In My Son’s Fall Wardrobe…

By: Jen Shoop

*Above: micro wears red corduroy Osh Kosh overalls and a Little English turtleneck from last season, but they have similar ones available this season, and I bought several! I would advise sizing up in the turtlenecks. We are stretching it with a 2T from last season here — would be better in a 3T. Just ordered him several new prints of theirs in the 3T!

I thought I’d share a few of the standout pieces I’ve purchased for both of my children this season. I’ll start with micro. To be honest, I usually don’t have a cohesive approach to purchasing clothes for my children — true to my Magpie name, I’m fairly opportunistic about promotions, launches, whatever catches my eye — but this year I really did try to think through a general vibe, which is sort of Danny-Torrence-from-the-Shining (haha — but really, love the overalls over the sweater situation) meets tiny-Mr.-Magpie. (Last year, it was more European baby, with knit sets and shortalls and that sort of thing.) Anyway, overall, he has a retro/classic vibe going, with lots of navy, corduroy, and collars.

In this post, I’m aiming to provide detailed sizing notes and purchasing advice. For reference, micro is almost 2.5 years old, on the tall and slender side. He was more of a butterball last year, wearing a size 2T at 1.5 years, so I have been startled by how many items I have stretched to work this season again in the size 2T — last year, he filled them out width wise; now they’re a little short on him, but still roomy enough. Unless otherwise noted, I purchased all 3T for shirts/tops and a 2T for bottoms, because he’s slim in the waist. Fingers crossed we might get another season of use out of these items next year, too, since he’s sort of between sizes in a lot of these items.

A few of the pieces I love the most that are still available for purchase…

fall 2021 wardrobe toddler boy

+Little English really had my number this season for micro. I had to buy him this sweater, a few of their printed turtlenecks (including pumpkins for Halloween and mallards just because), and their cord overalls. I super love the styling of their overalls this year — sort of narrower/more Osh Kosh than a lot of the other classic brands out there — and love pairing them with their turtlenecks. I made a note of this above, but would size up in the turtlenecks and who knows — you might be able to get two seasons out of them, as I am. I find this brand to be a GREAT quality for basics, with the cutest little-boy prints. The cotton is nice and thick, and it has these great reinforced cuffs that never fray. Just love! If you are placing a first order, you can get 10% off with code LE10, which might equate to free shipping for you!

+I bought a bunch of CPC’s embroidered and plain longalls last year in 24M and 2T and both sizes are plenty roomy though a tiny bit short for micro again this year. I am making it work! These look adorable over turtlenecks, too. I have a few of the ones from Nantucket Kids from last season that I love (also 2T, but would def size up to 3T if reordering) and that micro still fits into, too, as well as some of the solid and striped ones from Gap — such a great price for really nice quality.

+Micro has Ralph Lauren cableknit sweaters in a few colors, but navy is already the most-frequently-used. It’s currently on sale! A total classic. I bought a 3T but he will definitely outgrow these by next year — they already feel a little bit on the cropped side. He also has one of their classic flag sweaters from last autumn that is a 2T that is super snug/cropped but I’m making it happen! (On sale in bigger boy sizes here, FYI.). General advice is: size up, possibly 1.5 sizes up (i.e., I think I could have gotten away with a 4T this year and then it would work this year and next).

+Long-sleeved Lacoste polos in a few colors, too — I find these run short and a little wide, so if your boy is tall, size up. Hill takes a 3 in these now. These are great under overalls, paired with jeans, and I even style them with sweatpants/leggings for park days. Tip: always check Amazon first — their pricing varies wildly sometimes, and I have occasionally snagged Lacostes for up to 50% off. Right now, a navy in a 3T is on sale for $40!

+Other pants/bottoms micro has this season:







+Of course classic white oxford from RL and some of his button-downs from Luca and Luca last winter still fit him in the 2T. I love the mandarin collars they have! So, so cute! (He was a little butterball last winter; now he’s thinned out but taller so the size still tends to work!)

+Also have this striped half-zip and this green boxy sweatshirt for him — I really love the modern, boxy fit of the latter when paired with a Lacoste polo and joggers. So cute.

+For shoes, micro has been wearing his Nikes and yellow Hunter boots a ton. He loves those rainboots! He also has these suede sneakers from Ugg that he wore last year and were a tad big at the time and I did snag him these $20 loafers.

+For outerwear, micro has a Burberry quilted coat in red (also from last year, in a size 24M, and still fits easily — was delighted by how many items I have made work this year from last year’s wardrobe, which makes me feel better about having invested in some of these higher-end pieces), this Patagonia fleece in navy, and this lined rain jacket, which is nice during drizzly and chilly October days. When it gets cooler, I have a Patagonia hi-loft he’ll wear, also from last year — I tend to size up when I purchase these so they can ideally last two seasons.

+The main remaining items on my shopping list for him: this cableknit is in my cart for my next Gap order and I’m trying to track down these olive green Vejas in his size but isn’t ordering Vejas for children a total mess? Like, the sizing is weird (I found it ran really small on mini and then I ordered the size up this season and her foot is swimming in it! did they change sizing or is it just the style?! AH! European conversions also always throw me and feel inconsistently reported). I also find them carried at random places in random sizes, and sometimes on European sites with crazy shipping. Anyway — I also have a full cart of items for him at Janie + Jack but am waiting for a promo, as they often do them towards the holidays/late fall, that includes:





+My major next purchase for him though will be a Thanksgiving outfit. I am looking for an excuse to buy him this perfect cashmere cableknit…but am debating getting him something more like dungarees/wool shorts because it might be one of the last years I can get him into them! So many of the classic styles stop around 3T, and boys just outgrow the styles in general anyhow.

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2 thoughts on “In My Son’s Fall Wardrobe…

  1. I always love seeing these posts about children’s clothing, even though I don’t have any yet, ha! I’m curious… you pick out just adorable ensembles for them- do they ever refuse what you pick? And if so, how do you handle it? Sorry if that’s an odd question!

    1. Thank you!! They rarely refuse! My son’s only insistence is rain boots at the moment (which I accommodate) and if my daughter does not want to wear something, I just roll with it or make a tradeoff, i.e., “how about this sweater but you can pick the shoes.” It works for now! Dreading when she gets older and has more of an opinion!


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