My Favorite Sources for Traditional Baby and Toddler Shoes.

By: Jen Shoop

I can barely squeeze mini’s feet into her current crop of shoes but am trying to make them last until we can transition to spring footwear. I did buy her these (on ridiculous sale for under $10 thanks to the current promotion) out of desperation when I couldn’t make her everyday boots fit anymore! At any rate, I’ve spent a lot of time poring over shoes, looking for the absolute best as we embark on a new season. I thought I’d share some of my favorite finds:

+VEB Bow Mary Janes. (Seen above.) I MEAN. The bow. THE BOW. I wish I’d discovered this label before mini was a bit too old for pram shoes! I’m swooning over them.

+Donsje Booties. Mini had a pair last winter and this one and they are beautifully-made and hold up very well. (I also like that they are gender-neutral and can be passed down to micro.) They’re lined with a fur/shearling situation so they are super snuggly and warm and — I mean, how cute are they?!

+Elephantito Mary Janes (infant sizes here). Mini has had several pairs of these since she was born, and in a range of colors. I love the traditional styling and details — especially the scalloping and the little pearl button. They are super sturdy and I found that they were among the easiest shoes for her to walk in when she was first teetering around. The sole is thick but not ungainly/awkward looking. I usually buy them in metallics because they go with everything. I have also purchased mini mary janes from line ChildrenChic when I really needed a pair of black velvet ones and couldn’t find any I liked anywhere else. They are simple if a bit boring in my opinion — but a good standby if you’re ever looking for a particular color.

+La Coqueta Pram Shoes. I had these in bisque/taupe color for mini when she was tiny and they are the sweetest things. Such soft leather and the greatest colors. Already eyeing these pram booties for micro.

+Janie + Jack Saddle Shoes. I think micro needs these, and now — while they’re on ridiculous sale!

+Elephantito Loafers. I already have my eyes on these little loafers for micro once he’s of a suitable foot size.

+Ralph Lauren Briley Crib Shoes. These were probably among my favorite shoes I had for mini when she was itty bitty. They’re just BEYOND.

+Jacadi Sneakers. I’ve always had great luck with Jacadi shoes. The styling is always on-point and they come in the cutest colors and prints. I’m especially into these canvas sneakers for micro.

+Artemis Loafers. Currently dying (!!!!) over the precious mommy-and-me loafers from Artemis. I mean!!! I am going to wait for mini to reach maybe five or six but how cute would a little lass be wearing these to school?!

+Cienta T-Strap Canvas Sneakers. I love this style because they can be worn with or without socks and have a timeless, classic quality to them. Mini worn these in red all summer long.

+Superga 2750 JVEL Classics. Mini owns these in the lace-up variation and they are PRECIOUS. I’m thinking of buying these velcro ones this summer as we move through toilet training and need shoes that she can remove herself — and quickly.

+Native Shoes Jeffersons. These are ubiquitous on the toddler set these days. They’re brilliant because they are breathable, easy to keep clean, and can go in water with no problem. I love these for summers in Central Park, when mini is wont to run into a splash pad once or twice a day. I loved this marbled pair and already have them waiting in her closet.

+Veja Sneakers. I am planning to buy mini her first pair for this summer. She’ll be so trendy in them! These are on sale (but already sold out in her size); how cute are the animals on it?!

+Sweet N Swag. Mini had a few pairs of mocs (they’ve since discontinued the style) from this brand and I was very impressed with the colors and quality. They’re a lot like the pricier Freshly Picked but about half the price! Some precious basics here.

+Zutano Booties. For when the babies are itty bitty teeny weeny — these are so easy to put on and keep in place. (Also, can be tossed in the laundry.)

+Salt Water Sandals. I just love the classic styling of these timeless shoes. And they can be worn in the water. Mini wore these in pink on our most recent trip down to FL.

+Igor Tenis Jellies. I guess I grew up in the 90s because I love a jellie sandal — and these are a little classier than the average one you’ll find.

+Socks: I like Gap’s roll-down ones for everyday (they are super thick and well-made, and I buy them always in white), Jefferies for “party socks,” and either Condor or Pretty Originals for knee socks (with flair).

P.S. She was how she kept time.

P.P.S. Easter is around the corner (i.e., time to get ordering!), vacation style for children, and a makeup routine I’ve changed very little about in the last few months.

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6 thoughts on “My Favorite Sources for Traditional Baby and Toddler Shoes.

  1. This post is such a fantastic resource — thank you! It can be tough to find children’s shoes that are classically beautiful, and I’ve bookmarked this for future reference. I especially love the Artemis kids’ loafers — love that it’s a local (to me), woman-owned company!


  2. We only own said grubby-looking, thick-soled sneakers out of necessity. My (almost 2 yo) G has to wear braces on her ankles to help with walking, and they require a super wide, sturdy sneaker at every waking hour.
    I’m at peace with it. The one time I did have her wear a party shoe for our family Christmas card photo, she promptly tripped, fell, and got a gash on her face while I felt like #TheWorstMomEver.
    BUT she’s on her last set of braces and we can go shoe shopping in earnest come fall!
    This drawn-out self-centered reply is now wrapping up to say: I’m here for the shoe posts and cannot wait to finally purchase something lovely in the future! Thank you!!!

    1. Ah, Anna! How thoughtless of me to characterize the shoes that way. You’re not the worst mom ever — ahh! I’m impressed from afar by your strength in supporting your daughter as she strengthens her ankles! I say you (and she) deserve some extra-cute shoes when the braces come off in the fall. Until then, I’ll be zipping my lips on toddler shoe aesthetics.

      Have a great day 🙂


  3. This is such a great round up, thank you!! I’ve struggled to find cute baby and toddler shoes (why are they all hideously covered in unicorns and glitter?!) at a decent price point given how fast their little feet grow. I’ve liked the L’ Amour line for Mary Janes and t-straps and good old fashioned Keds for white sneaks!

    1. Ooh, I’d forgotten about the L’Amour shoes mini wore all fall — thanks for this! Completely agree with your assessment in general on children’s shoes. I also hate a lot of the grubby-looking, thick-soled sneakers on the market. They are absolutely style-less! Keds are a great classic. xoxo

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