Minimagpie Rashguard Picks.

By: Jen Shoop

After writing all about the new splashpad/pool/beach gear that’s been on my radar for my post earlier this week, our nanny came home from a day in Central Park with mini and urged me to buy a rashguard for her, stating that it would be better for her fair skin.  I thought immediately that I’d order her one from Minnow Swim — they have the sweetest prints, and I’d just been ogling at their suits earlier this week!  But the floral one I wanted (shown on the sweet pea above — and by itself below) was sold out in mini’s size, and I also didn’t like that they do not sell bottoms separately/individually — meaning that I’d need to also buy her a bikini, or to mix and match with another brand, which rarely works out (the blues don’t match or what have you).

The Fashion Magpie Minnow Swim Rashguard

I found a slew of alternates, shown below — you can click on the image to be taken directly to details, or see links below!

Pick No. 1 // Rufflebutts.

Pick No. 2 // Egg by Susan Lazar.  (PSA: I also found a couple of sets of these with tags on for much cheaper on eBay!)  I also love this print!

Pick No. 3 // Crewcuts.

Pick No. 4 // Sookibaby.

Pick No. 5 // Tucker + Tate.

Pick No. 6 // Shade Critters.

I ended up buying #1 and #4 for mini!  I also bought a few of these swim diapers.  Will be keeping my eyes peeled for Minnow Swim sales…

Runners up…

I also looked at these from Mini Boden — a few friends of mine love their rashguard sets — and they’re cute, but I’m not as into the contrasting print top and bottoms.

I liked this seersucker set.

I liked the nonfussy nautical stripe of this Mott50 style (UPF 50 built-in!).

Darling, but $78?!  I can hardly stomach the Minnow Swim prices…

P.S.  I also came across this adorable strawberry print cover-up, which I hadn’t seen until knee-deep in rash-guard shopping.  I’m still excited for this to arrive for mini!

P.P.S.  I just bought mini this set of duplos and she is OBSESSED.  She will sit and play with them for a good thirty minutes on her own.  I also bought her this for our upcoming travels (it now comes in the cutest swan shape!!!) — the perfect alternate when a bath tub isn’t handy!

P.P.P.S.  A darling Gap steal for a little lady!

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7 thoughts on “Minimagpie Rashguard Picks.

  1. I can’t make the reply function work on my phone?? We got the set that comes in a little felt pouch.

    Some other tips we got from other parents – post-it notes, bandaids (double the fun because they get to open the bandaids too), and those page-a-day calendars. She also loves looking at pictures of family, so I’m putting together a small photo album she can flip through. I’ll let you know what works – hopefully SOMETHING will occupy my little busybody.

  2. I just got those Duplos too – the baby just loves them. Also got a travel-sized pack of tegu blocks for our upcoming flights – they’re just the right size for her little hands!

    Love the cover-up options, definitely that one with he strawberries – so adorable!

    1. Oooo, which Tegu set? The hummingbird or just a small set of classic blocks? I wanna copy you! I have two long car trips coming up and need some tricks up my sleeve.


  3. This is slightly embarrassing to admit, but we bought that inflatable duck tub for a trip to FL over Christmas and we liked it so much that we now use it at home every night instead of William’s normal baby bathtub. We are completely insane, but he loves it and it fills up in like 30 seconds. So easy!

    Also, those rash guard are SO. CUTE.

  4. I don’t even have kids, but I am obsessed with Minnow! I love following along on Morgan’s feed and seeing how she’s growing her brand. She needs to make some adult-sized suits ;]

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