The Hair Product You Need, Like, Yesterday.

By: Jen Shoop

OK, a quick update.

I ordered some of this Bumble and Bumble Texturizing Spray and it has changed my life.  It is far and away the best styling product I’ve ever used — I’m able to get that Kate Mara beachy wavey bob thing going easily.  (More on my new ‘do.)  It’s easy to apply with a good spray (do you have any aerosols that apply the product too narrowly?  And you end up with like a dense wet spot?) and a less intense smell than this stuff, which Mr. Magpie complained about all the time.  And it really adds texture without grease monkeying up your hair.  FIVE STARS.

P.S.  My other beauty favorites, and some recent cosmetic discoveries.

P.P.S.  I talk about my favorite peel product here.  THE. BEST.  Still addicted.

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