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Micropost: Banana Republic New Arrivals + Cienta Shoes on Sale.

By: Jen Shoop

OK, I am blown away by several of the pieces from Banana Republic’s New Arrivals section —

+This Zimmermann-esque balloon sleeved mini! It’s linen and I love it in both the Zimmermann-esque print and the understated chic “dry mustard” color. Wow. Major! So chic with a lace-up sandal like these for an early fall wedding or social gathering.

+This dress in the black or marigold is so chic — wow! Perfect date night dress, or even wedding guest dress depending on the dress code. Makes me think of Ulla Johnson, but under $200.

+THIS TOP! Again, reminds me a little of Zimmermann, a little of Ulla Johnson, and — in the solid khaki color — a bit of some of Hunter Bell’s pieces. I love the prints but I’m majorly drawn to the dry mustard color!

+This blouse would be so perfect for back to work, either in the white or khaki. Straight-forward with a twist!

+Adore the way this duster sweater is styled on the site in both colorways — it literally gave me new ideas for how to dress this fall. First of all, love the look where she’s wearing ecru denim tucked into brown boots and with HOOPS! I mean, SO chic. Who is doing the styling at BR?! I’m blown away.

+Do I need these drawstring pants, too? I actually love the way they’re styled with pointed toe loafers and a shacket!

+Finally, speaking of shackets, this canvas one in the cream color is insanely chic.

BRAVO Banana Republic! My head is officially turned. Will be taking notes from their styling from here on out…

On a totally separate note, I found a treasure trove of Cienta shoes on sale for 40% off at Gilt in great colors — navy, red, blue — just in time for the school year!

P.S. Three can’t-miss items I think nearly all of us own: this smocked top, this mama necklace, and this Dudley Stephens fleece.

P.P.S. Are you good at negotiating?

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4 thoughts on “Micropost: Banana Republic New Arrivals + Cienta Shoes on Sale.

  1. Wow! I can’t remember the last time I owned anything from Banana Republic — it’s been at least 10 years — but this new direction has me taking notes! Very interesting.


  2. Oh wow, so many good finds at BR! I feel like for a while their items were just “meh” but this new direction is promising. I thought I was over smocking, but I’m with you on that black or marigold dress. And that duster sweater/cardigan (plus it has POCKETS!!!) outfit — love! I was a bit wary of this length due to my short stature, but I’m feeling encouraged to try it out now… I think the key is the tucked-in top with the high waist pants to balance things out.

    Thanks for this intel!

    1. Yes!! I got so many DMs about this yesterday, so many of us are thrilled/shocked/delighted, and one reader reported there is a new CEO to thank!


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