My Favorite Lipstick Colors.

By: Jen Shoop

What are your favorite lipstick colors? Most days, I wear Bobbi Brown’s Extra Lip Tint (currently two for the price of one! — these sold out earlier in the Nordstrom sale but have been restocked!) in “Bare Pink,” which glides on like a balm but leaves the prettiest flush behind. It can be applied sans mirror. Love.

When I want a little more definition, I like Chantacaille’s Lip Chic in Bourbon Rose, which is similarly moisturizing in formula but imparts a bit more pigment (and the slightest hint of sheen), or Maybelline’s Color Sensational in Romantic Rose. Both of these look very natural on — sort of like a “turned up” or “more polished” version of my natural lip color.

And when I’m being playful, I love Nars in Roman Holiday or Sisley’s Lip Twist in Baby, both of which are semi-sheer and BRIGHT, Barbie pink.

When I’m doing a red lip (haven’t done this in literally a year, I think — sigh) for an evening out, I love Mac’s Lady Danger, which is more of an orange-y red and SO dramatic and fun. When I’m going for a dramatic color in a matte formula like this, I always start the night by applying this scrub, moisturizing with 8 Hour Cream, and then applying this lip primer, which a makeup artist once described as “velcro for lipstick.” It’s truly amazing!

I also have to say I am very impressed with Nars’ Liquid Lipstick for big events where you really want the lip color to stay and you don’t have the opportunity to constantly be checking your lip color in the mirror / reapplying. I recommended this for a friend’s wedding day and she said it was amazing — she barely had to reapply.

One color I’d love to try is Charlotte Tilbury’s best-selling Pillow Talk, which people rave about as the perfect nude lip color.

What about you?!

P.S. My favorite affordable beauty products.

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8 thoughts on “My Favorite Lipstick Colors.

  1. What a fun post! I haven’t tried the Bobbi Brown, but I love Dior Lip Glow and it looks equally great/very similar. I am newly obsessed with Buxom Lip gloss in Dani thanks to Julia Amory! Also, I found the regular Pillow Talk a little matte for my skin tone, but I LOVE Pillow Talk Diamonds, which has a bit of shimmer! Xoxo

    1. Oo thanks for these recs, too! I had forgotten about Buxom’s lip gloss — it’s really good, and I don’t usually like gloss. I received a sample from Sephora and loved it.

      Dior Lip Glow and Bobbi Brown are SUPER similar!


  2. My all time fav color is Syrup from Mac. The perfect shade of pink. I’ve been wearing it for 10 years at least. There was a color prior called midi mauve that they discontinued so I switched over to syrup. No love lost. Check it out. I wear it daily and going out. I rarely switch it up. Also, a wonderful brand to try is beauty counter. Ingredients not on the “dirty list”. They are coming out with some beautiful glosses. Check out these products from a great company!

    1. Ooo – this is great!! I just added a tube of Mac’s syrup to my cart — right up my alley! xx

    2. Me, too! Thanks for the suggestion! (and super timely post – I had just ordered a few new MAC lip colors. I do wish they would stop discontinuing some, though – a few favs are sadly no longer available)

  3. Oooh, the Charlotte Tilbury nude-pink option looks so intriguing!

    I rarely wear lipstick, but when I do, I love Kosas Darkroom (as I might have commented recently, if memory serves?) For a true(r) red moment, one of the best I’ve found for my coloring is Nars Jungle Red.

    I love the sound of the Bobbi Brown lip tint as well! Have you ever tried Dior Lip Glow? I have been using it a ton lately & I wonder how it compares …


    1. Hi! Yes – Dior Lip Glow is very similar. They’re almost the same thing, I think. Love both!!


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