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My Best Amazon Finds from 2023.

By: Jen Shoop

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So many great Amazon finds this year! The bestsellers from 2023 below, including the little greige crossbody I’m wearing above (and have worn all season long!), styled with the cutest sweater from SEA.

01. LIVING PROOF DRY SHAMPOO — Will buy you an extra day between washings. I’m obsessed. First dry shampoo I’ve ever used that actually worked.

02. BECKHAM COLLECTION PILLOWS — We use these in our guest bedrooms and children’s rooms. Inexpensive but luxuriously fluffy. Currently 40% off (tick the box beneath the price).

03. URBAN DECAY EYE SHADOW — My most used eye shadow palette. Great neutral matte colors that last.

04. FREEZABLE SNACK POUCH — We use these daily! You keep them in the freezer and the insides become ice packs. Makes it so much easier to send in string cheese, yogurt sticks, cut fruit, etc — especially in the warm months, but we use all year round. Some Magpies wrote to say they use the bigger size for storing breast milk while traveling, too.

05. COCOFLOSS — You’ll never go back to the drugstore variety. This is infinitely better and more effective. Love the flavors and acts like velcro for anything between your teeth!

06. CROSSBODY BAG — I’ve worn this all season long! The perfect neutral greige color, an ideal size for phone/keys/card case, and under $60.

07. RED CLAY SPICY PEACH HONEY — I love using this on a cheeseboard or little lunchtime sandwich. Have also given as a hostess gift countless times wrapped up with a big ribbon! Good stocking stuffer.

08. AIRTIGHT FLOUR AND SUGAR KEEPERS — These are so much better-designed than any of the competitors (including OXO Pop, which I also have a few of). They actually preserve and keep sugars/flours fresh! The brown sugar one has a clay disc that keeps the brown sugar from drying out. Brilliant.

09. WOVEN TOTE — Naghedi look for less. Great colors!

10. SWEATSHIRT — Perfectly oversized. Great for wearing over leggings.

And my personal favorite items (not necessarily bestsellers, but things I use and love) —

01. AZUL BOARDGAME — Mr. Magpie and I play this most Saturday and Sunday mornings. A perfect two-player game with a good mix of strategy and luck. We love it so much, we bought the travel version, too, and take it with us on the road.

02. MR. PEN GIFT WRAP CUTTER — This is a true wonder and I have no idea how I made it through past holiday seasons without it. It makes gift wrapping so much easier.

03. SENNHEISER MOMENTUM 4 NOISE CANCELING HEADPHONES — I wear these all the time at my desk. Great for work travel and co-working spaces. Quality is incredible, but very lightweight and easy to use.

04. BLOCKPRINT WASTE BASKET — Sparks so much joy for me, and under $30!

05. ENERGIZER BOOK LIGHT — Such a great gift for mini, who likes to read until she falls asleep. This makes sure she does not need to get out of bed when she’s ready to sleep and/or fall asleep with the light on! Very lightweight and battery lasts a long time. Easy enough for her to use.

06. SPEEDO CHILDREN’S GOGGLES — The elastic strap on these is SO much easier when pulling onto your child’s head. Does not snap or snag hair.

07. SUPERGOOP SUNSCREEN PUMP — This was SO handy to have by the back door for quick application before heading out. I love the consistency and scent of this sunscreen. Pump makes it easy!

08. REUSABLE WATER BALLOONS — So fun for the children, and means you don’t have plastic all over your lawn. Plus, they can refill them themselves!

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P.P.S. How do you stay on top of chores?

P.P.P.S. A word I’ve eliminated from my vocabulary.

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