.

+Handbag: My classic Chanel quilted pebble leather flap bag.  Goes with anything and will never go out of style.

+Lip product: This is a moving target TBH but right now, I have been wearing this Queen Musia lipstick in the fun Queen Bovary pink color daily.  I wore it to lunch with my mom the other day and she said, “Oh my gosh! Beautiful lip color!”  Even if I’m wearing minimal makeup, this makes the look.

+Candy: Haribo sour spaghetti

+Home scent: Any of the Trudon scents (conveniently, and rarely, 15% off here), but Josephine is a front runner.  These candles are complex, sophisticated, and unexpected.  No one will know what you’re burning (less recognizable than Baies, etc), but the scent will be luxurious and inviting.

+Sweatshirt: An old, stained Champion with my high school’s name on it that I’ve had for two decades.  The only thing I want to wear on a rainy/bad day.


+How I organize my studio to invite creativity.

+The things your children will miss.

+Random thoughts on John Mayer.

Shopping Break.

+Gorgeous summer dress for under $300. Looks very Johanna Ortiz.

+Just ordered this to try for an everyday tinted moisturizer situation.

+Tempted by this sleek and oversized RDV tote — on sale for $175, plus extra 20% off with code YOUROCK. I think I’ll order for schlepping kids gear all summer. I saw it and immediately imagined wearing it with this caftan at the pool?

+Have heard really good things about this natural deodorant. Should have included deodorant in my grooming post (the comments are SO good), but I still use anti-perspirant. I’m so scared to switch — I tried once and hated it. I know it takes awhile to adjust.

+Loft has some seriously cute pieces out right now — this gingham top reminds me of Doen, this cherry red linen dress would look fab with strappy sandals, and I adore these eyelet beach shorts! Just like my eyelet pareo from Solid and Striped I wore all last summer.

+People love these solar buddies! A clever way to help kids apply sunscreen. Going to try this summer.

+Two other swimsuits to contemplate: this tile-print Sezane, this medallion print Agua Bendita.

+New-to-me brand Skkein just reached out and offered to send me some items from their latest collection. I jumped at the chance to try this Missoni-esque set of shorts and knit polo! Cute! They offered us 10% off with code MAGPIE-10.

+Very attractive headphone stand. I swear by my noise canceling ones — use them constantly!

+Starting to order activities for travel days this summer — just added this to the arsenal.

+Another fun jelly shoe option if you’re into the trend (covered recently in Marie Claire). I’m loving mine!

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34 thoughts on “Pick One.

  1. I’m a little late to the game, but here goes!

    Tee: Gap white cotton cropped tee. At 5’1” these are not too cropped on me (!) and sit nicely with high rise jeans/pants.

    Jeans: Again Gap. Their jeans fit me very well, are available in a Petite inseam, and are so reasonably priced as to allow me to purchase a wide variety of styles and rinses. I also own a couple of pairs of Anthropologie’s own brand, Pilcro. They have some fun, different styles.

    Drink order: Old Fashioned

    Sunglasses: Warby Parker prescription sunnies

    Writing Implement: Tul mechanical pencil

    Handbag: Mark and Graham leather. I purchase and swap out straps seasonally.

    Lip Product: Dior Lip Glow.

    Candy: Haribo Fruit Salad or Tony’s Chocolonely dark chocolate.

    Home Scent: Anything herbal (mint, basil, etc…).

    Sweatshirt: I don’t really wear sweatshirts very often, so don’t have a favorite.

    1. More Dior Lip fans emerge! Need to try this – I guess worth the hype! Also, a fellow big fan of Haribo fruit salad over here 🙂


  2. +T-shirt: I have a few striped ones from H&M that are the perfect shape, and decent quality for the price.

    +Pair of jeans: madewell kick crops with a raw hem

    +Pair of sunglasses – jcrew cabana in tortoise or a pair of black Blenders that I stole from my husband.

    +Writing implement: literally any pen that works

    +Handbag – I either carry a grey shoulder bag from Hobo or a mint green cross body pouch.

