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On My Spring Shopping List.

By: Jen Shoop

*Image above via Daphne Wilde. I am in love with her gorgeous reinvention of “the house dress” and am impatiently sitting on the wait list for her Giovanna dress. This and other shirtdresses I’m lusting after below.

A few items I have purchased or earmarked for purchase this season:

spring shopping finds

01. // 02. // 03. // 04. // 05. // 06. // 07. // 08.

1 // LAKE PAJAMAS. Still a few sizes left in the Lake X JB capsule, but if sold out in your size, I still can’t recommend their pajamas in their lovely classic stripes enough. This is the exact style I bought for this season.

2 // ELEMIS CLEANSING BALM. I need a new skincare product like I need a hole in my head (ahem) but I had heard so many people rave about this product, I was curious to test. I just received it last weekend and will report back with full review soon. The smell is insanely good (!) and I love the concept of massaging this into my skin and then wiping with a warm washcloth — it feels so purifying and relaxing!

3 // NEW UNDERS. Pretty spring Hanky Panky and — shhh, don’t tell — these inexpensive black ones from Amazon Basics, which have slowly become my go-to favorite granny panties (I sleep in them). Can’t beat the price at $13.50 for six.

4 // HILL HOUSE HEADBAND. Self-explanatory. I’m also keeping my eyes peeled for Hill House’s next launch in June, which promises to carry nap dresses in new prints!

5 // MADEWELL ANORAK. The colors are just so good — love the pink and yellow and am torn on which direction to go. I’ve been eyeing the more expensive Stutterheim rain jacket forever and ever and had promised I wouldn’t buy another raincoat before investing in that one but…

6 // A BIRTHDAY DRESS. I turn 37 in June! Currently tied for first place: this Lug Von Siga (seen above), this Rhode, and this Mie.

7 // CLARE VIVIER BELT BAG. You know how much I have loved the return of the belt bag while I have little children. It all started with this State Bags’ style, which I wore for two years straight. I love the gingham of this Clare Vivier style. So feminine and fun!

8 // SPRING RUNNING GEAR. I just bought this short sleeve top in the linen blue color, a bunch of Feetures socks in spring colors, and a couple pairs of running shorts from different retailers to test: these from Tracksmith in stonewash, these in the sunset color, and this under-$20 pair in the beta tint (read reviews!) Will of course report back on the shorts. I was really quite taken by Tracksmith’s cold weather technology — I ran all winter long, often in sub-20-degree weather — in their turnover tights and merino tops and couldn’t believe how warm but unencumbered I was, so I have high hopes for their summer gear, too. I was worried that several of their styles were too “hardcore” for me — I don’t really want to run in like those SUPER short tiny diaper shorts professional runners wear — so I went with the slightly longer length style, but may order another style or two after. (Input welcome!) This lightweight running jacket is also in my cart at the moment. So chic!

9 // SHIRTDRESSES. I just can’t get enough simple, ankle-length shirtdresses for this upcoming season. It’s all I want to wear! I bought this white eyelet from J. Crew, this from Brooks Brothers of all places (the print! the scalloped collar! j’adore!), this from Mille, and am debating on which print to get from India Amory. I’m also on a wait list for this Daphne Wilde dress (!) Last summer was the summer of the caftan — now I’m living in shirtdresses I suppose.

10 // BIRTHDAY GEAR FOR MICRO’S SECOND BIRTHDAY. My baby will be TWO at the end of May and I haven’t yet mapped out his birthday gifts. I have, however, been going to town getting ready for a small outdoor playdate we’re hosting with a few of his little friends — the gathering will have a fire truck theme. I worked with my friend Erin Wallace to design invitations, matching favor bag stickers, and thank you note cards in the vein of this design! (Check out all of her new invitation styles for little ones — TOO CUTE!). We will of course all be wearing firefighter helmets. More to come!

P.S. If you’re looking for music to work to…the comments section is a goldmine! My sister and I are both hooked on the Ina Garten playlist upvoted a few times!

P.P.S. Chic white dresses for summer.

P.P.P.S. The headwater of a Hail Mary.

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8 thoughts on “On My Spring Shopping List.

  1. Oh my gosh, where to start?! First, I love the print on that Clare V. bag — it’s sort of retro preppy but still fresh! I also snagged that JB x LAKE pajama set and the material is so, so soft … love.

    Now: birthday dresses! I ADORE the Lug Von Siga. So cute! Since it’s above my budget, I’ll be on the lookout for other options and will share with you accordingly since our birthdays are so close 🙂

    A word on Stutterheim — I took the plunge earlier this year and ordered the Mosebacke style. I love the A-line cut (it feels a bit more feminine) but wanted to share a quick word of caution: the arms are cut rather slim! It works fine if I am wearing a single shirt or tee, but it’s like sausage casing if I’m wearing, for example, a sweater over a shirt. Ugh! Otherwise, though, I love the rubberized fabric and all of the other design details.

    Also, I have a pair of the Van Cortlandt shorts from Tracksmith (though mine are from maybe 5 years ago and it looks like they’ve updated the fit a bit) — they’ve held up beautifully and the mesh fabric is top-notch!


    1. Oo that’s a good word of warning on Stutterheim! Thanks for the heads up! I hate that — I have a rain jacket like that, too, and it’s only suitable for warmer weather.

      Thank you!!!

  2. What timing, I snagged a Giovanna shirt dress (in blue) through the Daphne Wilde sale they emailed about this morning!! This reaffirms my choice 🙂

    1. Oo I was eyeing that exact one (!) with the rainbow buttons but they are sold out in my size!!! So jealous!!!


  3. I never thought I would want a white shirtdress until I saw the tiered Giovanna dress. I already have the Chanel ballet flats so why not! The brooks brothers is super cute I love the color combo. I also love the Jcrew white eyelet. As for your birthday dress I love the Rhode and the pink maxi is just stunning!

    1. I know, that Giovanna dress!!! UGH! Too chic. Thanks for weighing in on the birthday dress pick! Leaning toward Rhode 🙂


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