Children’s Pajamas — Steals and Deals.

By: Jen Shoop

*Above, micro is wearing one of the two-piece sets from Q by Quincy Mae at Target! I have been so impressed with this little set. Has totally held up. The exact style he’s wearing no longer available in stripe, but in a cute unisex star print here. They have a striped, ribbed set available on sale too.

I’m not going to lie: I am normally a bit of a pajama snob for my children, but I nearly always score them on sale.  I find that the higher-end pajamas launder better and are more likely to be hand-down-able and so tend to make do with fewer pairs that cost a bit more.  I am finding the equation a bit more difficult to justify with my son because he is a lot messier than mini ever was – he is hard on his clothes!

Anyway, today I’m sharing a range of adorable children’s pajamas, all either by higher-end designers found on sale or more affordable pairs that are too cute to pass up on (and more realistic for hard-on-their-clothes children).

+Maisonette just marked down a few pajama brands, including Paper Cape, which I absolutely adore. I snagged micro this nautical pair for summer, but I also love these bows and these flowers for girls and these for either gender. I find this brand runs a tiny bit small, and the quality is exceptional (note the message on the inside: PLEASE HAND ME DOWN!).

+I had to order mini this Petite-Plume-esque nightgown, on sale with an extra 60% off!, as well as these navy gingham pajamas for micro (also on sale, with an extra 60% off!)

+I’ve never tried BabyNoomie but I know several Magpies are big fans. This tie-dye style is on sale and fun for summer. You can also get the look for less with these by Vaenait Baby. I have ordered a few pajamas from that brand over the years and they have cute, simple styles that are great for loungewear.

+Of course, Kissy Kissy is a longtime favorite for me — my top top brand for layette in terms of softness, durability, and price (not quite as expensive as counterparts but just as good if not better in quality). You can often find them on sale on Amazon — love these planes!

+Little English racer cars — $30! These are absolutely adorable. I would size up a full size in LE’s pajamas. I find their clothes generally run TTS but pajamas are pretty snug.

+Roller Rabbit has long been one of my absolute favorites for kids, but my goodness are they spend-y. The cotton is very thin but very soft, and the cut is super-snug, so again, I would size up one or even two sizes. Micro regularly wears a size 3 these days, but I would probably skip up from a 4 to a 6 for him at this point. These days, I find the prints hit or miss, but I love these palm tree ones (part of a collab with Faherty, currently on sale), these rainbow hearts (run — last pair! — extra 20% off with code YOUROCK), and this flower print set.

+Really love this inexpensive gingham shorts set from Old Navy — reminds me of Petite Plume.

+TBBC regularly moves its darling pajamas into its sale section — this blue set and its counterpart in pink are adorable, as is this “hunt club” set (on sale for almost 50% off)

+Classic blue and white stripes for $15 — can’t go wrong with these. Love this look for a little boy. The koala print pair also pulls at my heart strings since I used to call mini my “koala boy” — he was always on my hip, clinging to my shirt.

+Thought this $18 gauze stripe pajama short set was an incredible find — love the classic styling.

+Love all the florals from this Amazon brand, especially this pair with the lettuce edge trim.

+I did want to mention two pajama brands I LOVE but can rarely find on sale for children — Petite Plume, Lake, and Lila + Hayes. You can usually find L+H on sale in select styles here and there but I specifically love their shorts sets for micro in the summer. They are super soft and I kind of like the “boxer fit” on the bottom versus the usual narrow-leg style you find in shorts sets for boys. If you find them on sale, go for it! I will report back if I ever find them at a discount in a cute pattern! (Sometimes you can find them on sale in seasonal prints, like pumpkins, but I am holding out for some summer patterns.)

Shop all these picks and more below…

P.S. Cute summer shorts for kids, and vacation gear for kids.

P.P.S. It’s nice to be needed.

P.P.P.S. I would be remiss not to mention, in a post about pajamas, that Hill House just launched an entire line of pajamas!

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6 thoughts on “Children’s Pajamas — Steals and Deals.

  1. This post is old now, but I’m just catching up. My littles are slightly older than yours (he’s 9 and she’s 6), but goodness what a good round up of jammies. I wish they’d still cooperate. He now will only accept basketball shorts and she’s nightgowns only (although she & I agree that Petite Plume nightgowns are the best).

    1. Thank you so much for this note. A reminder to be happy with where they are right now! My daughter has just recently become adamant about dressing herself in the morning and it is such a painful pill to swallow!!!


  2. Have you tried Little Sleepies pajamas? My 4 year old LOVES them and prefers them over all others, including Hanna Andersson. They are SO soft. She has sensory processing difficulties which make her very sensitive to certain fabrics/textures. They are made of bamboo viscose and very stretchy. I believe they were designed to be warming when needed and cooling when needed. And because they are so stretchy I find that she outgrows them less frequently than other brands like Gap for example. I used to prefer Hannas for their durability, but most of her sets are now Little Sleepies. They are $30ish and do go on sale a few times a year. I think they’ve recently expanded their product offerings beyond pajamas, too.

    1. Hi Kate! Definitely small! I would size up, so if your little one typically wears a 2, go for a 4, etc. xx

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