    +Lip product: honest beauty tinted balm in summer melon, fruit punch, and blood orange. Intrigued by queen musia in Ada! That packaging is over the top but I like it!

    +Candy: good quality dark chocolate. Can’t go a day without a square!

    +Home scent: if we’re having company, I’ll burn an old anthro volcano candle, otherwise nothing. Having a candle burning makes me nervous and I don’t like a lot of artificial fragrance.

    +Sweatshirt: don’t really have a go-to sweatshirt

    1. “Good quality dark chocolate. Can’t go a day without a square!” — LOVE this. Just says so much about you! Love the eager embrace of a little slice of joy, in the highest quality ofrm 🙂


  3. +T-shirt: echoing my compatriots in uniqlo tee unity!

    +Pair of jeans: madewell, medium wash, ankle length, raw hem, round two (see below). pretty sure they’re the “perfect vintage” style

    +Drink order: italian white, ideally from mt. etna region and super salty, minerally, and dry

    +Pair of sunglasses: oliver peoples tortoise shell – i kept borrowing my husband’s pair and he surprised me with my own version for mother’s day when i was pregnant a few years back

    +Writing implement: papermate black flair. basically very very thin markers

    +Handbag: day to day, my louis neverfull damier. thought i was IT when i bought it for myself on my entry level salary in paris 12 years ago. not the newest or chicest, but a classic enough workhorse toting alllll the things to and from work/events/gym/etc. most days

    +Lip product: dior lipglow on work days, otherwise a tube of aquaphor in every pocket, purse, drawer, car, desk, etc. etc.

    +Candy: cadbury mini chocolate eggs… proud to report i still have a healthy stockpile of several bags and it’s solidly past easter

    +Home scent: diptyque noisetier

    +Sweatshirt: an etsy sporty and rich knockoff

    1. Cadbury mini eggs for liiiiiiiiife! Pretty sure both my children are at least 50% mini egg, based on how many I ate when pregnant

    2. Oo several Dior Lip people here! Love the classic LV call out – those really don’t ever go out of style and they’re so well made IMO.


  4. Loving reading everyone’s responses!

    +T-shirt: Uniqlo white tee.

    +Pair of jeans: On the hunt for new jeans after being a devoted J Crew factory denim lover for years. Lately they seem to stretch out after a few hours of wear. I end up looking like the “after” in a weight loss infomercial.

    +Pair of sunglasses: Warby Parker in style ‘Wright.’

    +Writing implement: As long as it is fine, super or ultra fine, or micro I will most likely love it! Most recent favorites are Uniball Signo 207 and Pilot G2.

    +Handbag: An ancient Skagen crossbody that needs the zipper repaired.

    +Lip product: Vaseline Intensive Lip Therapy throughout the day. I’m on the hunt for a more “grown up” version of this with maybe a tint but no stickiness. I haven’t found anything that feels worth buying to try out.

    +Candy: Butterfingers! Or really any candy if I’m being honest!

    +Home scent: Anything that is eucalyptus, mint, lemon, and/or linen-y, fresh, and clean smelling. In the fall I switch over to cozy spice and pumpkin scents.

    +Sweatshirt: An old college quarter zip. Go Hokies!

    1. Love all the Uniqlo tee fans! Making me want to dig mine out again next time I get dressed! It really is such a good value buy.


  5. +T-shirt – Le Set pointelle which is a rec I got from you!

    +Pair of jeans – Mother Hustler (they make your butt look amazing!)

    +Drink order – a glass of Sancerre

    +Pair of sunglasses – J.Crew Cabana oversized in caramel tortoise; look expensive, but are usually on promo for $30-$40.

    +Writing implement – Zebra Sarasa gel pen in blue-black (ie, navy) 0.5. I have a box on hand always!

    +Handbag – right now, my Clare V moyen bag. Fits just the right amount!

    +Lip product – Kosas Wet Stick in Malibu – moisturizing and the best color!

    +Candy – Swedish Fish forever. Growing up, our Little League sold a styrofoam cup (like for hot chocolate) filled with them for 50 cents and it was a dream.

