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Magpie Micropost: DC Book Club!

By: Jen Shoop

Hi!  A quick little micro-post for you: the lovely Monica Dutia has offered to host a satellite Magpie book club in Washington, D.C. (Georgetown area) on Wednesday, June 6th — the same evening our New York City contingency will be meeting.  (And P.S., here’s the book we’re reading.)  If you are in D.C. and would like to join, please sign up for details here:


If you are in another city and would like to organize a satellite book club, LMK!  I’ll try to coordinate with you.  I’ll be sending Monica discussion questions, and I’ll also share some with the entire blog in case you’d just like to mull ’em over in private (or with a handful of your nearest and dearest).

P.S.  This is back in stock in the “bone” color.  Added to my basket immediately.



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