Classic Style

Classic Style at Different Price Points.

By: Jen Shoop

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Part of my everyday dressing formula rests on the shoulders of great wardrobe basics that I know I will enjoy wearing whether on their own or mixed in with trendier pieces: great white jeans, a perfect button-down, classic leather sandals. Sometimes it really does feel good to just wear the basics together, though, no trends in sight. You just can’t go wrong with a classic white tee and jeans! These ladies show us how it’s done…

Below, sharing some of my favorite classic style pieces at different price points.

+Navy blazer: Veronica Beard (invest) // Lioness (save)

+Leather low-heeled sandals: Hermes (invest) // Margaux (save)

+Tank watch: Cartier (invest) // March Hare (save)

+Perfect white tee: Sold Out (invest) // Uniqlo (save)

+Gold earrings: By Pariah (invest) // Amazon (save)

+Striped cotton sweater: La Ligne (invest) // Quince (save)

+Striped shirtdress: G Label (invest) // Banana Republic (save)

+White jeans (wide leg): SLVRLAKE (invest) // Pistola Denim (save)

+White button-down: Sold Out (invest) // Gap (save)

+Leather belt (skinny): Hermes (invest) // Amazon (save)

+Striped tank: Nili Lotan (invest) // Splendid (save)

+White blazer: Veronica Beard (invest) // J. Crew (save)

+Leather bag: Celine (invest) // APC (save)

+Classic denim jacket: La Ligne (invest) // Gap (save)

+White tank top: Sold Out (invest) // Splendid (save)

+Straw tote: Celine (invest) // Demellier (save)

+Striped tee (slouchy): Ayr (invest) // Walmart (save)

+Striped popover dress: G Label (invest) // Tuckernuck (save)

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2 thoughts on “Classic Style at Different Price Points.

  1. That striped Walmart tee does look like the stuff of dreams (and dreamily like an AYR shirt already in my closet), but fair warning, the one one-star review says the shirt is cheap, not as pictured, and from Shein! That said, yes to all the classics!

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