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By: Jen Shoop

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Image via Ulla Johnson.

A few bright and punchy finds from the past week or so — several on their way to me / in my closet already. Some seasons of life, you really need to chase the rainbows, you know? Spark joy by wearing pink, or eating some gummy bears, or making a fruity tropical cocktail in the middle of winter. We publish the good news, you know?

01. Happy rainbow-stone-colored charm. (On it’s way, and I can’t wait to work this into the rotation for spring.)

02. This Altuzzara bag is en route to me now. The “confetti” colors are so fun.

03. I already have a pair of hot pink Gucci dad sandals, but these rainbow crystal ones are beyond fun.

04. Pretty much everything from Ulla Johnson’s latest collection, but especially this dress and this skirt. Sidebar: did you notice the carpenter/utility jeans in their collection too?! They’re trending!!

05. My new happy feet running shoes.

06. Rainbow bins for sorting art supplies/toys. I’m in the midst of a major reorganization of my children’s rooms (and am in the market for some new furniture for them), and I have a huge Amazon cart full of organizational stuff!

07. Been wearing this G. Label sweater nonstop. (Look for less here, and this Target pink sweater is a different hue but also fetching and worth a look.)

08. A seriously chic hot pink linen shell.

09. Rainbow midi skirt.

10. Love these lived-in-looking sweatshirts from Left on Friday.

11. Lunya sent me one of these washable silk scrunchies and I have to say I’m absolutely obsessed with it. It creases hair less, but I also just kind of like the look? Found a hot pink one from another brand that I love.

12. Pretty rainbow stitch sweater.

13. Loud feather trim jeans.

14. Hard to explain, but these highlighters spark joy for me. More recent home office finds here.

P.S. Do you remember when we used to take our time?

P.P.S. My favorite details in my son’s room.

P.P.P.S. I am a heart on stilts.

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