Gifts Under $50.

By: Jen Shoop

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A couple of Magpies wrote in last week asking for gifts under $50/”favorite things” parties/stocking stuffer-type contributions. Sharing a range of some of my favorite items in this ballpark:

01. NODPOD WEIGHTED EYE MASK — This is divine. I can’t sleep with it on (I move around all night long — Landon says I’m like a rotisserie chicken on a spit?) but have taken a few breaks to lay in my bed with it on when I need a pause / reset and it is incredible. I can’t explain what it is about the slight pressure that is so relaxing and reassuring. It just works.

02. TRUFFLE POPCORN — I mean…it’s a yes.

03. PARIS SWEATSHIRT — I own this in gray. Feels like Anine Bing, costs $32.

04. MELAMINE PLATE SET — I use these all the time. For some reason feel just right for breakfast? Also great for al fresco dining.

04. MONOGRAM KEY RING — Sophisticated!

06. MACHETE HAIR CLIP — Gwyneth’s favorite.

07. OLIO E OSSO BODY GLOW OIL — Divine-feeling and made in small batches by a female-founded business.

08. APPOINTED NOTEBOOKS — Trust me, the note-taker / journaler will appreciate this upgrade.

09. CLARE V. BALLCAP — Fun exclamation point.

10. COCKTAIL CHERRIES — My husband’s favorite.

11. SLIP HAIR TIES — I’m personally obsessed with these but always hate spending money on them. Whenever my mom puts them in my stocking, I’m thrilled!

12. KAWECO PEN — I use these inexpensive Staples ones daily (obsessed with them — perfect flow and ultra-fine point), but these fancy Kawecos are on my lust list.

13. CAVALLINI PUZZLE — Great family gift.

14. ENERGIZER BOOK LIGHT — Fun gift for a book-loving kiddo. My daughter loves hers.

15. BIRDIE PERSONAL ALARM — Give to your sisters, daughters, friends who run/walk by themselves!

16. J. CREW BRUSHED CASHMERE BEANIE — Love the soft pink and/or ivory.

17. HARIBO HAPPY BOX — My dream stocking is full of Haribo.


19. EXTERNAL PHONE CHARGER — Love this for travel days, or days where I’ll be out and about without returning home for awhile.

20. BARBOUR LEAD — So handsome!

21. MAGIC 8 BALL — Fun little surprise. I remember a mom friend of mine saying she gave these out to all the eight year old boys in her son’s life and they were all obsessed. Just fun!

22. BOMBAS SOCKS SET — I’ve wanted to try these for awhile!

23. AZUL — My favorite board game to play with Mr. Magpie.

And a few little things (this n that) for a stocking —

01. MINI SCISSORS — These are always in my handbag. Also handy for car.

02. DIAMOND DAZZLE STICK — I like to give these to recently-engaged friends, but anyone and everyone can use them.

03. POST-ITS — I run through post-its like water.

04. BOX CUTTER — How did I live without this? I like the ceramic blade one because less dangerous with little kids around, but of course always keep out of their way anyway!

05. SWEATER SHAVER — Tis the season.

06. KUHN RIKON PEELER — Ultra-sharp blade with the perfect ergonomic handle. The only ones we use.

07. CEDAR BALLS — To toss in the wedding dress garment bag, bins of out-of-season clothing, etc.

08. POCKET STAPLER — Meep! Too cute.

P.S. Meaningful gifts for women and men.

P.P.S. Meanwhile, the world goes on.

P.P.P.S. Wild geese — a favorite poem of mine.

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12 thoughts on “Gifts Under $50.

  1. So many great ideas here! Practical gifts are always appreciated, I think. Especially those upgrades to everyday things like safer box cutters!

    I LOVE Bombas socks, especially for sleeping! So comfortable. I find that the more athletic socks like Feetures are a bit too compressive for sleeping. I also want to try this other brand of socks that donate to various charities, called Conscious Step.

  2. SUPER great list! I have many of these items (from your recs) and love them. I also give as gifts too! Five star recs

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