Last-Minute Gifting.

By: Jen Shoop

All items will still arrive by Christmas…


+Who doesn’t love a trending book? This or this would be perfect gifts for girlfriends, neighbors, book club friends, etc.

+These little figurine toobs (tons of versions — fairies, sealife, space) or little colored pencil sets ($14 for 6!) are great to have on hand to wrap up for little neighborhood friends!

+Sticker books like these and these are always popular with my children, too — easy to gift!

+My favorite hand soap scent of all time.

+A pretty floral knit cardigan for a tiny one!

+This mini rechargable flash light for any man in your life. Like, Mr. Magpie has this and will not stop talking about it. I mean, it is well-designed, but…it’s a guy thing. Trust, he will love this. It is magnetic (strangely comes in handy – have seen Mr. Magpie affix it magnetically to the under-sink area while fixing things), has different light settings, requires no batteries (just recharge), pocket-sized, and insanely bright. I carry this while taking Tilly for her nightly walks!

+Fun $20 feather mules for your trendy mama or sister.

+Glass salt cellar and Maldon salt would be welcome by any cooking enthusiast!

+My favorite sunglasses of all time — own these in three colors. Under $80!

+We have this exact cookbook stand in our kitchen — love the sturdy look and that it can collapse and be put away when not in use. Pair with a trending cookbook, like this baking one!

+Gel pens and/or highlighters along with a pretty notebook for your fellow list-making lovers.

+Essie nail polish set (one of my favorite red colors out there) and nail polish correcting set.

+Madeline’s Christmas.

+Bamboo cutlery set! I want this for my outdoor dining set up!

+Fancy, best-smelling hand lotion.

+Pendleton throw — these are iconic. Great family gift!

+New Balance running gloves — the kind of thing you don’t really know you need until you buy them and wonder how you lived without them. Great for a fellow runner.

+Waterproof, portable speaker — bought this for a friend of mine who loves listening to podcasts so he could listen while getting ready in the morning without using his phone. Also great for beach, pool, picnics, etc! Upgrade pick: bought Mr. Magpie this one for use in garden/while doing yardwork.

+These pillows are truly just the best. The exact ones we use in our bed. Bought these for some friends last year after I’d raved about them in their company!

+These Scout bags really make such great utility gifts — I have a few of these that I use all the time when traveling, especially on road trips, or just needed to schlep some items from home to elsewhere (can even work for groceries!). They are super lightweight on their own and come in tons of prints and sizes. I’ve given these as gifts countless times.

+Mother of pearl caviar spoons. For your fancy friends. Or, bring these and a tin of caviar for a lovely night in front of the fire!

+Christmas headband!

P.S. You might find more great inspiration in my favorite cookbook roundup or assortment of items you MUST have in your kitchen, many available on Prime.

P.P.S. Stocking stuffers/under-$30 gifts — again, many available via Prime.

P.P.P.S. My current favorite things.

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