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Good+ Foundation Baby Gear Drive.

By: Jen Shoop

“During this pandemic, there are moms who — whether because they were sold out everywhere within walking distance or couldn’t afford them — have had to diaper their newborns in plastic bags and washcloths.”

That was all I needed to hear to double down on my commitment to The Good+ Foundation, a non-profit that provides diapers, cribs, and other essential baby gear to families in need. In the past year, Good+ has distributed over 4M (!!!) diapers and $11M (!!!!) in tangible goods to new parents facing tough times made only tougher by this pandemic.

I’ve written about this best-of-breed organization before the blog, but had to share that they are running an Amazon Drive for urgently needed items, like infant thermometers, potties, and tiny winter coats for itty bitty babies. You can purchase these items via the link above and they will be sent directly to the Foundation, who will in turn distribute to the families that have requested them.

I wanted to share in case you are willing to participate or spread the word.

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9 thoughts on “Good+ Foundation Baby Gear Drive.

  1. I ordered two jackets, but heads up! I didn’t think about when it would be delivered, and they tried once on Sunday, and once on the holiday on Monday, unable to deliver both days, because the offices were closed. I was afraid the Good+Foundation would not receive them. Fortunately, they were delivered this morning.

    1. Hi Mom – Thanks for mentioning this. The same happened to me and two other readers! Yikes! I’m glad it was able to be delivered (for all of us) after all.


    1. Thank you so much for participating in this drive!!! And happiest birthday! What a sweet and selfless way to honor a special occasion.


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