    +Home scent – any jasmine-scented candle or, weirdly, the Safely Rise scent countertop spray (which has orange blossom/jasmine notes)

    +Sweatshirt –

    1. My sweatshirt answer got cut off, but it has to be grey, crewneck, and a touch oversized. I have an ancient college one and a newer one from my workout studio that both fit the bill.

    2. Yay – love the leset pointelle, too!! My fav for cool weather. Also a big fan of swedish fish and the sytrofoam cup comment unlocked a memory for me — I used to buy them in styrafoam cups, too, in my college’s little “casual campus eating center.” They were tucked in with saran-wrapped muffins and cookies. I’d buy those once a week!


  6. T-shirt –another vote for Uniqlo. these really fit me well and are TTS. sentimental tees that I have saved are one I wore as part of a uniform when I waitressed at a much-beloved, now-defunct nightclub; and of course anything w/UNC on it.

    +Pair of jeans – big fan of dark, rigid, straight-leg Levis 501s. denim traditionlist here.

    +Drink order–red wine: Zin, Margaux, or Nebbiolo (another vote); mezcal or gin with soda & lime. summer time calls for Suze & soda or Amaro & soda. I think I am the only person who does not like cocktails.

    +Pair of sunglasses –I have several no-name pairs and I like them all

    +Writing implement – another vote for uniball

    +Handbag – my friend was an independent handbag designer. my husband designed her storefront and she made me a bag as a thank-you. Lambskin, Yves Klein blue oversized clutch. beautiful. for everyday, I have a Zadig et Voltaire I like and a couple of Aquatalia bags that are lovely and withstand my tortures.

    +Lip product – I am clinging to the nubs of the sadly discontinued Laura Mercier stick glosses.great shine, not sticky, very moisturing. Brown Sugar and Baked Earth. I also like her Beige Intime-MLBB shade.

    +Candy – I am severely hypoglycemic. candy turns me into a real high-wire act. but if I decide to take the plunge, black Scandi licorice for the win! cannot tolerate chocolate but I wish I could!!

    +Home scent – I love the Lorenzo Villoresi room oils. Incensi is really lovely. Also have some Lafco candles I like.

    +Sweatshirt – the 2 that I own are just for sentiment. one from my Woollen Gym days at UNC and a Washington DC one from Walgreens. We had to buy them because our realtor messed up our move-in date back to DC and all our coats and sweaters were on the truck! just a reminder to stay warm and roll with whatever comes your way.

  7. +T-shirt – currently the Vintage tshirt from Old Navy

    +Pair of jeans – still on the hunt for something that I truly love

    +Pair of sunglasses – classic pair of Rayban aviators

    +Writing implement – Muji gel ink pen 0.5

    +Handbag – for every day I have a few sturdy tote bags from favorite shops that I’ll rotate between – for a fun purse I have a very very old (I think I got it in high school!) orange cube purse from Kate Spade that I’m still obsessed with to this day

    +Lip product – day to day nothing! But for my wedding I wore the creamiest lipstick from Kjaer Weis and that’s something I’ll still throw on for a fancy occasion. Other product that I will use is Clinique’s black honey.

    +Candy – not a big candy person, I will always choose a baked good over candy (croissant, brownie, cookie, etc), but if I had to pick I’d go with a Snickers bar!

    +Home scent – not a big scent person at home, I’m still on the hunt for a candle I truly love. But I’m a big throw open the windows and let a fresh breeze in person.

    +Sweatshirt – I have two very old worn in sweatshirts from high school that will forever be my favorites

    1. I love that you are still on the hunt across several categories here – why not shoot for the stars in all things? Loved all your responses, especially throwing open the windows!!


  8. Such fun prompts!

    +T-shirt: Coolibar striped long sleeve UPF50 (for extreme sun sensitivity). Love that it looks and feels like a regular cotton tee (not activewear fabric) but has built in sun protection.

    +Pair of jeans: I have this pair from Madewell in a light-but-not-too-light wash, raw hem, ankle length (that needed no hemming!!) that is so insanely soft for denim. I’ve had it for years and they don’t make this specific one anymore, and I wish I had a backup pair!

