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My Summer 2021 Lust List.

By: Jen Shoop

*Image above via Dans La Main featuring their seagrass kelly bag.

Items I am currently lusting after…

1 // Dyson Dryer or AirWrap. I mentioned this in passing last week and was very intrigued by the rave reviews of the AirWrap in particular in the comments section. I meant to add that my stylist said Dyson has exceptional customer service, so I think I will probably buy directly from the source on this one, though I did notice that Nordstrom Rack is selling a refurbished dryer for under $300. (BTW, these are still the best curling irons on the planet. I’ve had the same set, with differently-sized barrels, since college, and they still work good as new. I’ve noticed that nearly every hair stylist I’ve ever gone to uses these, too!)

2 // Dans La Main Seagrass Kelly Bag. I first discovered this chic brand from the one and only Caitlin and I am positively drooling over this bag.

3 // Vampire’s Wife Floral Print Mini. Just perfect in every way.

4 // Laura Davidson Soho Office Chair. Probably the single-most exciting piece of furniture I will be buying for our new home? Is that crazy? I have been desperate for a proper office chair!

5 // Seashell Necklace. (Upgrade pick with pearls here, and more statement jewelry for summer here.) Just SO much fun with a white tee or white dress like this Mara Hoffmann, this Everlane, .

6 // New Running Shoes. I am planning to finally go to a store to get fitted for my next pair, but I love the look of these as a general trainer shoe, and have heard good things about these ON shoes (currently 50% off). I also know a lot of runners swear by these Brooks. Their designs aren’t as good as Nike’s, but I will be open to whatever the experts tell me!

7 // Andion Clothing statement. You can order by DM — I have my eye on this dress or this blouse — but Selfridge’s has a couple already made you can order for delivery now. This top is perfection. (You can get a similar look with this Rachel Comey beauty.)

8 // Summer Mule. I bought this pair of pearl-clustered Tory Burch mules (<<nearly sold out on Yoox!) three years ago that I have worn so many times over the past few summers. They totally make any outfit and are so easy to wear thanks to the low heel. I’m interested in an alternative pair — a few I LOVE:






9 // Dressy Sneaker. I guess this is a shoe-centric roundup, because I would also love a new pair of dressy sneakers — either Loewe if I decide to splurge or Onitsuka Tigers.

10 // This SEA dress. I just adore it. I now think I might need it for my birthday dress…

11 // Chantecaille Mascara. Crazy expensive, but currently 20% off (through tonight — discount appears in cart). Have heard many good things about this.

What about you? What’s on your lust list?

P.S. The best things I bought in 2020.

P.P.S. In case you’re in a TV-watching drought. We are currently making our way through “Mare of Easttown” on HBO, the Formula 1 docuseries on Netflix, the new season of “Master of None” on Netflix, and a re-watch of VEEP.

P.P.P.S. The best foundation ever.

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15 thoughts on “My Summer 2021 Lust List.

  1. I’m in the same boat as Mia — just excited to TRAVEL AGAIN! That’s what I’m lusting after at the moment. My closet is also full and there are not really any items with which I want to part at the moment (I aim for a “one in, one out” policy, particularly for hanging clothes as my closet is so small) — so I’m trying not to shop too much. This may sound dorky, but one thing I like to do to compensate is to save items that catch my eye to a secret Pinterest board, so I can revisit when/if necessary! It’s like a personalized form of window shopping and definitely helps to curb material urges.


    1. Not dorky! I do the same thing! I have friends who also keep a running list on their iPhones of lust list items and then they periodically check in and remove items no longer of interest. Sort of like a waiting area to prevent an accidental splurge.


  2. Oooh, that seagrass bag is so pretty!

    I can hardly believe it, but probably for the first time (in forever… ) there is nothing on my “lust list” for the summer. I just really, really want to go on a trip! Hooray for being fully vaccinated!

    1. Not sure yet if we will make it happen this year, but I would really love to go to Hawaii. We’ve made plans to go there every year since we moved to California 4 years ago and for some reason, something or other happened and we had to cancel. We’re still debating on how we feel about flying this year, and it also depends on whether our 3 year old will tolerate a mask for 5+ hours on a plane, in addition to the time in the airport before the flight…especially since it took almost a year of practice first with a scarf-style mask, and then she only started tolerating a cloth mask two months ago. Anyway, that’s more detail than you asked for, haha!

      Just when I thought I had nothing on my lust list, I suddenly remembered these Freda Salvador “Eda” sneakers. It’s a woman-owned brand based in California, and the shoes are handmade in Spain. I had been thinking about them for a few years and they suddenly popped back up on my radar! The white ones are so classic, but these beige embossed/textured ones caught my eye recently. I just love the d’Orsay style, it makes it so feminine and sleek for pairing with summer dresses!

      I need another pair of sneakers like I need a hole in my head, but I have all the heart eyes for this pair!

      1. Thank you for sharing this brand — I have seen a few very chic people wear them before and have meant to look into them. Those croc shoes are so unusual and chic!

        I hear you on the question marks around air travel. I’m even worried about all the upcoming car travel since my children have not really been in a car for a long time in like 1.5 years and my son (just 2) gets restless after just 20 minutes in a stroller. We shall see…I’m going to be packing a thousand snacks, loading the iPad with Disney, and stocking my bag with emergency distractions.


  3. Just started watching High On the Hog on Netflix, and it’s SO well done and informative!

  4. Just ordered the Hermes Oran sandal after wearing the Sam Edelman dupes almost every day last summer….cannot wait! Also, the Chloe Marcie raffia basket bag! I considered the Loewe raffia basket tote but decided on the Chloe since it seemed less “beach bag.” I fully intend on carrying it around town!

    Love my On running shoes!

    Also, if you like candles and forest bathing, my new fave is Big Sur after Rain, D.S. and Durga. Just soooo good! As good as the fancy candles that I so love.

    1. Ooo I got a little shiver of excitement for you just thinking about your new sandals!! So exciting to make a big splurge investment on that kind of thing and KNOWING how much you will cherish them 🙂

      Thanks also for the candle rec! Hadn’t heard anything about this scent! Excited to try!


  5. In case you haven’t pulled the trigger yet on the Laura Davidson chair and didn’t see on their website, I just got an email from them that every chair is 15% off with code memorial15 for one more day – bringing it down to $255. My husband and I ordered it for our desk at home a few months ago and love it! So sleek, so comfortable and looks far more expensive than it is I think.

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