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Jen’s Weekend Drafts: Nostalgia + Gratitude, White Eyelet, + The Appalachian Trail.

By: Jen Shoop

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+THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN NOSTALGIA AND GRATITUDE: I loved this series of illustrations, especially the one that reads: “What on your schedule this week will you long to relive in the future?” The little chirpy conversations on the ride home from camp? The midweek lunch date I took with Mr. Magpie?

+BOXERS + DENIM TOP: The chicest unexpected look from my Internet friend Sharon. I would never have thought to pair a top like that with boxers but I love the way it lends polish and structure to shorts that feel “undone.” (She’s wearing these Alex Mill shorts from my post on the boxer short trend earlier this week! Her top is Hunter Bell — similar for less here and here, and something like this might also be cute!)

+OLYMPIC TRIALS: I have been enjoying watching the Olympic trials on TV this week. In some ways, these competitions feel higher-stakes than the actual Olympics — I mean, once you qualify, you can always say you were an Olympian! I have the utmost respect for athletes at the start line — and for anyone crouching in that anticipatory posture, in whatever lane of life! It is challenging to stand at the beginning, future cloudy, pulse racing.

+FOJ SALES TO SHOP: Veronica Beard is offering an extra 25% off its sale section with FIREWORKS2024 and they keep adding new inventory to the sale, most notably my beloved white eyelet maxi skirt I’ve been wearing all the time (see me in it here). Now under $300. You also cannot go wrong with a classic stripe knit like this — now under $200. HHH is also running a FOJ promotion, with up to 55% off. I absolutely love this sweet peach confection — with extra 20% off, just a touch above $100. A great summer party dress. And ICYMI, Hotel Lobby candles are 20% off! Get The Hamptons!


+APPALACHIAN TRAIL: My friends indulged me by going on a hike through the Appalachians this past weekend while we were in Charlottesville. There is something about the topography of Virginia in that area that sings for me: the gracious, rolling hills; the watercolor peaks. I hope to spend more time there in the coming years. On this particular hike, one of my good friends ran the last 1/3 of the trail with me and I knew even as we were making our way through it that it would be a core memory for me. Turning 40, feeling strong, in a treasured place, with friends who love me — but also the adventure and challenge of it! I ran electric! I was also aware in that moment that the past two months of intensive running and cross-training had brought me to this point — where I could not only run but enjoy running a fairly steep and rocky final mile on a hot day. Small victories.

+WHITE EYELET SHORTS: I also loved this look from Symphony of Silk. Would not have thought to pair a striped button down with those shorts but am obsessed! A few white eyelet shorts to consider: Natalie Martin, Zara, Amazon. I also think I’m going to steal the idea of the blue striped linen button down to tuck into my white eyelet maxi skirt!

+ON NOT REACTING TO EVERYTHING WE NOTICE: I was bowled over by the number of comments on last week’s diary. The concept of not responding to everything we observe — of deferring judgment, stress, emotions and instead accepting what’s in front of us as “data” — has been a huge shift for me, in ways small and large. On the small side, about an hour before we were due to leave for Charlottesville, water was pouring through the ceiling of our bedroom — the result of an overworked HVAC unit. I felt myself begin to tick through contingencies A, B, C (will we need to leave later? tell our friends who flew in for this that we can’t meet them at x? how do we handle getting a technician out here ASAP?) and then stopped myself and instead handled the most pressing matter: getting towels to mop up the floor and a bucket to catch the rest. I told myself: “We’ll get through this – let’s not jump to dire conclusions. Just stay in the moment and focus on what’s in front of you.” I was astonished at how easy it was to stay calm. I know this will help me through matters of the heart, too.

+EYEING + BUYING: Have my eye on this denim romper and this denim midi dress — both under $200. This week, I ordered the Staud netting flats. I have been flirting with the mesh and netted trends for a whole season and I finally found a pair that feel like me — a more polished/classic shape. They are on sale right now here. I also restocked our Osea cleanser. I’ve tested probably six cleansers in the past year and this has come out as my absolute favorite. I love the light salty-citrus scent and the way it leaves my face feeling ultra-clean. (I love it so much, I bought a mini of it for upcoming travel! One of you made the point, in response to this post earlier this year, that if you absolutely love and can’t live without a beauty product, it’s sometimes best to order the mini as it will arrive in the correct applicator bottle and you won’t need to waste time and product decanting.) I picked up a few items from Minnow’s midsummer collection, too — this paisley shorts set and the matching swim trunks for my son, this terry dress, and one of their classic striped cardigans for my daughter to throw on when it’s chilly in Colorado. Last but not least, I’m obsessed with the latest from Rue De Verneuil: east-west style tote bags with elegant cognac leather trim.


+A NEW GO-TO GIFT FOR LITTLE LADIES: One of my “gifts for my future self” is to select and stock up on ONE gift to give to all the little girls/boys my children’s age in a given season. For awhile, I was giving these Stanley cups personalized with these vinyl initial stickers and little straw toppers. I just found a great new option for summer birthdays for 5-8 year old girls: these J. Crew Factory pouches with customizable patches! They look like a more expensive brand but ring in at under $30 for the set. My daughter saw these out in my studio and immediately begged me for them — proof they’ll go over well.

+BESTSELLERS: This polished striped popover dress led the pack! Other bestsellers below!


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