    +Pair of sunglasses: this inexpensive faux tortoise shell pair from Madewell. I have other sunglasses from Celine and Illesteva but I find myself reaching for my Madewell ones more!

    +Writing implement: the ones from the Japanese stationery store!

    +Handbag: Aranaz (a brand from the Philippines, but available online. Handmade, really unique items)

    +Lip product: Dior LipGlow

    +Candy: not a candy person… but currently savoring my stash of dark chocolate from a recent trip to Switzerland

    +Home scent: the scent of baking!

    +Sweatshirt: I’m more of a cardigan person. In winter I use this UGG cardigan that feels like the softest blanket. I realize I get strangely annoyed by the process of donning and doffing a sweatshirt.

    1. twins on two fronts, mia!

      co-sign the dior lipglow over everything.

      + i too, have/had a favorite pair of old madewell, medium wash, ankle length raw hem jeans that were SO worn in and comfortable… unfortunately the back seam split when i bent over to grab something a few months back (clearly need to chill with the squats at the gym, ha), BUT after careful sleuthing, i found the same exact ones, same size, same wash, same everything on poshmark. i’m in the process of breaking them in again, but they’re close to perfect already! just in case you want to invest in that back up pair, you may have the same luck…

  9. +T-shirt: Uniqlo, thanks to your rec!

    +Pair of jeans: J Crew boyfriend jeans.

    +Pair of sunglasses: Goodr, always!

    +Writing implement: Truly no preferences on this one.

    +Handbag: I’ve been carrying a Cuyana leather tote almost every day for about 8 years now and it hasn’t failed me yet.

    +Lip product: Burts Bees lip balm. When I am in the sun, the Supergoop Play mineral SPF lip balm.

    +Candy: I always lean chocolate, but I just had a great time in Scandinavia enjoying their wide bulk bin sour gummy selection.

    +Home scent: Apotheke candles, switched out seasonally.

    +Sweatshirt: I rotate, but right now it’s a navy hoodless crewneck from my yacht club.

    1. The wide bulk bin sour gummy selection in Scandinavia sounds like a kind of heaven for me — new travel goal unlocked!

      I am so fascinated that you have no preference on writing implement!! Like, truly, this blows my mind!!


  10. +T-shirt – Uniqlo – the neck doesn’t sag!

    +Pair of jeans – J Crew – Soft and a good fit for me.

    +Pair of sunglasses – Still searching, I rotate a pair of Coach and various amazon dupes. Also doing penance for a pair of Prada that our dog got a hold of.

    +Writing implement – Lamy Fountain pen in blue. I used one in high school and was lovingly teased me about its scratchy noise as I furiously scribbled notes! It still feels very ‘me’.

    +Handbag – The quest continues. I’m past diaper bag territory but still need room for coloring books, crayons and the occasional stuffy.

    +Lip product – Sculpted by Aimee, a perfect blend of balm and lipstick. Love all her products.

    +Candy – anything dark chocolate based, preferably with orange peel or nuts involved.

    +Home scent – I switch out seasonally but Yankee Candle Home Sweet Home is a constant.

    +Sweatshirt – A light blue sweater that I got on a trip to Coronado, near San Diego. A soft hug when needed.

    1. Agree with all the Uniqlo upvotes and especially your note about the non-sag neck. Totally incredible buy for $15!

      “A soft hug when needed” — yes! Exactly how I feel about my high school sweatshirt!

  11. A deliciously fun interactive quiz!!

    +T-shirt – Country Road Australia black linen tee — drapey and comfortable yet also perfect for a chic jogging t-shirt

    +Pair of jeans – vintage men’s Wrangler’s custom-tailored to fit

    +Pair of sunglasses – the dream is the Celine Triomphe in white with a brown-black polarised lens; the reality is the Bailey Nelson Dionne in bone with a polarised lens (to combat pesky light-sensitivity-related migraines)

    +Writing implement – a gel Uni-Ball power tank 1.0 in blue or black (usually black so it’s automatically accepted on official documents). Typically I “borrow” these from my husband because when he notices it’s a fun chance to have a flirtatious repartee where he pretends to care and I pretend I’m trying to steal it for good 😉

    +Handbag – vintage black perfect square Coach purchased in Tokyo on my honeymoon

    +Lip product – Clarins Black Honey or DHC Lip Color Cream Color cream lip balm purchased in bulk — either are perfect in every single context from a low-key romantic lip to a super subtle tint for everyday life including hiking!

