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By: Jen Shoop

I alluded to this recently, but one of the biggest micro-trends over the past season or two has been embroidered detailing–specifically, embroidery that looks hand-stitched on the breast pocket of a tee-shirt.  The look first caught fire thanks to uber hip line La Ligne and their “I’m with La Bande” tee ($115), which has been spotted on every celebrity under the sun, from Mindy Kaling (love you, girl) to Gigi Hadid to Alison Williams.

the fashion magpie la ligne NYC embroidered tee

the fashion magpie la ligne im with la bande tee

{Snap of Alison Williams from La Ligne’s celeb-studded Instagram account}

Madewell has just recently introduced denim embroidery as a service they offer — so rad!  I love (!!!) the idea of getting a denim jacket personalized with my name (should I do “Magpie” or “Jen”?!, $118)

the fashion magpie madewell embroidered denim

The line Lingua Franca also has some beautiful cashmere sweaters with cheeky slogans embroidered across the front available ($360/pop).  More cool options here (anything quoting Biggie Smalls is alright by me…) and here — through an exclusive collab with Veronica Beard.

the fashion magpie lingua franca sweater 2 the fashion magpie lingua franca sweater 3 the fashion magpie lingua franca sweater

My personal favorite is this “Mademoiselle” tee from Atelier ($55):

the fashion magpie the atelier mademoiselle tee

You can always get the trend for less with these TopShop tees ($26 a piece — “Bad Habits” here and “Femme Liberte” here):

the fashion magpie topshop bad habits tee the fashion magpie topshop femme liberte tee

But my favorite little snag?  These Gap modal cotton pajamas with the sweet little embroidery inspired “Be Mine” on the pocket ($59, but currently 30% off!).  {They remind me of my favorite pair of short pajamas ever, by Eberjey.}

Or, you can splurge on these beyond adorable silky pajamas from line Love Stories ($135 for top, $65 for bottoms).  Love that embroidered “room service” on the breast pocket.

the fashion magpie gap embroidered love me pajamas

the fashion magpie love stories pajama top embroidered the fashoin magpie love stories pajama bottoms

You might also consider…

+TwoSongs’ “Epique” tee ($48, shown above on their Instagram account).

+TheReformation’s “Do It for Leo” tee ($48).

+Bella Freud embroidered sweater ($326).

+Sundry “Forever” sweater ($187).

+Not into words on your clothes?  Love the embroidered lips on this J. Crew sweater ($78) I featured earlier this week, too.

+Not into embroidery on your clothing, full-stop?  Also check out the STUNNING pieces from Charmajesty Linens, like the sweet “I just adore you” pillow below.

the fashion magpie charmajesty embroidered linens the fashion magpie charmajesty embroidered linen pillow

+Finally, for #minimagpies: OMG, check out this sweet sleep sack from Etsy store Swanky Stitches with the baby’s name embroidered on the front!  I am dying over it.  Especially because Mr. Magpie’s name is Landon.

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