Chic Amazon Discoveries for Children.

By: Jen Shoop

As you may have gathered, I am a Prime-a-holic. I don’t know how parents lived before Amazon prime! (I mean, I do but…man, does it make life easy!) Below, a couple of chic Amazon discoveries for children that have made their way into my basket:

1 // Flap Happy UPF 50 Sunhats (seen above — image from FlapHappy’s instagram account). These are very well-made and do a good job of keeping little heads out of the way of sun damage. Love all the colors they come in. I ordered one for mini for this beach trip.

2 // Vaenait Loungewear for mini. A few times a week, mini comes home with her nanny and takes a bath before her afternoon nap, as she’s been at the splash pad or playground or zoo and needs a good scrub. I’ve been looking for some comfortable clothes for her to wear into the crib for her nap that will also be suitable for playtime afterward without necessitating multiple outfit changes. It feel onerous to put her in pajamas, then change her into an outfit for three hours before bed, then put her back in pajamas, but it also feels kind of weird to have her in pajamas from 2 PM onward (?) Anyway, I found a good middle ground with the pieces from Vaenait Baby. I ordered mini this ribbed set and this trendy tie-dye set. (Would also make good travel clothes, especially if you’re traveling early in the morning/late at night.)

3 // Dock & Bay Microfiber Towels. I love these things. I always keep one in mini’s stroller basket during the summer, as she inevitably finds her way into splash pads when we’re out. These are super lightweight towels that fold up really compact but actually dry her off really nicely. I also love the cheery stripes and patterns they come in (how about that pineapple print?!)

4 // Moon and Back by Hanna Andersson. I was actually gleeful when I stumbled up on this only-on-Amazon diffusion line from the fantastic childrens’ sleepwear label Hanna Andersson. This may sound ridiculous but I always balk at the Hanna shipping fees — it’s like $9 to ship a pair of $32 pajamas. I love that these are now available with Prime overnight shipping and the prints are darling! I ordered this pair for micro and love that they can also coordinate with mini in larger sizes!

5 // 1212. I was surprised to see Amazon carries a small selection of 1212 pieces — one of my absolute favorite brands for baby basics like onesies and jammies. These are expensive but they are truly the softest, stretchiest pima cotton and they hold up beautifully in the wash. They are my absolute favorite for onesies in particular — they have a smart “lap shoulder” design that makes them easy to pull over the baby’s head, and I appreciate that there are only TWO snaps (why do all other brands have three at the crotch?) Plus, did I mention they are made of the softest cotton known to man?

6 // Copper Pearl Hats and Swaddles. Normally I’m all about Aden + Anais swaddles (love the thick, quilted muslin), but how darling are the prints on these hat and swaddle sets?! Would make a really cute baby shower gift bundled up with a coordinating plush toy or rattle.

7 // Cienta and Superga Sneakers. My two favorite brands for toddler shoes. They are sturdy but chic and non-clunky looking, and I love the colors they come in — especially that washed rose color for the Cientas and the washed blue color for the Supergas. Mini always has a pair of each of these in her closet.

8 // Wee Ones Bows. If you’re raising a bow head like I am — you’ll love the selection of patterns and colors available on Amazon Prime. I order mini the medium size. How cute is this gingham one, this seersucker one, and this fruit print?

9 // City Threads Peplum Rashguard. Absolutely adorable paired with any bikini bottom.

10 // Feathers Undergarments. Mini wears a camisole under her dresses, and I have been impressed with the quality of this affordable brand and I love that they are tagless (and non-irritating to her). Up until recently, she wore these onesie styles, but now we’ve graduated to the camis. Mini is still in diapers, so I keep her diaper covered with monogrammed diaper covers and some of these inexpensive printed ones I also found on Amazon (so cute!), which are marketed as training underwear but work well as diaper covers.

11 // GoGoSqueez Applesauce. Do your kids love these applesauce as much as mini does?! We go through these with alacrity, and I’m always looking to buy them in bulk at a good price. Amazon sells them by the box for WAY cheaper than any of our local grocers, so I’ve added a box of these to our monthly subscribe and save order, but you can also order the box a la carte for a good price.

P.S. My favorite products for home — many also available on Amazon!

P.P.S. Multitasking heroes.

P.P.P.S. Anyone else like chintz?

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10 thoughts on “Chic Amazon Discoveries for Children.

  1. The Vaenait sets are SO cute! What good finds. Also, the giant box of GoGoSqueez is taking me BACK … love it! Such a good find.

    Also: intrigued by Moon and Back! I agree that Hanna shipping fees are annoying, but I also appreciate the quality of “real” Hanna and the fact that they stock larger/older sizes. Either way, this is good to keep in mind for gifts and such!


  2. Ditto on the quality of Moon and Back – been interested, but wanted to make sure it’s the same (or nearly the same) quality as Hanna.

    Keep Mini in diapers forever. We just started the potty training process as my babe was interested, and it’s trying my sanity.

    1. Ha – I know. But she starts her twos program in September and while toilet training isn’t mandatory, it’s strongly encouraged that you’ve started it by the start of the school year, so we are kind of cutting it close…! Ugh…

      Moon and Back — I would say the quality of cotton is not quite as good/soft as proper Hannahs, but the prints are very cute and I would say they are a step up from, say, Gap material.


  3. How is the quality of the Hanna for Amazon pajamas? I, too, hesitate to pay the $9 for (slow) shipping on a pair of pajamas- so happy to see the cute line on amazon!

    1. Hi! Just replied to another inquiry along these lines above (sorry for duplication) but I would say the quality of cotton is not quite as good/soft as proper Hannahs, but the prints are very cute and I would say they are a step up from, say, Gap material. I think it’s about what I’d expect for the money.


  4. I just bought new hats for Rho and Rhak, all the pajamas, and one of those towels for Rho’s wetbag. Thank you for always finding the best stuff!

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