How I Started to Like Lip Gloss + Other Riveting Tales from Central Park West.

By: Jen Shoop

Pick No. 1: Nars’ Turkish Delight

For the record, I hate lip gloss.  HATE.  Between the sticky texture, the likelihood that my hair will get stuck to my lips, and the borderline tackiness of a high-gloss lip — it just ain’t for me.  But I was recently swindled* into buying a tube of Nars’ Turkish Delight during a visit to Sephora.

*By swindled, I mean that I was passing by the Nars section, and I overheard some well-heeled ladies raving about how it’s “the perfect lip gloss in the perfect color.”

I have to agree — I have been layering it over my Fresh lip balm in the “Petal” color and it’s a lovely, feminine pink duo.

I may be a gloss convert.

The Fashion Magpie Turkish Delight

Pick No. 2: Safety Pin Earring

In another case of BUT THAT AIN’T EVEN YO STYLE (I’m starting to use it sort of like the chorus line on a cheesy Maury show — the audience all chanting at me angrily HAHA), I’m intrigued by the notion of a safety pin earring.  It’s definitely edgier and more punk-rock than I typically go (Mr. Magpie relents me mercilessly for wearing this tee), but the extraordinarily stylish Elisabeth von Thurn Und Taxis (what a name!) wore a set in her Vogue featurette, shown below, and I’ve been contemplating them ever since.

The Fashion Magpie Safety Pin Earring

These by Anita Ko are gorgeous and budget-busting; these by Sydney Evans are more my speed.  I like the size.  I’m also intrigued by these wallet-friendly mini earrings from Bing Bang New York ($48).

The Fashion Magpie Safety Pin Stud Options

Pick No. 3: The Boots with the Fur

HAHA, the name of this section.  Remember that song?  So good/bad/horrifying.  I wrote about seeing a v. chic lady in my nail salon wearing moto boots lined with fur, and there was a great exchange in the comments about options in that vein.  However, I think I’ve found my pair: these affordable beauties from Sam Edelman ($150).

The Fashion Magpie Fur Boots 2 The Fashion Magpie Fur Boots

Pick No. 4: The Hair Conditioner

I recently read a rave review of Olaplex ($28), a hair treatment for dry, color-treated hair.  I’m thinking I’ll give it a try given that I’ve been frying my hair with a hot curling iron every day for a few months now.  Woops.

The Fashion Magpie Olaplex

Pick No. 5: The Upgraded Dog Collar

How gorgeous are these personalized dog collars ($39)?!  Love the hand stitching!

The Fashion Magpie Personalized Dog Collar

Pick No. 6: The Makeup Mirror

The bathroom lighting in our master bath is “romantic” — a euphemism for rather dim.  I tend to use our second bathroom to apply makeup instead, but it has a much smaller countertop area, so I have to leave my makeup piled up in the sink.  I recently came across this portable LED vanity mirror ($45) and am contemplating using it as a solution.

The Fashion Magpie Makeup Mirror

Pick No. 7: The Linen Spray

Linen spray.  Linen spray!  What luxury!  I love the description: “This ‘Rosas Frescas’ spray allows you to harmonize your linens and guest rooms with rich notes of Red Rosewater and bright Lemon.”  Um, yes please.  Can you imagine?  Your guests leave, commenting to each other how incredible the room smelled?  You start to have a signature scent?  ETC.?

The Fashion Magpie Coqui Coqui Linen Spray

Pick No. 8: The Coffee Table

I can’t make up my mind about the coffee table situation in our living area.  I have been wanting one of those lucite coffee tables, though a reader pointed out that they can be hard to maintain — fingerprints show easily, and they can scratch.  Maybe not the most practical solution for a young-ish couple with a baby who often eat in front of the TV.  I am smitten with this upholstered ottoman as an alternative — the pattern would look perfect in our living area! — but I also know that a cream-upholstered ANYTHING is not a good idea after we totally destroyed an ivory-and-navy-striped couch in our old home thanks to a dog, a baby, and a lot of dinners eaten on said couch.  And I know Mr. Magpie will say we have too many upholstered things in our house.  (Which is true.)  But…I want it…

The Fashion Magpie Ottoman

Pick No. 9: The Needlepoint Loafers

These are too cute.  They’re like OG Magpie — I’d wear them with skinny jeans and a plain white tee (steamed, of course).

The Fashion Magpie Needlepoint Shoes

Pick No. 10: The Leather Lady Gloves

Love the scalloped edges on these ladylike gloves ($78).

The Fashion Magpie Leather Gloves

P.S. Dress like one of my favorite TV show stars.


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9 thoughts on “How I Started to Like Lip Gloss + Other Riveting Tales from Central Park West.

  1. OMG, I have been contemplating safety pin earrings (or just a single! Ha!) so much lately — I am in love with this iteration from The Last Line: https://thisisthelast.com/collections/ear/products/large-diamond-star-safety-pin-earring-14k-yellow-gold

    I giggled at the above commenter who told you “no”, but I think you should go for things you like, even if it might be a bit out of your comfort zone. Fashion should be all about experimentation, I think! Or maybe I will experiment for you on this particular trend? 😉

    On the opposite end of the spectrum, though, I love those needlepoint loafers … they’re definitely preppier than I usually lean, but I love a touch of preppy!

    1. YES! Wear them and report back on how badass you feel. Do you feel like RiRi? 🙂 Love that brand, though — pretty tennis bracelets!

  2. Definitely go with the above commenters Target Lucite table. It will always look clean and wont stain like an upholstered table! Take it from a mom of 3!

    1. OK, that’s a lot of votes in favor of the lucite situation. I’m convinced! Now we need to convince Mr. Magpie…

  3. Ok dear girl…..I’m really worried about you now that you are even considering safety pin earrings! Are you serious? Can you see fashion icons like Audrey Hepburn in those? NOT!!! So that has to be your answer Ms Conservative!
    PS I too like the sleek look of the Lucite coffee table recommended in your comments. Not so expensive that if it gets scratched move on to your next desire! Short time solution without a lot of money invested.
    Hope I wasn’t too hard on you regarding the earrings, but NO please dear friend!

    1. HAHA Claire. LOVE IT. Thanks for keeping it real. I was recently showing my bestie a picture of an asymmetrical dress I was considering buying and she was like, “Yeah…no. Too far.” HA! I need my magpies to help me keep things in check. OK, so we’ll pass on the safety pin situation.

      AND, yes, the more I think about it, the more I like the lucite table idea!

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