Bedroom Refresh.

By: Jen Shoop

*Update: the lovely team at Look Lifestyle has offered us 20% off sitewide using code MAGPIE20.

My friend Nan Philip recently introduced me to bed linen brand Look Lifestyle, and I was immediately drawn to the classic, upscale styles. They generously sent me a bundle of their bedding collection, and I was especially excited to give their down alternative comforter a try. Over the years, I’ve had a number of Magpies ask about duvets and I’ve mainly had experience with either really pricey options (we love the ones from Feathered Friends) or inexpensive ones that get the job done but aren’t, like, rave-worthy. We really like this reasonably-priced one from Look Lifestyle and have been using it in our primary bedroom for the past few weeks. It runs a tad warm relative to our Feathered Friend one (caveat emptor if you run hot!), but has the same fluffy, cloud-like feeling, and fills a duvet cover beautifully without lumping. I think you’ll find it difficult to find a better quality option for less. You can see it styled on our bed above with Look Lifestyle’s Angelina duvet cover and sheet set. I love the sheeting as well — it has a cool, soft feel I would liken to Boll and Branch’s offerings (which I also adore, and which we use elsewhere in our home; we are using their bed blanket on our bed above) — and I find myself increasingly drawn to simple white sheeting that I can mix with bolder throw pillows, like the Lulie Wallace bolster I just purchased from Little Design Co, also seen above. Little Design Co. has so many fabulous designer options for bolster pillows and I was delighted that many of them ship within a few days! Prior, I’d been overwhelmed by the more expensive options I’d come across on Etsy, as they also took weeks (months!) to ship. Understandable, as many are made to order, but it was nice to find an option that was more reasonably priced and could ship quickly. I also appreciated that they sell their bolster pillows by bed size — no guesswork around what size you need for your bed! It took me days (! – not kidding!) to settle on the Lulie Wallace pattern I did, but I love it even more in person. I’d originally been leaning toward the famous Bowood print, but I’ve seen it so much lately and worried I’d regret going with something so trendy the past few years? I also loved this “imperial garden” pattern, but Mr. Magpie would have protested — we have so much chinoiserie / animalia in our home already. Also loved this chintz one but wondered if Mr. Magpie would consider it more granny than chic. Anyhow, so, so many options to choose from, and such a great way to add pattern/fun and a touch of high-end designer fabric to all-white bedding.

look lifestyle bedding

While we’re talking bed, I want to mention that we love these sleeping pillows from Sleep Number (another heavily-researched find from Mr. Magpie). They have different “fits” depending on whether you’re a back sleeper, stomach sleeper, side sleeper, etc. And I could not be more obsessed with our Saatva mattress (another Mr. Magpie research triumph). I miss it when we’re not home.

As you might gather from the photo above, we are currently between beds/headboards. We moved ours into one of the guest bedrooms while we begin to think about what we want with our interior designer. I am such a one-trick pony, but I personally love an upholstered headboard and can’t imagine going any other way. It just adds so much softness and coziness to a sleeping space! I love this “slipcovered” style and this elegant notched one. I’d been hoping to get a canopy or a four poster, but we do have a big fan in the middle of the ceiling, right over the bed, so I’m not sure that’s in the cards, but I do really love this New England inspired Bobbin style — it might be the only non-upholstered one I’ve seen in a long time that I love. Will need our designer’s input!

A couple of random notes about our bedside table: I bought the tables about a decade ago and they’re no longer available, but these are very similar, and the lamps are Robert Abbey! Come in many colors and just so fun. I’m using these inexpensive julep-style cups as a vase (one of my favorite vase options!) and I have one of Linnea’s beautiful candles at my bedside. I love how it affords just the slightest perfume, even when not lit!

And, unrelated to bedding: my caftan is from J. McLaughlin, and it’s currently on sale! It is crisp-looking and easy to wear.

P.S. What’s the first thing you do in the morning?

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  1. Hi Jen! Thank you for these recommendations. Do you have a tried and true duvet insert that you love? I am in the southeast, so am looking for a light to medium weight.

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