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Happy Thanksgiving.

By: Jen Shoop

This year, like last, we will be spending Thanksgiving as a family of three.  I miss my extended family but don’t mind the absence of travel and the promise of a lazy, cozy morning at home and a languid, logistics-free Thanksgiving dinner.  We’ll eat when the turkey’s ready and we’ll sit at the table as long as we like.  And, of course, we’ll say my mother’s prayer, reading aloud from her loopy script, and think to ourselves: how improbably fortunate are we?

Have yourself a merry little Thanksgiving.


+A great and likely unexpected way to thank your family/friends for hosting Friendsgiving: bring or send fancy coffee.  We love Toby’s.  Or ship a box of Levain cookies.  People claim they are the best chocolate chip cookies in the world.  THE WORLD, PEOPLE.  I think they are Very, Very Good but almost too rich to eat more than a few bites of.  Still, a special and indulgent surprise.  (Who doesn’t love coffee and cookies? #BasicButSoGood)

+I saw the ultra-chic Jenny Walton wearing a cashmere beanie in pastel blue and had to copycat.  Hers was Uniqlo (how do you beat the price?), but I love the cabling of this style (especially in the lavender!) — and, of course, it’s on sale.

+This statement jacket is FINALLY on sale!!!  How amazing would it look with Jenny’s ice blue cashmere beanie!

+Love these mini cypress trees for the mantel for the festive time between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  They feel seasonal but not too “HELLO, IT’S CHRISTMAS ON NOVEMBER 23RD.”

+I bought this exact throw blanket in a gray color a few years back and it is the softest, snuggliest thing ever.  Sadly, Tilly claimed it as her own and so I am leery of cozying up to it.  (#Dogstink.)  Might re-up with this one in the green!

+This cashmere wrap is 40% off and I think I need it in the “soft shell” color.

+This chic leopard bootie is now on sale.

+This brightening cleanser is getting really strong reviews.  A lot of brands on this site are on sale (sadly not the cleanser), including Caudalie — use code THANKS for 25% off.  Good excuse to try the Caudalie Beauty Elixir I’ve been raving about!  Have also heard really good things about this moisturizer.

+Among the more random things I have ever posted: we have used these to baby-proof a number of cabinets in our home.  I did a LOT of research on this topic.  A LOT.  I seriously considered the magnetic key ones that enable you to keep the locks “invisible.”  But at the end of the day, we went with these — inexpensive, unattractive but not too offensive, and very good at the job their meant to do.  Also do not require any hardware/drilling/permanence, which mattered to us as renters.  I am so happy we have them.

+This Thanksgiving, I am ultra-grateful for Mr. Magpie, mini, and our collective health.

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6 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving.

  1. So, I have a bone to pick with you Mrs Fashion Magpie. I discovered your site last Sunday and since then I have accomplished nothing! I have fallen down a rabbit hole of beautiful and inspiring writing and I cannot believe I am only discovering you now! It feels like I am chatting with a pal; albeit a far more stylish one. Alas, I can live vicariously through you and your Gucci mules on the UWS as I gad around in flip flops in sunny Australia. So thankful to have discovered you and your gorgeous musings. Happy Thanksgiving 🙂

    1. Gilly! Welcome and so glad we’ve found each other! I have to say — the first line of your comment made my heart fall into my stomach! And then I wore the biggest grin around the apartment 🙂 I am so flattered you feel that way about my writing. But mainly — thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to let me know. It takes a special kind of person to go out of her way to leave a little note like this; I’m so grateful you did. xoxo

    2. Oh I am sorry for that – there was me trying to be funny! And that was sweet of you to acknowledge me! I feel we are so quick to tear down and criticise people, particularly those who put themselves out there like bloggers (why don’t people just move along to the next blog / site etc) so I always try and praise where it is deserved.

      On another note, you asked for ideas for a tech detox and children. My little one Scout is 19 mths and I also work part time and struggle with using tech etc in front of her. I try and only read actual books in front of her (not my kindle) and this podcast has some great simple tips. They acknowledge its ok to use your phone etc but give some great tips on how to control it. Worth a listen.

      Final item – have you any posts on wall art for children’s rooms? I wanted to get a large poster style world map / animal map etc for Scout and don’t want to spend a fortune. Any ideas?

      Have a good one!

      1. You are so kind. What a generous approach; I’m going to try this today myself. My mom is really good about doing just that — she will tell a total stranger, “You have a fantastic haircut” or “That color is so good on you!” I used to blush when I was a child at these interactions, but now I see what she was doing: if she saw something she liked, she was going to let someone know! Who doesn’t want a compliment? Anyway — thanks for reminding me of this.

        And THANK YOU for the podcast idea. I will listen to it when I walk Tilly this week! Thank you! (<

  2. Happy Thanksgiving, lovely Jen! Just scooped up four of those snuggly World Market blankets for Vivienne’s preschool teachers, and bought some Cypress trees for our dining room table. Thanks for the fantastic recommendations!

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