My Favorite Etsy Sources.

By: Jen Shoop

I’m an Etsy fiend. I have scored countless treasures on Etsy and when I can’t sleep, I enjoy tumbling down the Etsy rabbit hole searching for diamonds in the rough. Below, a few of my favorite sources…

Lemon Grace, Sophie Puckett, and Preppy Prodigy for children’s stationery. I just ordered these thank you notes for mini’s Peter Rabbit-themed birthday party and these gift enclosures because mini has three birthday parties in the next few weeks alone (!) Is there such a thing as birthday party season? Finally, I love giving these personalized bookplates along with a favorite book or two as a gift. (More great and affordable sources for stationery here.)

Pop O Color for designer pillows! A few of my favorite patterns: Brunschwig and Fils Les Touches, Thibaut Honshu (I have this print in my LR), Lee Jofa Hutch.

The Southern Baby for monogrammed bibs/burp cloths and diaper covers (sweet gift add-ons for new babies). I also like their linen napkins!

Cohasset Party Supply for tons of well-priced Meri Meri party gear. Less expensive than Amazon’s stock and a much broader array.

Lettrefina and Southern Linen for beautifully monogrammed boudoir/baby pillows. This is perfection and this is in mini’s room.

Blue Bamboo Embroidery for stunning monogrammed towels, especially for hand towels in powder rooms. I ordered this set for Hill’s bathroom and the owner was so helpful in guiding me towards the right color to go with his shower curtain.

Merci Maman Gifts and Layered and Long for reasonably-priced, personalized jewelry. I gave this bracelet to mini when she went off to school and plan to buy her this one for his First Communion. (Would also be a sweet gift if you are a sponsor for a gal about to be confirmed. #catholicthings.) I have also been eyeing this simple disc for myself, with my children’s names engraved on it. And – I had one of these engraved with mini’s initials and birth date after she was born.

Dinglewood Design and Sweetly Said Press for well-priced letterpress announcements/invitations. I love simple announcements like this for babies.

Belles Like Big Bows for oversized hairbows for mini. PoppyBows appears to be shut down!!! Gasp! This is another great provider.

Annabelle Rose Designs for smocked dresses. Absolutely exquisite. Heirloom-quality.

The Happy Crabbers for monogrammed tissue box covers!

Vintage Biffann for vintage Herend! Love giving vintage Herend pieces as gifts to friends who will “get” it — like these bunnies or this trinket box. I say friends who “get” it because a friend of mine was just saying that when she and her colleague were promoted, her boss purchased them both Herend animals, and my friend was overwhelmed by the gesture, while her colleague was baffled by it and quickly took it to the local Salvation Army. Ha!

Ivie Baby for Boppy covers. I still have this Rifle Paper-esque style, which I bought for mini but have used for micro as well (#wokebabyboy). It’s so pretty! Also love this one for micro.

Utatata Studio for the most beautiful hand-crocheted mobiles. We have this one but this one is beyond, too.

A few stores I’ve not yet purchased from but am convinced would be excellent based on reviews (word-of-mouth and otherwise):







P.S. I’ve been receiving a lot of inquiries about gift ideas! Here are some good starting points, though I LOVE shopping for people so email me if you’re looking for something specific: great gift ideas for loved ones; gift ideas for babies; gift ideas for toddlers.

P.P.S. My diaper bag.

P.P.P.S. Spring fashion.

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8 thoughts on “My Favorite Etsy Sources.

  1. Thanks so much for recommending my Etsy shop BellesLikeBigBows . I can’t thank you enough! I’ll be sharing your blog with my list as well. Love your site, its beautiful.

  2. Hi, thank you so much for looking into and sorry for the delay. Those options are great- love the silver spoons and meri meri ones! I’m not sworn to one particular pattern/color(s) per se, but currently imagining a neat funky pattern (maybe different colored rectangles of colors from pink to gold splashed around a plate) on a paler background. I think I need to start amassing my collection! Thanks again

  3. I am hoping Poppy Bows comes back – she’s the only one I’m aware of that used a corresponding elastic color for headbands rather than just nude or black (mine still prefers headbands as she says the clips pinch her). On her instagram she said she was going to move to seasonal collections, but the complete shuttering of her Etsy page does give me pause.

  4. Would you have any recommendations on where to source some “funky” paper plates for a cocktail party? I have been scouring online without much success. Thanks so much!!

    1. Hi! What is your theme / color palette? Happy to do a more thorough search based on what you have in mind, but here are some thoughts…

      I always have a pack of the “side” plates from this collection on-hand. It’s a thick plastic (not paper) so they are perfect for delivering cookies to neighbors or entertaining at the last minute and they look so festive:


      Also love everything Meri Meri:


      These marble/gold ones are fun:


      And these palm leaf plates are so chic and interesting for a tiki bar / tropical theme situation:



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