Gear for the New Year.

By: Jen Shoop

*Image via Parachute Home, featuring their Turkish robe and slippers, both 20% off today with code COZY20. I am eyeing their shearling clogs, also included in the promo.

I’ll be talking about setting “intentions” (versus resolutions) for the new year tomorrow, but I do usually (intuitively) try to get the new year off on the right foot by focusing on comfort, wellness, exercise, sleep, and organization. It’s almost reflexive after the extravagance of the holiday season. I wanted to share a few items I’m eyeing and buying to usher in a flow-oriented, centered new year…

01. LAKE LOUNGE SET. I don’t own a lot of loungewear — it’s pajamas or clothes with rarely any in between — but I recently picked out this birch-colored lounge set from my favorite pajamas company, Lake, which is — incidentally — offering free shipping with code GIFTLAKE in time for the holidays. I am imagining spending slow mornings in it around the house — reading, doing chores, etc. I’m also tempted by this waffled Parachute set, on sale somehow for $60 (originally $150).

02. MONIKA HIBBS WINTER WOOL CANDLE. I love burning candles, and this one seems like the perfect fit for the new year.

03. GRATITUDE JOURNAL. If you’re more spiritually inclined, I enjoyed working through this Devotional last year. I found the daily messages uneven, but it was the ritual and the call to pause that I found helpful.

04. APPOINTED 2023 TASK PLANNER. I’ve actually already ordered this inexpensive planner I’ve used the last two years for 2023 because I love all the space it offers for list-making against a calendar, but I’m wondering if I could instead use this gorgeous cloth-bound one from Appointed and supplement with these undated daily/weekly notepads to get more granular with my crazy list-making. The Appointed one just sparks joy for me. Separately, I use this undated monthly calendar to coordinate all of our family’s happenings with our nanny.


06. PARACHUTE SHEARLING CLOGS. I could use some new home slippers, and I love that these have a rubberized sole so they can be worn to grab mail / let dog out / etc. 20% off today only!

07. COSABELLA UNDERWEAR SET. Something about a fresh suite of underwear feels right for the new year.

08. CORD ORGANIZER. I love to tackle small, narrow organizational challenges one at a time, and I currently have this big tub of cords and chargers in my writing closet. I think I’ll decant into this clever organizing pouch.



11. ICE ROLLER. Do these things really work? I was recently motivated by a post my friend Grace shared to give it a try. De-puffing and revitalizing? I’ll give it a shot for $16.

12. ZORRIE BY LAIRD HUNT. I think I read less in 2022 than I ever have, and you could probably tell given the absence of book club posts in these parts. But that’s OK. I prioritized other things and I made peace with that temporary shift. I am hopeful I will clip back into my reading regimen this year, and I’m starting with this National Book Award winner. Description: “As a girl, Zorrie Underwood’s modest and hardscrabble home county was the only constant in her young life. After losing both her parents, Zorrie moved in with her aunt, whose own death orphaned Zorrie all over again, casting her off into the perilous realities and sublime landscapes of rural, Depression-era Indiana. Drifting west, Zorrie survived on odd jobs, sleeping in barns and under the stars, before finding a position at a radium processing plant. At the end of each day, the girls at her factory glowed from the radioactive material. But when Indiana calls Zorrie home, she finally finds the love and community that have eluded her in and around the small town of Hillisburg. And yet, even as she tries to build a new life, Zorrie discovers that her trials have only begun.”

13. LETTERFOLK HIKE PASSPORT. Last summer, Mr. Magpie and I got into a really good routine of hiking together every Monday morning. It was restorative to be outside, to spend time alone and unplugged with him. I’d love to pick back up where we left off this spring, and use this cute passport to track our adventures together. This brand has lots of “passports” that would make cute stocking stuffers / gifts — golf, birding, travel, wine, etc.

14. ON RUNNING WATERPROOF HIKING BOOT. Related to the above: I could use some proper hiking boots.

15. TRU-RED RETRACTIBLE 0.5MM GEL PENS. These are my absolute favorite. I like the really fine tip and amazing flow. Has a great hand feel too.

16. DOCUMENT FOLDERS. These give me life — a key tool in keeping my mind/home/life organized. I keep separate clusters of papers/receipts/permission slips/documents/forms in these and then can tote in my bag, keep in a stack on the kitchen counter, etc. It really helps me de-clutter and feel on top of things.

17. INSLEE DESK CALENDAR. The most beautiful desk calendar that will ever grace your desktop. I find having a desk calendar incredibly useful — I actually don’t know how I lived without one for so long, as I’m always glancing over to check the date/schedule things/etc. My friend Inslee is such a talent!

18. SAUCONY ENDORPHIN 3 RUNNING SHOES. I’ve written about these a lot over the past few weeks after my Dad raved about them. I’m going to buy myself a pair to re-engage with my running habit. I seem always to fall out of it during the holidays between the overpacked schedule, the cold weather, and – inevitably – various ailments. Ugh! I had intended to clip back in this week, but now I’m battling an eye ailment and have to wear my glasses for a full seven days and I don’t think I can run in them.

19. PERSONALIZED RUNNING JOURNAL. My Dad has kept a running journal for decades. I think it’s mainly about accountability — helpful to have a place to go and officially mark that your exercise is complete. Also good for tracking routes, pace, etc.

20. TRACKSMITH RUNNING BASE LAYER AND GLOVES. I always find new running gear motivating to get out there and, as one Magpie put it, “move the dirt.” I love the Tracksmith gear for cold weather and am also eyeing this running vest.

P.S. How do you stay organized?

P.P.S. Do you meal plan?

P.P.P.S. Desktop finds.

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2 thoughts on “Gear for the New Year.

  1. Using naptime to catch up on a backlog of your posts (the best!) and cheering you on in your intent to clip back into running. I’ve found that breaks from running (whether intentional or via being sidelined by an injury, life stage, etc.) always make me newly excited and appreciative for the eventual return to such a cathartic practice. I’m also now clicking away on Tracksmith, allowing myself to *maybe* add a new winter layer to my repertoire to keep me logging miles through the winter!

    1. YAY! Thanks for the remote cheers :). I am determined to clip back in right after the holiday rush (and this annoying head cold goes away). There is just always something isn’t there?

      Tracksmith is very motivating for me…


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