Baskets + Blankets.

By: Jen Shoop

Today’s post is highly self-interested in that I’m sharing some options for two seemingly random, possibly boring household goods that I spent a decent amount of time hunting around for over the weekend: a perfect picnic blanket for an upcoming picnic in Central Park, and a chic decorative storage basket for Tilly’s stray dog toys.  (*Photo above from Camille Styles.)

Les Best Picnic Blankets.

+Classic: This nautical-striped Pottery Barn one, which is monogrammable, or this  less expensive Target find.

+Budget: This fouta striped style or this fruit-print style, which conveniently fold up into a square that can be carried over the shoulder.  (Amazon also has a ton of well-priced foutas in a range of colors, but the H+M one has a water repellant side which would be convenient on grass.)

+Boho: Celadon Home Kantha Quilt (this is the quilt shown above, in a different colorway!)  I also love this oversized kantha quilt.

+Utility: LL Bean.

+Splurge: These plush, waterproof styles in the most amazing prints.

+Alternative: Use a quilt that can be repurposed in the home, like one of these chic Roberta Roller Rabbit Quilts  (especially love their monkey print!) or one of these shabby chic styles, which is what the lovely Julia of Gal Meets Glam used here.

Les Best Decorative Baskets.

Currently, we toss Tilly’s handful of plush toys in the closet or behind mini’s toy bins when we want them out of sight and out of mind.  This has the unfortunate consequence of inviting Tilly to nose through mini’s toys when in pursuit for her own — so I decided that we needed to find a dedicated spot for her belongings somewhere else.  We already have a lot of browns and neutrals in our living area, including two seagrass baskets (this would be a great, inexpensive alternative!) we use to contain mini’s books and toys, so I was hoping to find something that would introduce a little color or interest to the space, although I also came across some great basics.

The Fashion Magpie Basket Interior Design 3 The Fashion Magpie Basket Interior Design 2 The Fashion Magpie Basket Interior Design 1 The Fashion Magpie Seagrass Basket 1

Below, my top finds:

+This well-priced, two-tone basket, and this coordinating smaller one.  I thought they’d look chic paired with one another by the side of one of our bookcases.

+This two-tone wicker style.

+This leather-handled rope version — under $20!

+This striped, lidded style.

+I then went down a long rabbit hole considering one of those African prayer baskets: there’s Serena + Lily’s blue styles, which would work well in our space given the blue of our armchairs; this more affordable Pier 1 version; these ultra-colorful, one-of-a-kind, printed ones from Etsy (expensive!); or this happy rainbow style or this Swiss Cross style from Anthro; or this neutral style.

Finally, because searching for a picnic blanket made me feel very summery, some other amazing summer fashion finds — all but the basket bag are under $200, and most are under $100!.  Click the images to be taken to details, or see links below!:

+Sunhat (under $20!)

+Nannacay pom tote.

+Gingham bow slides.

+Ruffle fit + flare dress ($130!)

+Marysia lookalike ($40!)

+Linen-blend tablecloth.

+Bow-front shorts.

+Raffia sneakers.

+This bag looks very Balenciaga to me, but is under $100!

+Chic striped blouse (more colors available).

P.S. More of my favorite home products.

P.P.S.  Neiman’s is having an incredible shoe sale RN.  I have these booties in my cart; though I’m so NOT in the mood to buy winter clothes right now, I know I’ll pat myself on the back come next October.  I also think these heels would be heavily worn in the evening, and am in love with these cork-heeled pink babies!  To me, they’re the perfect Sunday Mass shoe — comfortable, not overly-high, ladylike, but on-trend.

P.P.P.S.  This and this just went on sale and I’m having a hard time resisting their appeal…

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8 thoughts on “Baskets + Blankets.

  1. I spent a LOT of time looking at picnic blankets before purchasing one. We have a Little Unicorn picnic blanket now – I just love the print! We’ve used it on grass and on sand. It’s water-resistant and can be thrown in the wash. I also can’t understate how NICE it is to have lines on the back so you can fold it up neatly in a pinch. I used to have an outdoor blanket that didn’t, and it was such a pain trying to get it nicely rolled up again (especially important when the baby has made it clear that she’d like to leave NOW.) It’s just the right size for two adults and one baby who doesn’t like sitting still anyways.


    (I see now that their poppy print has a pocket – I’d consider that, because it’s nice to have somewhere “hidden” to slip keys etc.)

    1. Oh my gosh – thank you for this! I hadn’t come across this offering of theirs. Genius. I went with the striped Target rollable one but have this bookmarked for future purchases! xo

  2. Many good ideas here! My favorite picnic blankets are the striped ones that Steven Alan used to sell for a good price — but the company has contracted in such a huge way that I’m not sure they make them anymore! I have a rainbow-striped blanket and a pink-striped blanket and I love them both.

    OK, those MIISTA sandals have skyrocketed to the top of my wishlist! I bought a pair of Jeffrey Campbell gingham knot sandals during the Shopbop sale and I like these even better!

    Love the Isabel Marant Dicker booties as well — total modern classic and yes, you will thank yourself come autumn!

    1. Ooh – great rec. I’m not sure what’s going on with Steven Alan; they were so big for a minute.

      Ughhh MIISTA! I love them. I have been trying to avert my eyes when it comes to sandals since I splurged on Hermes Orans a season or two ago and told myself I’d never need anything else — ha!

  3. I bought a pair of Club Monaco booties in the Shopbop sale and know I’ll be thanking myself for falls and winters to come thanks to the 70% off price tag! And I’m literally on the hunt for a dog toy corralling basket (getting a pup next weekend!) and was looking at ones just like these…we have one for blankets in our bedroom but given our 540 square feet, there will need to be some adding, subtracting, and reshuffling. That H&M one is looking pretttty appealing!

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