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Le Bike Shorts Trend of 2020.

By: Jen Shoop

Are you into the bike shorts trend? In general, I’m not usually big on athleisure, but I have been unable to get over the Vogue Paris spread of Hailey Bieber dressed up as Princess Di in her trademark workout look, of which bike shorts were the crowning jewel. I am strangely obsessed with this shoot, and it has led me down a confounding path towards testing bike shorts myself. (Help! Am I in a quarantine fashion tailspin?!) I polled some of my chicest friends who tend to embrace the fashion forward and many of them wear bike shorts at home or when running after small children, usually paired with an oversized button-down (very Tom Cruise in Risky Business — I would probably pair with an XS in the men’s Ralph Lauren classic) or tee. Their top suggestions for bike shorts are as follows:






What say you? And in general, how likely are you to try a trend?!

*Swooning over the scallop-edged detailing of this brand’s leggings and sports bras!

P.S. More chic athletic garb here.

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26 thoughts on “Le Bike Shorts Trend of 2020.

  1. I just ordered the Beyond Yoga’s! I plan to wear them with the matching tank and an unbuttoned chambray shirt. I feel like bike shorts are peak ‘utilitarian outdoorsy’— the terms the newsletter Girls Night In used to describe this moment where we want to be comfortable, but just leaving the house is an adventure!

  2. Bike shorts with an oversized button down reminds me of the scene in Father of the Bride Part 2 where both Nina and Annie are VERY pregnant. I kinda love the look for some reason!

    1. Yes!! I know exactly what you’re talking about — Annie is so cute! Also, I love both Father of the Bride I & II.

  3. I love bike shorts! I mainly wear them under dresses. I think I might have mentioned my faves, the Aritzia Atmosphere shorts — but as they are stretch cotton jersey, they’re best for under dresses only [I find that cotton/spandex shows every little imperfection!] Otherwise, for working out/weekend lounging, I have three pairs of Outdoor Voices FreeForm bike shorts, but I’m not sure they make them anymore — seems like OV is going through a transition of sorts.

    Oh, and I also love my ribbed bike shorts from Lett, an LA brand, which feel even trendier! Haha.

    Curious about the Beyond Yoga and Girlfriend Collective options — have heard such great things about the latter in particular, but I can only find their bike shorts in strange colors! I prefer shorts in white, black, and navy, for the most part.


    1. OMG — my goal in life. I *loved* Claudia Kishi’s style as a child and still admire it now! I’ve enjoyed watching the new BSC on Netflix 🙂


      1. Haha – YES! I could never figure out which BSC member I was most like. I wanted to be Claudia with her fashion flare but knew I was too much of a rule-follower and academics-lover to really model myself on her. Kristi always felt too bossy to me, but now I wonder if I am not the most like her — business-minded, organized, Type A. I think I related most to MaryAnne back then but now I can’t see it. Haha! Def going to watch the series! Thank you.


    2. omg yes so Claudia Kishi!! MK, I am loving the new show too. I was worried it wouldn’t live up to books and movie version I grew up with (and adored!) but it’s totally charming!!

    3. Hilarious! I idolized Stacey because (in my mind, at least) her style was almost on par with Claudia’s, and I was desperate to live in New York, and specifically, in the Dakota like Laine Cummings! Hahaha. In reality, I had more Mary Anne in me than I would like to recognize, I think. 🙂

      1. Ahh YES! Stacey!!! Even though I grew up in D.C., I always felt like she was so untouchable/fancy/different from me because she grew up in NYC!


  4. I’m majorly wanting to try the lulu pair (namely because I rely on lulu for athletic wear) my husband is not convinced but I love the aligns!

    1. Circling back as I ended up snagging a pair when lululemon was out of my usuals! I LOVE them. So comfy. Need to play around with how to style but I am a major fan! My husband ended up thinking they are perfectly fine when one is actually wearing them when being active with kids etc!

      1. YAY! So glad to hear this. Do you style with an athletic top or go with something a la the current street style trends?!


    2. Thus far I’ve just been styling with athletic tops that are loose and flowey most because it’s just too hot for anything else! I’d also love to pair with a Sweatshirt!

  5. I am usually a big believer in the ” if you were around the first time… ” rule. As I was around the first time, this trend was around, I will stick to wearing bike shorts for biking only 🙂

    1. Hehe – fair enough! That seems like a reasonable rule of thumb. No thank you on the butterfly hair clips…xx

  6. The fact that these are now back in style is killing me! I remember wearing these under my play dresses as a kid in the 90s. So funny how quickly things come back around. Anyways, my lulu rec is the Fast and Free 6″ short. They’re meant for running, so they have pockets on the sides and below the waistband, but they’re so comfortable and fit me like a glove.

    1. It is SO true. All of the Laura Ashley of my youth is more or less back in vogue with all the grandmillennial florals! So crazy. I am already regretting selling/donating items that felt untrendy at one point or other in the past decade, as I’m sure they will all come back. I’ve hung onto this delicate cardigan with butterflies embroidered on it that belonged to my grandmother for decades. I kept looking at it and thinking it looked so fuddy-duddy and old-fashioned, but I clung to it for sentimental value. Then one morning this spring I opened my closet and — WOW. It felt so new and on-trend! I got so many compliments when I wore it with jeans! So, yes. It all comes around.

      Thanks for the Lulu upvote!


  7. I say go for it! I’m almost six months pregnant and have lived in a few pairs of lululemon’s 10” align shorts this summer. So so so comfy and I haven’t found other maternity shorts that are suitable (or attractive!) for this excessive NC heat and walking the pup. I am 5’3” and they hit a few inches above my knee. You can also find dupes on Amazon – darker colors are best.

    Will definitely steal the idea of pairing with an oversized button down for the third trimester and postpartum period!

    As for trends, I am petite but large chested so some billow-y trends do not sit well on my frame — trying to indulge in those while pregnant. Otherwise yes to following trends in prints, patterns, and accessories paired with classic silhouettes.

    So love your blog! Look forward to your posts every morning.

    1. Hi Ann! First, congrats! Second, congrats on making it halfway through a hot summer while pregnant! You got this!

      Thanks for the Lululemon upvote. I love love love the align leggings (so comfortable but still flattering!) so these may be just the ticket.

      Also, love your attitude re: trends. I mean, life is short! Wear the dress (or bike shorts)!

      So glad you’re here and so flattered you are reading along. Thank you, friend.


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