    +Candy – I don’t eat candy (stomach problems, wah) but please give me all of the dried figs!

    +Home scent – Diptyque Feu de Bois candles or pure lavender oil diffusing

    +Sweatshirt – The Breton Shirt Company Submariner, a Columbia cosy fleece, or my husband’s Aran heavy wool sweater from Blarney Woollen Mills

    Happy Friday! xx

    1. LOVE the Uniball detail and faux-sparring! So cute. We have those kinds of go-to, performative marital jousts, too!


      1. Aw, Jen, I’m glad you have these spars as well!
        I’ve been realising recently just how much I adore these silly little but chemistry-loaded jousts? Like, how after almost 16 years (we met when I was 19 and he was 20) am I so smitten with my husband and his brain?! He’s just a delight to be around all the time.

        Also, I missed the go-to drink somehow. Mine are a Reposado margarita or fresh local wine depending on the location. Recently though, we have been getting into vermut de la casa (rojo con naranja or blanco con limon), and it feels like the most satisfying intersection between a wine and a cocktail. And with any drink, I will always be ordering a San Pellegrino/sparkling water equivalent…I simply love hydrating at all times.

        1. Love these – all sound mouth-wateringly good as we approach Friday happy hour in these parts…

        2. Aoife, I’m intrigued by what a vermut de la casa is! I tried to Google but only yielded vermouth results. Is this similar to a wine and soda spritzer or “cocktail” that, I believe, made the rounds on the internet a few summers ago?

  12. T-shirt: H&M white fitted tees

    +Pair of jeans: Anything Madewell

    +Drink order: Grapefruit martini with a lime twist garnish

    +Pair of sunglasses: Ray Ban Jackie Ohh glasses, followed by various Amazon Celine dupes.

    +Writing implement. Any I can find! My husband steals my pens and always misplaces them.

    +Handbag: Chanel jumbo black caviar. The saleswoman at Chanel told me your first Chanel bag should always be black, I followed that advice.

    +Lip product: Mac lipstick, the color Snob

    +Candy: Not a candy lover and would opt for goldfish crackers

    +Home scent: I rotate my favorites seasonally. Right now I’m burning Nest Coconut and Palm candles throughout the house and loving the fresh and creamy coconut scent.

    +Sweatshirt: My husband’s old and tattered sweatshirt. On chilly nights I sleep with it over my pajamas.

    1. Hi Anne! A couple of upvotes for Madewell and I totally agree. I have several pairs that rival my Agoldes in terms of fit, comfort, longevity.

      Also love that you’d pick goldfish over candy! So cute!


  13. +T-shirt: I have a black and white graphic tee from Mighty Quinn’s BBQ that I bought with my dad, he has a matching one. They’re no longer sold. It’s tissue thin and so soft.

    +Pair of jeans: I don’t love a single pair of my jeans, but I have a dark blue pair of Zara flares my little BIL bought me that are maybe the fave.

    +Pair of sunglasses: Black and white Christian Dior sunnies with prescription lenses

    +Writing implement: this mechanical pencil

    +Handbag: Dior pale blue saddle bag

    +Lip product: fresh brown sugar lip balm

    +Candy: Undercover dark chocolate sea salt quinoa chocolates (I actually tried these on a united flight)

    +Home scent: Provençale blue lavender (I have oil and infused water I buy at the Christmas market

    +Sweatshirt: my brother just gave me my late granddad’s USA Olympics 2002 sweatshirt. It’s grey with blue text and perfectly worn in. Poppop was a petite fella, so although it fit my brother when he died, it sure doesn’t now, but it’s a perfect slightly cropped fit on me. I traded him a vintage Snoopy comic book with Poppop’s name in the front cover!

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