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Ask Magpie: Pool Bags + Everyday Dresses.

By: Jen Shoop

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Q: Big, waterproof pool bag for Moms. I’m thinking Mexican woven bag. Fun but practical.

A: These Steele bags have been getting rave reviews for beach/pool. Mark and Graham offers them with fun monograms/customizations, too. More in the vein you’re highlighting: this Casa Clara, the State Bags Wellington, the Naghedi St. Barths tote (neoprene! I own and love!), or a Bogg bag (see quite a few of these at my pool). Not waterproof, but cotton and very roomy: this $30 Target tote for carrying allll the kids things.

Q: A red dress, ideally for year round, easy to wear / travel, and kid-friendly. Size 10 or M/L. Under $200.

A: I’d reach for something like this. The utility detailing makes it feel a bit more fashion-forward / not stodgy. Can easily be paired with flats, sandals, even sneakers, and you could dress up with heels, too. If you’re on the more casual end on the spectrum, this heritage jersey tee dress promises to be your best friend year-round. Pair with sandals in summer, layer beneath a sweater in winter, etc. Over budget, but this La Ligne would be my personal pick. It is so flattering on, and I love the midi length and coverage. Could be paired with sandals, heels, statement earrings, sneaks, you name it.

Q: Easy to throw on, to wash, to pack summer dresses.

A: The dresses I reach for most frequently for everyday wear are Julia Amory’s shirtdresses and now her Majorelle caftan, too. They feel upscale and feminine but are totally practical, comfortable, livable, breathable, flattering. PSA: I am petite (5’0) and need to have all of her pieces hemmed by a good 3″ or so — just a note that this does tack on an extra $40-$50 per dress. I always seem to forget that…

The other everyday dresses I reach for regularly (basically while waiting until it’s appropriate to re-wear my J.A. dresses) are Hill House nap dresses, Marea’s shirt dress, Mille’s Saffron dress, and S.Z. Blockprints caftans. All of these dresses are comfortable, flattering, lightweight, and midi length, and can be worn with either my favorite seamless inexpensive bralettes or nothing at all (nap dresses). Just so, so comfortable and easy.

I also just saw that Marea’s “house dress” (right up my alley) is on sale here!

Q: Earth tone MOH dress. Looking for something special. Maybe floral?

A: I mentioned this recently, but this under-$200 dress is spectacular. The color palette, the bodice, the length all feel high-fashion, high-end to me — perhaps a shape Zimmermann might offer, but the painterly floral is very Emilia Wickstead or Markarian to me. I also think this J. Crew olive floral is a STATEMENT, and so flattering! A few other brands that frequently release beautiful pieces in earth tones, with some exemplars linked:







La Ligne is also worth keeping on top of — their dresses are SO spectacular on. I feel like the website doesn’t do them proper justice. They are gorgeously made and so flattering and modern. They release new styles fairly frequently and often sell through. This one is gorgeous and in a drab green that might work for the palette.

Q: Basic everyday jewelry in the $50-$100 range.

A: I always have good luck at Etsy! Two of my favorite everyday layering necklaces are this engraved heart necklace and a VC&A-inspired clover I found there. Brinker & Eliza also has fun layerable pieces, like this heart pendant, for under $100 — as does Maison Monik. I swear by these inexpensive gold hoops from Amazon — wear them all the time! — and love a tiny cross like this or this mixed in with a tangle of delicate necklaces.

Q: 50th birthday gift for my dear friend (female) around $100.

A: A luxe Alice Walk sweatshirt, GoopGlow exfoliator, a pair of Lake Pajamas, a pareo by Agua Bendita or Julia Amory, a Longchamp tote, body oil from Olio E Osso, personalized notebooks from Appointed (use code MAGPIEBYJENSHOOP for 15% off). I own and adore nearly every single one of these items and would happily receive any of them in duplicate!

Q: 1st birthday gift for twin boys, no immediate family.

A: A set of these magnetic dinos, a Fisher Price Little People set, or a plush toy set like this. At this age, children love little toys that are not choking hazards to begin to manipulate and play with. Or a set of great bedtime books!

Q: White eyelet dress.

A: This SEA, this English Factory, or any of the Hill House eyelet styles!

Q: Bar Harbor in August.

A: I did a travel wardrobe edit that would be a perfect starting point, I think!

Q: A great wear-every-summer hat.

A: This packable hat has been a bestseller the past week on Magpie — it’s versatile, packable, chic!

Q: Cute return address stamp or labels for girls.

A: Northwest Paper Studio has cute options at a great price. How cute are these? Erin Wallace is generally my go-to gal on Etsy for children’s paper, and I bet if you contacted her, she could add the address to this style.

Q: Men’s pool tote.

A: OMG. Are you me? I’ve been hunting for one, too, because I’m always carrying everyone’s gear in my pool bag, and I swear we’re always just handing the bag off to one another as he’s changing, then I’m changing my kids, etc. I’ve settled on one of these Hunter totes (can be monogrammed!), which is waterproof inside and out and under $50 in the medium size, which feels about right for what his needs are. (Kindle, sunscreen, change of clothes.). They do come in bigger sizes, though, depending on your needs. Away also has a large, masculine-looking tote that would be a good option.

Q: A cute striped bag.

A: Lots of bag shoppers! We love to see it. I love the options from Rue de Verneuil, like this or this. This Clare V. is also fun!

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6 thoughts on “Ask Magpie: Pool Bags + Everyday Dresses.

  1. The timing! After squeezing my husband’s change of clothes, watch, keys, towel, etc. in my beach bag yesterday and him constantly asking me to fetch this and that, I thought to myself he needs his own tote. Who knew there was an untapped market for this! Just wish LL Bean offered the Hunter bag with a crossbody strap version in solid colors as my husband isn’t much of a camo guy. With all the beach gear we haul, a hands free option would be so convenient.

    1. I agree, I wish they made ones with longer straps/crossbody. But I think for his needs, it should suffice. Might even be able to toss it inside my bigger bag when schlepping to the car?


  2. Okay, I was just telling myself I don’t need any more bags, but now, here I am with all the heart eyes for all of these picks. Drat!

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